Make Perfectly Pipeable Butter Cream Frosting – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Perfect
Butter Cream Frosting Tutorial. Tonight we’ll be showing you how to make the
perfect consistency and taste of butter cream frosting, perfectly pipeable for all your
cupcakes and cakes. Some tools and equipment that we will be using
tonight: We have a standard mixer. This is not a commercial
mixer. This is a home mixer with a rotating bowl.
I also have my trusty spatula. We have Soft icing mixture. You can use this
or pure icing sugar. It’s totally up to you. I have 5 cups of that. Measure out and sifted.
I have 250 grams of salt-reduced butter. I have 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. You
can also use vanilla essence. I prefer to use vanilla extract. It gives a bit of a better
flavor. And I have 3 tablespoons of full cream milk.
The first tip, I have my 250 grams of butter in the bowl. I’m going to blend that for approximately
5 minutes to get it light and fluffy. Okay, so I’ve blended the butter cream for
approximately 5 minutes. I’ve blended that on the speed of three. But generally, you
can blend that on high speed to get it done a little bit quicker.
Now this is the trick to a perfect butter cream frosting: blending the butter –don’t
try to skimp on time with the butter. This is our butter when we put it in. You see it’s
the regular yellow butter color. This is what it should look like when you’ve finished blending
it for 5 minutes. So you really want to blend it until it goes to this lovely white color.
And if you run your finger through, you’ll actually notice it feels aerated. It feels
lighter than it did before. So definitely something to consider.
Now I’m going to begin adding my icing sugar. I’m going to scoop it in, just a little bit
at a time. There’s no exact measurement but you really just want to give it a chance to
absorb itself into the butter. Have the butter mixed in with it as you’re adding it or else
you’ll end up with a dust storm and you’ll have icing sugar absolutely everywhere.
So let’s get started. Okay, so we’ve been blending that butter cream
for approximately 5 minutes after we’ve finished adding the last of the icing sugar.
What you should have now is a perfectly spoon-able, thick, lovely, fluffy butter cream frosting.
Have a look at that. It shouldn’t fall off the spoon unless you help it out.
Now it’s ready to fill your piping bag with and get piping. That amount of butter cream
frosting will frost approximately 2 dozen cupcakes, just depending on the style and
the design and how high you want those icing swirls to be.
Thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “Make Perfectly Pipeable Butter Cream Frosting – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

  1. Hiii I was wondering how long does this icing keep in the fridge? I'm making cupcakes in my catering class next week and I need to make the icing before class

  2. I just recently found my passion for baking. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not anywhere near good at it yet. But, I've tried a lot of buttercream recipes so far and I always keep coming back to yours! I've finally told myself that I won't even try any other recipes. Thank you so much for all your tips and tricks. People like me appreciate you so much!

  3. This is amazing! The best easy too. However, my measuring scale is in 'kg' can someone please convert from grams to kg

  4. I am a bit confused because your ingredients list doesn't match what you are saying in the video so I am unsure which to follow. Can you verify for me, thanks.

  5. I love your channel Elise you are very creative and very descriptive on how to explain things because I sometimes mess up and don't know what do Your foundations series is really useful xx

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  7. Will this work if I make it by hand with a whisk instead of a kitchen aid? I don't have one and I don't have an electric mixer… Thanks!

  8. I made this frosting just now. I used 1 cup less sugar and more milk. I did substitute vanilla with clear almond extract. Came out delicious. Crum coated a 12 " cake and 8" cake…thanks for the tutorial. My first time making frosting from scratch.

  9. very nice consistency, love it, one question though, can you use 2tbsp. of cream instead of milk, will it make a tastier or creamier frosting? love all you videos!

  10. How can I store this? in a simple ziplock bag or Tupperware and about when does it expire? Thank you!

  11. Please help!

    I accidentally grabbed the salted butter instead of unsalted. Would this make a huge difference? Thank you in advance! 😉

  12. I'm going to be using this as filling in a 9×9" triple layer cake (i.e. two layers of frosting, with ganache on the outside). So should I double the recipe? Also, can I make the frosting the day before and keep it in the fridge overnight? Thank you!

  13. @MyCupcakeAddiction im trying to make this frosting for a cake that is to be presented tomorrow at a friends baby shower. if i bake in frost my cake tonight do you suppose it will still be good tomorrow

  14. Thanks for the amazing recipe! This is my go to now!! I added some caramel extract instead of vanilla to make it a little different… so good!

  15. I'm super excited to try this recipe as I can never make my buttercream thick enough for piping/holding shape. Wanted to know if you have any recommendations on changing the flavor to a marshmallow buttercream or even a french cream flavor but keeping this pipeable consistency ? Thanks

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    would this be enough to make a rose swirl design on a cake? thanks in advance!

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  24. Why is it called "buttercream" if it's mostly just sugar? 😀 ( that's not about this particular recipe, just a question in general).

  25. +MyCupcakeAddiction it really taste great because my cousins birthday was yesterday and then my auntie made cupcakes and dont know how to make frosting and i told her to watch this and it really turned out great and delicious..

  26. i made buttercream with another recipe.. wich they say to put sugar more than butter. and it turns out like candy. what is my fault? my buttercream always turns out so so ?

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  28. I love your videos especially since you take time to explain in details. You really have helped me out in baking!

  29. Everytime i made buttercream, it always failed when started mix the butter. It was room temp already but not soften. But everytime i mixed it with my hand mixer it was became too soften and fluid 2 or 5 minutes it was same. It didn't come out fluffy. Is it the effect from the hot weather and high humidity ? Please help me for more tips.

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