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  1. Oh my word, Cookie needs to stop being so bitchy and believe Lucious….she’s the one that cheated or had the mind to cheat with Damon Cross….

  2. My thing with Cookie is you can’t say that you & Lucious had a fresh start and leaving the past in the past then keep throwing the past in his face. And she need to stop bringing up Jeff. You already went to his mother and she told you to your face she NEVER told Luscious that Jeff was his son.

  3. Lee Daniels I'm not happy with the writing for Cookie and Lucious right now. We've waited all this time for them to unite as a couple, but they just can't seem to be happy together. There's a host of things in this world that they can be fighting against besides each other, yet your writers don't seem to know this. All loving relationships have challenges, but this mess is overkill.

  4. ??? she's so done they writing her as a human being I can't even be mad realistically some people would do that… Funny how it's like she's the bad one ??

  5. Takeem and cookious ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ will come back stronger than ever I believe ?

  6. Cookie is getting on my last nerves, I know she’s not acting high and mighty after potentially sleeping with Damon (I’m crossing my fingers that she didn’t). Luscious is really trying here and since the begin of the season it’s seems as if she doesn’t care and is over him. She’s usually one of my favorite character on the show but as of lately I cannot (Joseline’s vc). Every time she dismisses Luscious efforts I get a headache, its like she purposely torturing him. If we want to keep it all the way real, Luscious was never in a relationship with her when he was with the other women he was with. He only did her dirty when he divorced her while she was in prison and never bothered to come see her after the last visit with young Jamal. I think Cookie is in her feelings of not being the first woman to give Luscious his first child. Even though that happened before her, it messed up her story of how they literally started an empire together children and all. For all we know, Kingsley might not even be for Luscious, they never confirmed a ? test. I just wished Cookie would get over it and work with Luscious, why mess up things now when he’s finally yours and y’all are married again…..??‍♀️??‍♀️

  7. She just needs to recognize that she’s trying and hear him out instead of blowing everything out of proportion

  8. Cookie is starting to get on my nerves. Like Luscious hasn’t even done anything bad since they remarried and she keeps throwing the past in his face. She decided to remarry him so she cannot keep doing that.

  9. I love you cookie but you tripping
    Why the writers got her like that she knows that man type women he go for also I thought they put the past away Cookie what's going on

  10. You have to understand Cookies perspective: Lucious betrayed her so many times she has no reason to think he didn’t sleep with Treasure. I mean we know he’s changed but Cookie doesn’t.

  11. Cookie ain’t like she ain’t made no mistake luscious done a lot of bad thing but come on now he’s lucious Lyon he did and sacrifice a lot to get where he wanted to be so give em a break

  12. If you love someone, you forgive them of their past mistakes and not continuously throw them up in their face at every opportunity. That is not love that is torture and torture breeds resentment. Love is kind and patient.

  13. Cookie is the way her mom described her last season, a jealous heart. She's reacting and has no time for excuses. Don't act like you've never been there.

  14. Cookie bein real disrespectful this whole clip, bringin up Juliana and Kingsley like they’re relevant to anything currently going on

  15. One: Lucius was messing with Giuliana before he renewed his relationship with you

    Two: Tracy was before he even met you

    Cookie ?

  16. They switched Lucious and Cookies rolls Lucious is nice now and cookie is the character that now gets on everybody’s nerves ?->? ?❤️?

  17. The funny thing is I don’t know why Cookie is mad when before this scene was the scene when she slept with dameon cheated on Lucious with dameon (*someone other than her husband* cheating*)and she’s mad that Lucious “*cheated*” on her with treasure *huh funny ??❤️??

  18. Yall need to turn this around put them back on top with some fire because empire is dying. Please dont let that happen.

  19. I really believe that Lucious and Cookie are just toxic together. No matter how hard they try- it will never truly work out between them because they’ll never have a blank slate to build from. The skeletons from their past will always be there. They might bring out the best in each other when faced with a common goal/enemy, but in their own personal lives they bring out the absolute worst in each other.

  20. This show is so degrading to dark women. My husband watch this mess. Chocolate sisters are loud fat bitter wearing blonde hair and always with an attitude. Biracial Terrance can't stand dark women .I will never forget his comment about Naomi Campbell. I like him. I come from a family of all shades.. Bring it on and Tia Marie..lol

  21. I think Cookie is legitimately suffering a form of PTSD…with a man like Lucious, she's been continuously put through an emotional meat-grinder. The business of Empire frequently distracted her away from truly feeling and thinking deeply and I mean DEEPLY about everything she's experienced because of her marriage, and it's now catching up to her and practically knocking her out with the severity of it. A person can't go through so much violence and trauma in their life because of a single relationship with another person without feeling the emotional effects of it. She's snapping under the strain, quite simply, and I 100% understand it. Only question now is the love strong and significant enough between them to keep their marriage going? I still kinda hope so, they are two people who seem like they either to have to be together or totally single because their Alpha personalities clash with everyone else.

  22. Cookie you messing up! Don't play Luscious that way! You where with the other guy and cheating! Hypocrisy

  23. Cookie is not buying Luscious's explanations. Boy, Cookie never forgives or forgets a thing and then piles it all up on Luscious. No man can win that argument. I wonder what Luscious is gonna have to do to fix this situation? Jewelry?

  24. people i have to stop watching these previews if there is no more Jamal. heads up to all reading before watching THERE IS NO JAMAL AT THE END!!! Come on now, put cutie back on.

  25. Yes Cookie is getting in my nerves BUT I’m glad the writers are showing her imperfections just like the rest of her family. I feel like they (and us as an audience) try to paint Coolie to be the perfect woman/boss. She’s a human just like us . That last line about Kingsley was TOTALLY outta pocket and uncalled for. ???‍♂️???

  26. Lucius cheat on her so Many times, that it's so obvious that she is incapable of believe him. Yes she cheated but because what she thought Lucious has done for her was rlthe last strike! Team Coockie 4eva!

  27. Cookie has been with this man for decades, if she really believes that Lucious would be dumb enough to cheat on her with some young harlot under her nose then she does not need to be with him. Then to run to Damon Cross speaks to her character.

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