Lower Sugar Shortbread Cookie Recipe (also egg-free and nut-free)

So today, we’re making no sugar added shortbread cookies very really really quick recipe Take a couple minutes in the oven. So you can’t really mess them up unless you spill it all over the floor. All right. Like the chick peas. So we’re going to start With one bowl and We’re gonna add to it 1/2 cup of alternative sugar We’re using Splenda today. It’s one of those ones that I find is a lot easier to bake with. 1/2 cup of cornstarch which is that one. And then you want to add the full cup of flour. Full cup right, yah. I just don’t want to get flour all over me. That’s why he’s doing it. I’ll do this no problem Petra. For now. That’s not a full cup. It’s not a full cup. That’s good. Perfect. Beeping sound. That is my oven that is pre-heating. It is now done preheating and we’re going to mix this up just quickly now before we add the butter. So that everything gets to mix up nicely and you’re gonna want to use this ’cause the butter is all smushy. And add the butter. Alright. All of it? All of it. Quincy sings “All of you” You have to be a little bit more precise when it comes to baking. Like chemistry, isn’t it? It is. It’s all fats and sugar. It’s delicious. So, you’re gonna want to sort of use a pressing motion; you can go in with your hands But I find that in this stage you just get massive fingers, they get clumped up so it gets a little bit messy. When it’s a little bit more binded together it’s a lot easier to use your hands. You basically just get fingers covered in butter and then coated again in flour. You wanna go? Sure, yeah. There we go. I don’t want to do any work. Am I doing it right, am I doing it right? Yes So yes, you sort of what to use a scooping motion around the edges and then press through the butter. You can use fun little cookie cutters, ice them and everything as well. I don’t have a low sugar icing recipe yet. It’s something to work on. Soon enough. But it’s also like this much. So it’s starting to look a lot crumblier so we can get in with our hands. You just want to smush. This all just falls off nicely, Wow. Looks great. Yah. If you want to have a go, go nuts. Sure. Alright. Hello. Oh wow. Did you just say hello to it? [Laughter] Yes I did. I said hello. Oh hello cookie. Welcome to my hands.[Laughter] Perfect. While are you doing that I’m gonna grab the cooking tray. I’m not gonna bother washing my hands ’cause I’m just going to get back in there again. There’s a couple different ways that we can put them on. It’s a crumbly recipes so rolling it out doesn’t work very well, but I sometimes use a cookie cutter and if you want to do it, grab a handful and You just want to sort of press it into the shape. I’ll swap sides with you. Ahh, a dreidel! Yes, it’s a dreidel for the holidays. Right, that’s awesome. You used way too much. Look at me, I know. I need to come correct. Yes. So no matter the shape, whether you use it for this as cookies and a press or just something like this. It all takes about the same amount of time so what I did for this is I grabbed like a my small hand that’s full of the dough. This smells amazing by the way. It’s called butter. [Laughter] Butter smells amazing. How am I doing? I need to like pack it somehow. Yah, oh no, this is good. You just got a lot in there. Come on Q. You can do this. I believe in you. I know. That’s looking good, yah. And you want to lightly push on it. Oh wow. And pull it up. And we have a dreidel! Yah, do you want to make another dreidel? I will gladly. You’re the professional dreideler. Yes, professional dreidel maker I am. Your hands will also be very smooth after. You have coated them in butter. So this recipe is really great. I also use it sometimes to make cheddar shortbread cookies and so I put grated cheddar in it. It’s delicious. That sounds amazing. And then top it sometimes with freshly cracked black pepper or even like a little bit of salt in there. It’s really really good. Or jalapenos or something. See if I can do it. Don’t press down too hard. Wooooo Dust off the edges. We got enough to make one more dreidel or two more of the balls. What would you like to do? Hmm. I’ll try a ball. Okay, so fist it; like put it in your fist. Make a ball. Do I have enough? Yah. So. Make a ball. Do a little less. A little less? Yah. Petra size hands. Petra size, I gotcha, I gotcha. Which is basically like a large teaspoon, ah tablespoon. Sorry. Okay, so something like this? Yah, then put it down flat. And then like three fingers. You made like the shortbread cookie shape. That’s what they would look like. So you got another one, you can try it. Okay, that was way easier than I thought it was going to be. Baking is a lot easier than I thought it was, to be honest. It’s just a lot of steps. Three fingers. Perfect. We’re all done. These are gonna go into the oven and then we’ll get back to you afterwards. So, we have baked these at 300 degrees farenheit for about 20 minutes. I’ve left them on for like two extra minutes just because I knew that the dreidels would be kind of soft. Yeah, so, it’s time to try one. Yes. So they will feel really crumbly. You don’t want them to brown, but there’s a lot of butter, so they’re very uh Delicious. Yah, they’re good. Perfect. Cheers. They’re really crumbly but they’re good. This is so good. Yah. [Laughter] This is really good. Yah. They are really tasty. Want some? Can’t have it. It’s all mine. Yah, um, that dreidel has got my name on it. Aww, fine! So yes as I said earlier, I still haven’t found a great sugar-free icing yet, So if you find one, please tell me I want to have this recipe. So if you want to post it to our Alternative Food Network Facebook page I’ll be sure to steal it and then of course someone else can have it too And maybe we’ll even make it into a video one day. Definitely give you full credit. Definitely give you full credit where credit is due. Absolutely. You’re still eating it? Oh yah, yah. They’re um they’re full. When they crumble in your mouth, they explode. They almost dissolve. It’s so nice. We’re gonna go now But make sure that you come back next time when we release a new video. Any suggestions or comments leave it in the comment box down below or post them to our Facebook page. If you want to join the AFN mailing list, go to alternativefoodnetwork.com And you’ll be the first to know about these great videos. Absolutely. Tata for now.

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