Making a mini cake with Ro!

– Hey guys how’s it going,
it’s Justine and this is Ro. – Hello! – We’ve been shooting
a bunch of fun videos so make sure you go check out her channel and subscribe if you’re not already. But today, whenever we’re like,
hey let’s shoot some videos I just hop on Amazon and I
start looking for silly things. – And you found this, it’s huge! – Well I feel like everybody
has done the Easy Bake Ovens which I think are the coolest thing ever. Do you know how many high
tech ones they have right now? – No! – They have them in every
color, they look like spaceships but I was like, we need something cheesy that seem just strange and different. Found this. Have you ever heard of Lalaloopsy before? – I’ve seen it around,
but I’m not really sure what it is, they look like
just a bunch of cute dolls. – So I looked it up because
I wasn’t sure either and apparently there’s a Netflix show, they have a YouTube channel,
they have dolls and toys and it’s all based around
these little rag dolls. – Whoa! – It’s heavier than I thought. – It’s so heavy, oh my gosh. – This thing says it’s a real baking oven. – Woo! – Let’s open this up! I’ve got a very tiny little
pink pocket knife here today, but I thought it was nice
and festive and pretty and matched our theme. – Go for it! That’s like an exacto knife over there. – I can’t believe it. – I gotta get one of those
ones to chop my vegetables. – Okay it looks like we’ve got some mix, we’ll set that off to the side. Let’s just dump it out. – Okay. (gasping) – Wow, okay. – Whoa, whoa! – Some stuff may fall. – Okay I’m ready. – Just get ready. – I’m ready! – Wait I’m hitting the microphone! – [Ro] It’s on the microphone! – Oh shoot, oh no! – [Ro] That’s what it is Justine. I got it, I got it. – I am so sorry. – [Ro] It go around it. – Oh no oh god! Okay this spatula is like the size of you. – This is the biggest
spatula I have ever seen. It’s adorable. – I mean, it’s actually
cooler than I thought. I’m having a really good time already and we haven’t done anything. – A pink oven?! How many watts? How many volts? – Look at these warnings on the back. – They’re big, there’s– – Danger! There’s more warnings than directions. – Whoa. – [Both] Whoa! – Whoa! – We might need a tiny mixing bowl, like a spatula maybe? I know you’ve got one of those. – I got this! I got a little bit of baking spray, bowl, spatula, we got this. – This is something you should never do is put things on a hot oven,
but it’s not a real oven. – Put all the ingredients on the oven. – Step one, we’re gonna evenly coat a pan, that’s actually step
two, I completely lied. (laughing) Oh because step one is plug in the oven and turn it on and
pre-heat for 20 minutes. – [Ro] Pre-heat! This is the smallest little cake pan. Look at it! – Look it’s got little
sewing marks on it too. – Go for it! Yeah, whoa! – Okay you’ve evenly coated
the whole entire table. – And my hand, my hand
is coated, ready to go. Gotta do this one. – Oh no, don’t! We’re mixing in here, but that’s okay. It’s fine. – Step three. (laughing) – Step three is mix batter. – Half of the birthday cake mix and then two big pinches and one pinch and a dash of water in the mixing bowl. – Okay, but like– – What’s a dash? – How big is a pinch? And then I pinch this? – And then it says two
big pinches and a pinch, so that’s two big, big, one. – Yeah but I can’t get
any bigger than that. – Okay do one more, big
and now a regular pinch. – This is the same, those
are three of the same. – Nice, nice job Justine. – They’re just the same pinches. – Perfect. – [Justine] Oh shoot. – Justine they’re trying to be cute. – This is so silly. – Okay so this measuring
spoon are the pinches. – I smell burning something. I’m just making sure it’s not your hair. – Uh oh, it might be my hair. Let’s put this over here, uh oh. This is the big pinch and
your pinch was not this big, you need to at least put
one more big pinch in here. – Yeah but look! I think what it’s saying is
half of the birthday cake is two pinches and one pinch. I hate the word pinch, it’s so bad. – Just to let you guys know, the pinches are measuring spoons, it’s
code for measuring spoons. – [Justine] What’s the
age on this you think? ‘Cause I’m. – Oh my gosh do you want to know? – I don’t think I do, I’m
not sure, I do want to. – Let me see, let me see. Ages eight and up.
– Eight plus. – You know they are really smart
eight year olds these days. – I know. – Ooh, you guys. – So what do you think about that? – That looks like a funfetti cake. And then. – Use the oven spatula to push it in, oh you have to bake for 12 minutes, my gosh we could shoot
an entire other video in the time that it’ll
take for this cake to bake. – This bakes for 12 minutes? – That’s insanity, that’s too much time. – Wow this is like a real mini cake. – I’m just gonna dump this in here. I think I might have. – Enter on this side,
they got a little graphic. – I think that my pinch measurements may have been slightly off. I mean this is the big moment that we’ve really been waiting for. ♪ Dun dun duh, du du dun duh dun ♪ – Here.
– Uh oh. – This is, you can do the honors. I wanna see what’s happening. Let me see what’ happening. – Well it says stop here. It won’t, but it doesn’t go past. – Wait is that the wrong end? – You can’t even– – Wait, wait, I think maybe. – Get! – I think that might be how we– (laughing) – There, got it, it’s in there. (laughing) Now how do you get this out? – I don’t know! – Hey you hold it! (laughing) – Easy peasy. Oh it’s there, look. – [Justine] Is it? – Yeah it’s in there. – How longs this thing been pre-heating? – Oh it’s kinda, it needs
to go back a little, I overdid it, so there we go! Perfect, just jiggle it into the, see the little hatch closed. – Oh I see it. – Oh it’s in there. – It smells like burning plastic. – I wonder why. – I don’t know. I don’t know how we’re
gonna get that thing outta there, I’m concerned,
but that’s alright. Okay separate mixing
bowl we are gonna combine frosting mix, one pinch
and one dash of water. – [Ro] You want me to spray it? – I don’t think we need. – We don’t need a spray. – You might have hit
the spray very far away. – Oh yeah, I think I broke it
actually, the lid’s come off. Dropped the spatula, sorry Justine I gotta come over to your. – Oh yeah we’re really worried about cleanliness in our kitchen. – Don’t worry it’s only
gonna touch the pan not the food, we’re okay. – You know we didn’t even wash the pan so first of all this
clearly is not something that we should even eat. – We didn’t. Okay mix ’til dissolved. – [Justine] That looks really good huh? – We’re gonna get that in there. – Hot to touch. – Is it hot? – A little bit, I mean
it’s definitely not. – A little warm, a little warm, yeah. – Thicker or do you think that’s a, this is disgusting actually. – I mean that is a good
consistency, it’s real thick. This consistency is of kind
of like a cookie icing. I’d say more of a royal icing and that looks more like a frosting. – This is gross, oops! – What happened? – I think I might have
put too much in now. – That’s turning into sludge now. – Aw shoot, oh gosh. – Oh now it’s getting a little chunky at the bottom or something. – I’m just gonna maybe, yeah okay. – What’s it taste like, lemon? – Tastes like plastic. – Really?! – A little bit, yeah, very very plasticy. – Let me see, oh yeah I
was hoping for a lemon. – Yeah, I think we have high expectations for something of this caliber. I mean do we just take
it out, or what do we do? It’s gonna be hot. – I don’t know how to
get it out of the oven. – We gotta shove it
out, and we still have. – Justine when you look in here I think you just gotta shove
it through like I did. – It says peak inside to make sure the metal doors are closed, we did. – Oh they’re closed. – You gave it a shove. – Hot cake out of the oven. – [Justine] Yeah, I’m scared. – Fresh out of the oven it’s coming to you! – Wait, wait, hold on wait,
’cause I can’t catch it ’cause it’s gonna be hot. – Well just get a mitt, get a mitt. – I don’t have a mitt! – Well just get a box, hold
two boxes like a little glove. – I’m gonna do this, so it so I’m gonna do this so it. Oh geez, whoa! – Whoo, did it! No, the spatula’s in there. – Oh no, get it out! – The spatula’s in there! Oh no, Justine, Justine, oh no, it said don’t push past here. – Wait you pushed the
whole thing in there? – It’s in there, it’s gonna fry! It’s gonna catch on fire. – Wait I gotta unplug this, I’m scared. – Oh no, oh no. – I don’t think our cake was done either. – Come on! – No now the cake is gonna
fly out the other side! – [Ro] It’s not strong enough. – Siri, shut up! – Shoot, oh shoot. Justine get the spatula. – Here wait, stick this in! No, this’ll burn. – No, no, that’ll catch on fire! Something metal, something metal! – Oh, this is little! – Yeah, yeah yeah. – That’s not long enough. – Oh geez, oh geez. – I’m just gonna stick this on, hold on. Wait here, I’m just gonna. – That’s gonna catch on fire. – It’s not gonna catch on fire. – I got a fire extinguisher just in case, it’s on the way. – Oh no! – [Ro] Oh geez, it’s okay, we’re okay! Let me get, I got some stuff over here. – Oh god, I don’t even
think it was done baking! Wait, it’s already out the other side. – [Ro] It is? – Yeah look! – [Ro] Oh geez girl, because
I brought us everything. – Oh no, our cake! It’s probably melted to the top by now. – I brought everything,
chopsticks, little knife, big knife, a thingy, I got it all. We can’t get it out. – We gotta save the
cake, if anything else. – Oven mitts, oven mitts, I got it! – I’m so upset, I just
wanted the tiny cake. – [Ro] Okay well Justine,
these are my holiday mitts, so here, here, take a holiday mitt. – [Justine] Oh no, now
we’ve lost the cake! – Here I’ll shake it out, is it out? – Uh no. – I got this. – Now guys, this is unplugged by the way. I just want to let you
know it is unplugged. – It’s stuck. – Oh god! – It’s stuck, oh it’s really stuck. Girl, girl, ready for this? Look at this, that’s stuck in there, oops. But you know what, as long as it’s stuck might as well just– – Yeah just jam it in there. – Oh it came out, it came out! There we go. – [Justine] We just gotta get the cake! – [Ro] Is it out? – [Justine] No. – [Ro] Did ya see it? – Yes, I sorta see it. Hold on wait one second, one second. A lot of things went wrong. Oh no. – Oh no. – [Justine] Oh no where’d
the rest of it go? – I thought we were gonna, that we could do this one, really easy. – Oh. – There we go. – [Justine] Ooh it’s really hot. – [Ro] Here you show them
with the holiday mitts. – [Justine] Let’s put icing on it anyway. – Oh no. – This is very hot. – Is it hot? Here put on your mitt. Pour a little bit of that on the top. Perfect, perfect, and spread it evenly, maybe we can cover the
little hole of the cake. Now we need sprinkles. – Oh you’re right! Careful they’re getting inside the oven, in our cooling chamber, I’m just kidding. – Oh no, they do have holes. – I don’t think we’re ever
gonna be able to use this again. – I think this is vented, yup. – Yeah, I think we need more. – More! You want more sprinkles,
you’re gonna get it! – This looks something, like something, like I don’t know. – It’s kinda cute. – Oh wow, it’s really warm. I mean this entire thing was baking. That smells like burnt. – Yeah it smells like burnt plastic. Bon appetit! Let’s treat ourselves. – Treat yourself right! Treat yo’ self. – A bite of this cake. – Oh god, I have two fake teeth and I think I just cracked one. (laughing) – Too many sprinkles? – Yeah, they’re a little hard. – Okay the cake is not baked. – No. – The cake is underbaked. – It tastes so bad, I just
finally got a taste of it. I mean now I have cracked a tooth and I’m going to get food poisoning. – It looks so cute though! – I’m super tolerable, this
tastes so, this is disgusting. – Maybe you think it’s
because of the recipe. – Do you have the aftertaste? – Has a really strong aftertaste, I do have to be honest Justine. – Oh my gosh! – It’s got a very strong aftertaste. – It is rancid! – What would be the
flavor of the aftertaste? – I honestly don’t know,
but it’s really bad. It tastes like this melted. – Heavy. – I considered that this was
going to be something easy and I was like, wow we could
make cookies after this. No. – Oh they have cookies? – Oh they have cookies, but I cannot. I cannot bring myself to even do this. – Oh look at that, they
look like little buttons. – Well guys, that’s it, thank
you so much for watching. Make sure you guys go
check out Ro’s channel, we’ve done so many fun videos together. – Yes! – Oh my gosh, we’ve been having a blast, but this is the, I forgot what
it was even called, Loopsy? – Lalaloopsy. – Lalaloopsy oven, and to be honest I had pretty low expectations
and this is actually better than what I thought was gonna happen, so. – We did okay. – We did okay. Alright, that’s it,
I’ll see you guys later! Bye bye! – Bye! We did, I was trying to
like think of a scale from we did really bad
to we did excellent, I was like we did, we did, we did something. – It’s bad, it’s pretty gross. – We did something! – We did something. – [Both] Oop! (bubbly music).

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  1. Me and my sister got this from my mom a few years ago (when we were about 8) and we did a lot better than two grown adults?

  2. You were supposed to push it in with the short end and pull it out on the other side of the oven with the long end

  3. I got this for Christmas when I was younger and when my dad and I were baking it we cooked the frosting and frosted it with the cake batter xD

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