Leonardo Di Carlo • Paste e Bigné • Choux pastry

Choux pastry Choux Pastry with the Qbo system of Roboqbo. Choux Pastry, known all over the world, has within it sweet and savory creams. The ingredients are simple: liquids, fat, salt. Then we’ll add flour and eggs. The recipe will be done with the program
stored in the Qbo computer. During the processing, you can monitor the various parameters inside the tank. Another added value of this work system is the possibility to add ingredients whenever we want. In this case we add flour. Once we obtain the pre-gelatinization of starch, we proceed with the emulsion. We add eggs and proceed with the homogeneous and perfect emulsion of the ingredients. The Choux Pastry is ready to be used and baked. Then the filling. I remind you that we used only the Qbo of Roboqbo and no other equipment. Only one work unit and extremely fast production times. The Cream puffs are ready to be gently cooked in the oven. After baking, this is the high quality result.

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