Making pastry at La Baguette Magique

We use sourdough
we use our own sourdough the result is never the same
in terms of consistency of the dough
because it really depends on the sourdough and its activity
It’s a sourdough that’s prepared with wine a dry white wine
whole wheat… the rest is secret. Ha! I’m making the Creme P (creme patissiere)
it’s going in bebe choux and some danishes ♫ Maurice Chevalier plays in the background ♫ that’s the pre-shape I’m going to leave this guy here
because it will be it will get too warm
it will be too cold over there this one was fed this morning so his name is Charlemagne he was born… it’s gonna be a year, two years
ago it is a dry one
it is a very acidic not VERY acidic, but more acidic
whole wheat, dry, black and white, and then water, salt
and a couple of things just to maintain the fermentation
we’ll use this one for the campagne the country bread
the whole wheat and of course the sourdough
which is 100% with our sourdough no fresh yeast at all and for the rest, we use fresh yeast. JOHN: Are all the sourdoughs named after kings? no, not necessarily
this one is Charlemagne and we have a lactic one, a white one
that we use for the baguettes and pan de mie, and all the white breads
and this one is named Corinne [expressive gallic shrug] I’ll do the same with the orange brioche
orange peel sugar
that is folded into the brioche pastry it’s just the shape
the final shape that will be different so it’s really a matter of
as you see, it’s a small team I guess, like, in every team, it’s a matter
of trust trust that whomever scaled the ingredients
for a dough the day before
has done it exactly right
so that when we come in the morning when we are preparing for the open
baking, everything putting out of the proof box,
putting in the oven when we use the mixers
we mix the dough that you just saw the whole wheat
and I blindly mix I mean, I’m the one who made the mix this
morning I checked the ingredients
I added the sourdough and I mixed. and then, it’s just a flow
we look at our plan and then we execute the plan
and everything is smooth and we know what we have to do
it’s… teamwork She will cut the croissant
this, you can see the shape of the croissant And that’s called… I don’t even know the name in English. what is the name in English of it? It’s called:
QUINN:Bicycle? Bicycle? That’s the same? It’s bicyclette in French
That’s what she will use to cut her dough so that it’s even, the pain au chocolat [the dough laminator makes interesting clicking and
whirring sounds] [Seriously, this thing is the best!] JOHN:these are beautiful CATHERINE:they’re even better tomorrow, right? JOHN: Will you say the name of your sourdough
for the wheat bread? It was… CATHERINE [in the best French accent ever]
Charlemagne? and Corinne. JOHN:Yes [goofy guffawing]

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