Melting 100 Chocolate Bars Into One Epic Bar

– Oh no, oh no, there’s too many. (light music) OK, so today we are gonna
melt all 100 chocolate bars into the one epic
chocolate bar, hopefully. Let’s get started. I’ll move these to the side. Oh no. (pots clanking) I’ve got a little bit of water. Which I’m gonna start boiling. Um, how do I start this thing? Wow, cool. So I guess I’ll just start
unwrapping the chocolates. I’m just gonna chat with Tasty. You think, Matt, a Tasty
producer, should just pop in to make sure I’m doing this right. – Wow, this is a lot. I didn’t know there was this
many candy bars in the world. – I don’t want to mess it up. You don’t mind helping? – No, I’d love to. – I’m gonna start throwing
wrappers on the ground. OK. – Oh. Wow. You know, what a lie. They’re supposed to be candy bars. York, that’s kind of a weird flavor. – Yeah. It’s not gonna taste good, I don’t think. – Oh, I’ve been very excited about this. Oh. I’m into it. Yeah. Are we being exciting and fun? – It’s time to start giving
it a little bit of a mix. – OK, it does look like
(car honking) literally. – Yeah.
(laughing) But it’ll taste good. This one is chili so it’s
gonna be a little bit spicy. – Mm. This one has cornflakes in it. – Opening some of these is
bringing back my childhood insecurities of not being able to open up. Watch you do it in one second, one try. (laughing) We’re on the home stretch.
– We are. – And I’m ending with
good ‘ol Three Musketeers. – All right, classic. – I think that should be stirred. But I don’t think it will all fit. So why don’t I get another bowl. Wow, sensual. So I’m gonna go back up and shoot. But once this is fully
melted pour that one into one of those and then let them chill in the fridge or freezer. – Not this one. – OK, got it. So I’ll check back on you later, right? – Yes, please do. Chocolate soup. Chocolate soup. You guys want to try it? So delicious. It tastes like frosting. – It’s very minty. – Think it would fit in this? We’re just gonna do it. There’s some interesting
chunks at the bottom of this. Some wafer, peanuts. You’re right, this is a good size. I’ll get this one going. This one does have different bars. You can tell. Alright. Put it in the refrige. Oh if I make it safely. So while the other
chocolate is getting cold, I’m gonna melt this chocolate. I don’t have anything to
say while it’s melting. (crickets chirping) Oh, it’s solid. – Yeah I’ll just rest it on my bump. And then head off. I don’t feel super good
about this next step. Let’s go, upstairs,
maybe Matt will be there and he’ll help us. We found him, he’s up
here, he’s making sushi. I think I need a big sheet pan. Yeah. – Well wait. So you’re taking the one
from the freezer on to here. – OK. – Oh yeah, look at that. Let’s put a little pool
of it in the center. I’m feeling good. I think we’re good to go. Three, two, one. Wow. – It’s pretty on this side. – Yeah, now I think you
should do the honors. – OK, oh, wow. It worked out like the right amount. How did that happen? – So now I say that we
put it into the fridge. – So are you gonna come
back and eat it in an hour? – I will try part of it. – Ta-da! Matt come look at this. It did crack a little. But you know, I still
feel like it’s beautiful. Alright, going for it. Mm, taste great. – Oh do I have to do it too? It’s like chewy on the inside. – This is delicious. Oh it’s kind of peanut buttery. – I’m getting coconut too. And a little bit of everything. – Alright guys! – Oh. – [Everyone] Wow! (laughing) – Well, see ya. – This is good. – It’s great. – Legit. It’s happy hour. – Today when the day started,
I did not expect to be here. – Yep. – But we did it. And it’s actually pretty impressive. – I’m kind of over
chocolate right now though. – Yeah, I don’t think I’d
ever want to see it again. (laughing)

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