Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today I am going to be making a Puppy Haul
video because I have some very exciting news, I just adopted a puppy
and I wanted to share it with you all. This is so special because I have wanted a
dog for a really long time. But I wanted to wait until it was a good time
to get a dog to be fair to the dog. And now is that time, because, I have my own
place, I have a backyard for her to play in, and I’m home a lot. Soooo, here she is, here’s my little baby
girl! This is Cookie, I named her like Cookie Monster! Oh you want kisses? Pppt pppt pppt pppt pppt! She’s 4 months old, and she’s a little
bit tired because she’s been playing all day. Before I got her, I talked to the vet and
I went to the store and I got a ton of puppy stuff and I wanted to share that
with you guys, so let’s get started! The 1st thing I got was puppy food, I got
some Natural Choice puppy chow because this is the food that she was already eating,
and I’m gonna talk to my vet to see if I should transition her into anything
else. But right now, this is her food, and I got these nifty little clips. This is
Dexus Pop Ware Clips, and look at this it has a little pop-out scooper… Boop! So you can scoop your food, and it clips onto
your bag. To keep it fresh, boop, look at that. Speaking of food, I also got a Freezy Pups
kit. These are like flavored ice cubes for your dogs and I used to babysit
dogs a lot and they love ice cubes, so these are organic recipe flavored ones. And it’s pretty neat, and they’re shaped
like little dog bones, how cute is that? And on the back, it comes with a few recipes
already, but theres chicken soup recipe, white chedda cheese, sweet potato
and maple and apple juice. Then for after treats, I got the Petosan Puppy
Pack, it is a puppy toothbrush and toothpaste, and it comes in this adorable
little travel case. So you can just throw it in your bag and bring it anywhere,
so cute! It’s a little toothbrush that is designed
for doggy teeth, then you have your puppy toothpaste, which is poultry flavored,
and then this is for their gums, to get the toothpaste on there. You put it on
your little finger and ya… Bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee! For grooming, I got this dry brush and I really
liked it, it’s by Bass, and I like it because it’s still firm but it’s still soft
to the touch… So I know it’s gonna feel good on her skin. I also got… The Furminator! Ha-haha! It
made me laugh, it’s basically a de-shedding tool, I haven’t used it yet, but I’m sure
when she gets older she’s going to shed more, she doesn’t right now. One of the things that my vet recommended,
especially for french bulldogs, because they have wrinkles on their face and
you don’t want dirt to get stuck in there, are grooming wipes. And these
ones are puppy safe, and I really like this brand Earth Bath because my girl’s
got sensitive skin and this does not irritate her. It was also recommended to me that I wash
her about once a week so I got these shampoos. This one is a specially formulated
puppy tearless shampoo, kinda like the same for babies, they make shampoos that are
easy on the eyes, so just in case some shampoo gets in her eyes, she’s OK! And I thought the little bone tops were cute,
and I keep ‘em in the shower so it kinda helps me not get confused so I don’t
use these, but they do smell really good! And this other one is an oatmeal
shampoo so if you have a dog with sensitive skin, oatmeal shampoos or oatmeal
lotions, oatmeal baths, um, really soothe them. Now let’s talk about the glamorous part
of dog ownership, the dirty work, little poop and clean-up… *Pewp* For her little poops I got these little dog
bags, I got this 1, which is a travel 1. And I just attach it to the leash, it has
little velcro, so you can just, you know, put it around your leash. And… I got a ton
of refills, and they’re even lavender scented, it’s supposed to help with relaxation.
I don’t know! I’m just trying to be a good puppy mom! And we’ve got some puppy pads, because my
girl is still getting her immunizations, so she can’t go outside yet, so right now,
puppy pads! I am a bit of a neat-freak, so I also got
this, it is a Bissell Spot Bot, just for pets and it is a steam carpet cleaner
in case they have an accident on the carpet. I use this… Quite a lot, because
she is a puppy, and I absolutely love it, I would recommend it to anyone! I originally
found this machine when I was puppy sitting a few years ago, and I was really
impressed by it. Lastly for cleanup we have a pet lint roller,
I really like these because, it’s just like a regular lint roller, only
it’s extra sticky to pick up fuzz and fur! She doesn’t shed that
much, but I thought it would be a good idea to have this around just in case! Now let’s talk about the fun stuff… Toys! I got a bunch of toys but I’m just going
to talk about some of my favorites. The 1st is the classic Kong, but this is the
puppy Kong, the rubber is a little bit softer for the teeth and the gums. Really
good for teething, and if you’ve never used a Kong before, they are amazing.
You can stick little treats in there and throw them around and puppy will chase
it cause puppy can smell… The little treats and they’ll gnaw on it.
And you can also stick these in the refrigerator to chill them, and that feels
really good on their gums too. The 2nd chew toy I have is the Orbee-Tuff
Bone, and I wish you could feel these, the rubber is so soft, it is so good for teething,
I bought a bunch of these, I have them in pink, teal, every color they
come in. And they’re scented mint, so when puppy’s chewing on them, om-nom-nom-nom-nom,
she gets good breath. The last toy that I’m gonna show you is,
I call him Mr. Frog rope toy. The brand is Good Karma and I really like
it because the ropes aren’t too big, they’re pretty small so she can fit them
in her mouth. And, it’s a toy with no stuffing, so she can’t pull stuffing out
of it, I didn’t want to deal with that, so I got her a bunch of toys without stuffing. The bowls that I got her are from ORE Pet,
this is the little packaging. And they look like this, they’re so cute! Look at that, eeee-heee-hee-heee! I really like this because it is a dog bone
shaped stand, and I really liked that it will keep the bowls in place.
Puppies are very klutzy, so I like that it was something that will hold them
there. Also, the bowls are stainless steel, and they’re
a little bit more shallow which is really good for french bulldogs because
they have flatter faces. So it makes eating very easy! Last but not least, let’s talk out and about,
I got a bunch of little things, and the 1st thing is this little bowl. It’s
really good if you’re, like, at the park, you can just throw it in your car or your
purse and look at this, it pops out. Boop! For little water or snacks, treats, whatever
you need. Then I got these, we’ve got a regular collar
for when she’s around the house and then a little harness for when we go on
walks. Both pink, both adorable! And for the walks, I got this leash, it is
also pink. I know, I know, I’m going a little bit crazy here. It’s a little mini
leash, and… It is retractable. Has a little bit of tension, and I really
like this, especially for puppies because they’re very clumsy, when you have
a loose leashes they tend to trip on them a lot. And my baby girl was doing that
a lot around the house, so I got her the retractable leash and life is good! Even though she’s already microchipped,
I got her a little dog tag, I couldn’t resist! I was at Petco and they have one of
these little machines where you can engrave dog tags. And I found one that was
really light weight and it was shaped like a little dog bone, it was
so cute! So you can put the name on the front, so I put
Cookie on the front, and then you can engrave contact information on the back. And,
there’s actually a lot of space for a lot of characters, so you can put your
email, phone number, anything you want! So just being safe and cute! Awww! Let me know if you have any favorite puppy
things that I should check out, leave me a comment down there. And if you
would like to see any of my previous Vlogs you can click up here, or up here. I’ll put them both up there. And you’ll probably be seeing a lot more
pictures of little Cookie Monster around, and I’m just so excited that I got to share
this moment with you guys, it’s very, very special! She’s my little baby girl! Come say bye! Oh! She’s so tired, oh my gosh look at that
face! Look at that little pppt, pppt, pppt! Wrinkly bug! Kisses goodbye? Pppt, pppt, pppt, pppt, pppt,
pppt, pppt, pppt, pppt. Oh yeah, they’re the best!

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