41 thoughts on “Lucious & Cookie Discuss The Script | Season 6 Ep. 9 | EMPIRE

  1. I'm not enjoying Lucious being in a new romance or whatever it is ,he belongs to Cookie ? but I still love the show ❤??‍♀️

  2. I’m getting tired of Empire breaking up Cookie and Lucious. They gave us two whole seasons of them being together, now they’re not. This show is gonna end on a sour note..I can tell.

  3. Man this show reeks rushed writing. The flash backs are so inconsistent and badly scripted. I’m so ready for this show to be over with. Just fast forward to the end so I can see who dies

  4. They got 50 year old Terrence and Taraji playing 16 year old cookie and lucious!? Where's the people that usually play them for their teen flashbacks???

  5. don't worry y'all I remember them having flashbacks and it also happened in season 3 and 4 where Lucious is into music that he can't hear a thing

  6. I dont know why but I kinda think it's better that lucious die than cookie as much as I want both of them together I feel like lucious dieing will let the other rest of the family have peace

  7. Isn't Luscious new girl Damon's daughter. She was talking to her father in one scene then she talked about almost dying from cancer. I think Damon is going kill Luscious.

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