Lemon Cake

Welcome back to Pastry Maestra, I’m
Tereza and today I’m making lemon cake. Lemon cake is a perfect sweet snack for
your afternoon tea or coffee. It is light, soft, velvety and a bit moist,
with that divine flavor that comes from
grated lemon zest – ah, it is simply perfect! It is basically a shortened cake with
fat as an essential ingredient, and
baking powder as the leavening agent. The cake is usually topped with a
glaze, syrup or light frosting. The exact origin of lemon cake is unknown. Most probably, it evolved from the
so-called pound cake, which was first
baked in England around 1700. Pound cake was named like that because
a pound of each ingredient was used to … …make a simple, heavy cake to feed
large groups of people. Now, cakes have a long history – dating back
to ancient Greece and Rome, where flat
heavy “cakes” were sacrificed to gods. For a long time, cake was also a symbol of
wealth because sugar was very expensive. However, the industrial revolution and the
introduction of chemical leavening agents … …such as baking soda and baking powder,
made them lighter and simpler to bake. Also, the ingredients became much cheaper
leading to mass production of cakes, so they
quickly became a common and favorite dessert. Now, I have to point out two things regarding
this particular cake that are very important … …for us – sweetness makers – first, always,
and I mean alway use non-treated lemons, and … …second – grate only the yellow part of the
zest since the white part is very bitter and
you don’t want that in your lovely cake! Trust me, you don’t! You have been warned! OK, now we are ready to make some awesome
lemon cake – it is so simple and easy … …that – if I were to make a bad pun –
I could say – it’s a piece of cake! As usual, the recipe is on my site,
the link is down below. First thing I’m gonna do is line my 15cmx7cm
(6″x3″) mini loaf pan with parchment paper. I’ve cut paper like this so when I put
it into the pan, it doesn’t wrinkle
which would deform the cake. To make lemon cake batter I’ve placed room
temperature butter into a bowl of a stand
mixer, and now I’m gonna add sugar. I will grate lemon zest using my
microplane zester. I’ve attached the bowl onto a stand mixer
fitted with paddle attachment, and I’m
gonna mix on medium speed until creamy. My mixture is nice and creamy, and now I
will add eggs one at a time, and mix until
mixture becomes smooth and uniform. I’m gonna fold in sifted flour with baking
powder using my silicone spatula. At the end, I will add cold
milk to the batter. I’ve placed the batter into a piping bag without
tip, and now I’m gonna fill prepared pan. You don’t have to use piping bag, you can
just pour the mixture into the pan. Before baking I’ll dip my small knife
into melted butter, and I will run it
through the center of the cake. When the cake rises, it will spread
exactly where I’ve made the cut,
and it won’t crack randomly. I will bake my cake at 165ºC (330°F)
for 30 minutes until golden brown. While the cake is baking, I’m gonna
prepare the glaze. I’m gonna mix lemon juice with sifted
powdered sugar and stir well, until I get
white and thick, but spreadable paste. I will check if my cake is done by
using my cake tester. My lemon cake is done. Now I’m gonna brush it with the glaze generously,
and put back in the oven for 2 minutes. Then, I will take the cake out and
leave it to cool down. Don’t cut the cake while it is still hot! Let it cool down completely, because
only then it’s enchanting aroma will
truly shine! Enjoy!

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