Lemon Ricotta Cake with Mommy & Mia

Is that good? Is that good cake? You’re so cute, I can’t take it! Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale, on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen I want to share with you how to make such a delicious, perfect
for Spring and Summer Cake, it is an Italian Ricotta and Lemon Cake, now I know that in
every Italian household that I know personally has their own version of this cake, Idon’t
want to say mine’s the best but it is pretty darn delicious, and it’s really easy, Icall
it a snack cake because it’s not like a frosted cake or a glazed cake, it’s sort of along
the lines of a coffee cake that you would eat with an espresso or a coffee or some iced
tea, it’s just so delicious, you’re going to love it and I feel like because it’s so
bright and lemony it would be perfect for any Spring occasion whether it be Mother’s
Day, Father’s Day, anything really, but if you love lemons as much as I do then this
cake is for you! Wow that rhymed! Ha! Let me get to the list of ingredients. I’ve got some unsalted butter here that’s
softened, more than just softened, it was sitting on the stove while the oven was pre-heating,
I’ve got eggs, I’ve got granulated sugar, I’ve got lemons, really good ricotta, I’ve
got some vanilla extract and then in here, Ihave a mixture of all purpose flour, salt,
baking powder and ground almonds, now the ground almonds are really non negotiable in
this recipe, they are absolutely fantastic and if you really want to amp up the almond
flavor you can also add about a half of a teaspoon of almond extract to this but I just
feel like it overpowers things too much and I really want the brightness of the lemon
and the hint of vanilla to be the star of this cake. I have my oven preheated to 350 degrees F,
I have a 9 by 13 inch glass baking dish, any baking dish will do that’s been lined with
parchment paper and sprayed with some non-stick spray so I’m going to go ahead, rock on and
get started. In my large bowl, I’ve got my butter, I’m
going to add my sugar, and using my handheld elecric whisk I’m going ot combine the two
together until well combined. See how fluffy that looks? That looks perfect, I’m going to add in the
eggs, I’m going to let that continue to go, also going to add – if Ican do this one handed,
a good splash of vanilla at this point. A good tablespoon, and that’s going to mix,
mix mix just for another minute or so, Iwant the mixture to be really smooth and lovely,
move this out of the way because it keeps making noise. Make sure you scrape the sides of the bowl
occasionally whenever you’re working with a handheld whisk or even a standing mixer,
okay going back to work here. That is perfect, we are going to set that
aside, now what I’m going to work on is I’m going to zest three lemons, and this is really
lemony, and I’m going to get enough juice to, I need about a third of a cup of lemon
juice so usually about three lemons, so I’m going to zest first then I’m going to juice
them in this bowl, well in this measuring cup here because I want to mix this mixture
with the ricotta before I add it to anything else. I use my fork method to squeeze out all that
lemon juice and I just do it over a sieve so that it catches all the little pits there. Beautiful. Yep, we got about a third of a cup of juice! Beautiful. Set that aside, smells so good already. I’ve got my mapeen here. Can’t love without my mapeen. Now I’m going to add the ricotta filling,
the ricotta mixture, the ricotta straight to the lemon zest, mix the two together and
that way it makes it kind of easier to incorporate, yes I’m making a mess, I’m aware, but you
know what, it’s fine show me one cook that doesn’t make a mess from time to time, you
know? Plus I cook a lot so I feel like it’s fine,
it’s fine, now here’s where it’s realy easy. You combine the dry and the wet at the same
time, you put in your dry mixture, already mixed it all together anyway, and the ricotta
lemon mixture. And you’re going to whisk this long enough
to combine it all, but don’t over whisk becuase it really isn’t necessary. So whisk long enough to combine it, and I’ll
show you what it looks like when it’s done, I’ll probably switch to a spatula towards
the end to stir it all together. This batter is really thick and gorgeous. Just going to get it out of here. Into there. And you’re going to spread this out as even
as you can possibly get it. And this is going to go into your preheated
oven at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour until it’s completely cooked through, I just use
a toothpick to check, if the toothpick comes out clean, then it will be perfect. Just get that in there. Cake was in the oven for exactly 45 minutes,
I took it out I let it cool completely, I’ve got my sous chef here, not quite sure what
her role is at this very moment except banging a spatula on the counter. I let it cool completely, now like Isaid this
is not going to be your thick fluffy cake, this is a really dense, Iwant to say gooey,
but I don’t mean like under cooked, I just mean it’s a very dense coffee cake like cake
that’s why it’s called a snack cake, and I’m going to cut this in little squares but you
can also do this in a nine or ten inch spring form pan if you want to maybe serve it as
a whole on a sunday lunch or whatever. Right? Okay how about we cut this and then you can
sprinkle all the sugar on top okay? Good job! Let’s cut it again. These are going to be really big squares,
right? Mommy cooking! You are cooking! How about, okay okay hold on let’s get some
big squares. Okay and then we are going to sprinkle powdered
sugar on top, does that sound good? What do you think? I’m cooking! You’ll be cooking in a minute! Okay, you have to sprinkle these – you can
see the texture inside, that’s the texture of a ricotta cake, that’s so good. You have to sprinkle these very liberally
with some powdered sugar, it’s part of the recipe, Idon’t know how to explain it but
like you can’t leave it out it just won’t taste the same, so now that we have them all
here, here you want to help me? No wait, wait wait, put this there. Good! Here’s another one. Good job! Come on let’s keep moving, move that down. You’ve gotta sprinkle it really heavily with
powdered sugar, Ijust refilled this baby so it’s like raining sugar. I’m going to go for this one because I like
a middle piece. Cut this into a little square. Can mommy eat a piece of cake? Mmm. Ha ha ha. That’s the best ricotta cake you’ll ever have
in your life. High five! It’s yummy! Mmm hmm. Want it? Mmm!! That good? Hmm? Yummy cake! Is it yummy cake? Yummy, it’s a yummy cake! Don’t take my word for it, it’s a yummy cake! Go to LauraintheKitchen.com for the written
recipe, you have to make this cake because it is a yummy cake. Another one? You still have it in your mouth that’s okay. LauraintheKitchen.com has the recipe written
for you Ihope you have enjoyed spending time with us, give me a hug. Say bye bye! Is that good? That good cake? You’re so cute I can’t take it! [laughing] You’re so cute!

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