Matar Kachori (Spicy Puffed Pastry) Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Gourmet

Today I will be making matar ki kachori (puffed pastry). Matar ki kachori is delicious. Fried puffed pastry filled with spicy green peas makes a great mouth watering appetizer. Or you can serve this as a part of main meal. Anyway you serve this tastes great. This recipe will make 12 kachoris. For this recipe we need: 1 cup of all purpose flour (plain flour or maida) 2 tablespoons of oil 1/4 teaspoon of salt And about 1/2 cup of chilled water. For filling we need: 1 cup of green peas I am using the frozen green peas which I have already thawed. 1 teaspoon of oil 1 tablespoon of coriander powder 1 teaspoon of fennel seed powder 1 teaspoon of chilli flakes 1/2 teaspoon of mango powder And 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Salt and pepper you can adjust to your taste. So first I am going to make dough. So put the salt. Oil And just mix it well. It’s going to be a crumbly dough. Looks like we have mixed this and it looks good. Now we are going to add the water slowly. For the kachori we don’t need to knead the dough too much, just very lightly. Dough should be soft but still not sticking to your fingers. Add some more water. And like I said don’t knead the dough. And dough is ready. And we are going to cover this with the damp paper towel and leave it for 15 minutes before making the kachori. Heat is on, medium high. So first I am going to put the oil. And just make sure the bottom of the pan is coated well. Now green peas. Salt Chilli flakes Fennel powder Coriander powder And amchoor. Now we are going to stir fry this. This should take about 4 minutes. And while we are stir frying we need to mash these peas. It has been about 3 minutes. And as you see peas are ready. We don’t want to dry too much. We are not making a powder, it should be just dry and so it’s easy to fill. And now it needs to cool off before filling. Dough is ready it has been sitting for about 15 minutes. And the spice mixture has cooled off. So we are ready to make the kachori. So first we are going to knead the dough with light hand. Just lightly not too much. And divide the dough in 12 equal parts. So I have divide the dough in 12 equal parts. And now we are ready to put the fillings and make like dumpling. So you’re going to press the corners. So center part is little bit heavier than on the side. And just about 1 spoon of filling. And take all the sides and pinch it in the center. Let’s do the next one. So again like I said, press from the sides leaving the center little heavy. 1 spoon of spice green peas. And pull through all the sides in the center. And here it goes. As you see this is not very hard and this is my last ball to fill. Now this should sit for about 5 minutes before we start rolling. In meantime I will open the heat on, medium high. This has been about 5 minutes. So I have covered all the filled balls with the damped paper towel. So now it’s time to roll. For rolling you put the seam side up. And from back of your palm you just go slowly. Doing with your palms all the fillings goes in all sides very evenly and it’s very easy. And you can see the green peas and it’s not going to come out and make the holes in the kachori. Like I said before seam side should be up and from back your palm you start from the center and just go around. If dough is not soft then you will have a hard time spreading it. So if you think it’s not thin enough just go by your finger lightly on some of the kachori. They are looking very good. Oil is ready. It’s fired on very low heat. And as you see when your putting the kachori. It’s little bit sizzling but it as not been coming up. It should come up very slowly. So looks like I can put 8 kachoris. And just wait for about 2 minutes before you turn them They will puff up and you can see them floating top of the oil. This has been a about 1.5 minutes. I am going to wait little bit more before I will turn them over. As you see most of your kachoris has puffed up and looking great. So now this the time to turn the kachoris. They are really looking very nice. Again you have to wait for at least 1.5 minutes. You don’t want to keep turning the kachoris over and over again. That way it’s a chance you can break them. This has been about 2 minutes. So I am going to turn them again. And as you see they have started changing the color very lightly. Looks great. And again wait for couple of minutes. This has been again about 2 minutes. So let’s see how kachoris are doing. Let’s turn them. Turn them gently you want to make sure they don’t break and have the hole. So this side is done. So we are going to let it cook for another minutes from the other side and kachoris will be ready. Kachoris are looking ready so just turn it and see. It has very nice color so it’s time to take them out. And again tilt your spatula you want to make sure you take out the as much oil is possible and put it over the paper towel. Kachoris are looking great and very tempting. You can serve them as is or sever them with chutney makes a great appetizer. This was my mother’s favorite kachoris and this her recipe. She liked with the main meal and served with aloo dum. This recipe you can find on my website. Enjoy it. And I will see you again with a new recipe. Thank you.

93 thoughts on “Matar Kachori (Spicy Puffed Pastry) Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Gourmet

  1. I'm not too crazy about peas, but I've tried similar things and I know that those peas with those spices are absolutely delicious.

  2. @riziwiz78
    You can freeze the kachori before frying between every layer place the wax paper so kachori do not stick to each other.

  3. Manjula,Hello.
    When you say all purpose flour, is it all purpose flour or pastry flour?
    I am in the US and cant get maida.Thank you .Love your videos.

  4. Manjula
    Thank you very much for responding to my question.
    I really appreciate it.Again I love your cooking tutorials.Big Fan!
    Looking forward to all your great recipes.Thank You.

  5. @mn628 The powder that came after the coriander is amchoor – dried powdered green mango. You can find it at Indian groceries.

  6. ok there is a recipe just like that but its made in triangle shape and it has chick garbanzo beans in it. is it the same recipe?

  7. Tried these kachoris and they came out absolutely fabulous. As suggested served them with aloo- dum. My dad said they are the best he's ever had. They stayed crispy many hours later, going to add them to my kids' school lunch box list.Thanks a ton.

  8. Thanks Manjula Aunty…this recipe was really tasty…i want to specially thank you b'cos your all of the recipes are without garlic n onions which are perfect for my mother in law…you made me learn how to make food without these yet tasty…

  9. fantastic recipe…however, if i am using fresh peas do i need to boil them before tempering them in the masala or can i use raw peas only?

  10. I got hungry just watching. I have to go to the International store nearby and buy mango powder tomorrow. Thank you!

  11. In Trinidad we make Kachori's out of ground dhal, first time I hearing about it being made from wheat flour but I'll try it! 🙂

  12. auntie i made this recipe and my husband liked it. but one problem which i have is my dough was squeezing when i tried to spread and filling inside. i used all purpose flour. is there anything wrong i did? please clear me it will be helpful tips. thanks

  13. Will these work well with a filling of mashed potatoes, cauliflower, sweet potato or a combinations such as potatoes and peas?

  14. @Manjulaskitchen

    i've knead the dough more than u showed here but it still squeezing and doesn't puff like urs. why mine kachory does not puff

  15. hello one of ur kachori videos you used lukewarm water,here ur using chilled water.which yeilds best result in the dough?chilled water or lukewarm water?thank you

  16. me and husband just took on being vegan he is from El Salvador i have been trying your recipes and we lice them he does too 🙂 your great

  17. i love all ur recipies mam, specially this matar ki kachori , i tried it many times…very delicious.thanx mam for these kachories..

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  20. Manjula Aunty, you have been inspiring me to try these yummy dishes and so far all the dishes have turned out great. Thank you so much for helping girls like me who have never cooked until they got married.

  21. manjula madam thanx for ur receipe one question i want to ask u that can i use wheat flour for making this green peas kschori

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  23. Hi their,Your recipes are the the greatest!!  I love watching your videos it reminds me of my India days, I still say they were the good old days. Thank you for all your lovely recipes.

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