KIT KAT & M&M CASTLE CAKE – How to video

Hello and welcome to Todd’s kitchen. As you all know i have already made a couple of kit kat and M&M cakes and they’ve done pretty well as people just
seem to love them. So today I’m going to make another all original todd’s kitchen version so join me today as i make my version of a Kit Kat and M&M castle cake. So we are going to start off by making our chocolate cake. Now this is a very basic cake but its also a very nice cake So into our bowl we are going to pour in our milk now all the ingredients are listed in the
description as always than our eggs then olive oil then our bi carb soda then our sugar Then our self raising flour and if you only have plain flour add a tablespoon of baking powder to normal flour and finally our cocoa powder Then using a hand mixer or a stand mixer we are going to beat this up until its nice and smooth Next i have a twenty one centimetre cake pan Then to that give it a quick grease with some cooking spray oil Then pour our cake mix right into the pan Now we are going to place this into a pre heated oven at one hundred eighty degrees celsius for
one hour Now we are going to work on the icing for the cake. So above a bowl i have a shifter now to that pour in our icing sugar and our cocoa powder then shift it through to remove all the lumps Next add in our melted butter Now using a hand mixer or a stand mixer we are going to beat this until its nice and creamy. We have our chocolate cake and it has completely cool down So for the four towers we are going to use
chocolate oreos cookies So we are going to place one in the corner just like that and what we are going to do is just cut around it just so we can remove that piece of cake just so we can fit our cookie right in the corner and we are going to do that with all four corners So grab our icing and just place it on top of the cake and we are going to spread it around so i covers the cake completely So it has been completely covered in icing and i have transferred it to a cake tray So with our oreo cookies, place just a little bit of the icing on and place that just into the corner and then out icing on another one this will help them stick together so they don’t fall over So just continue on until you get all your towers in a nice presentable hight Now it is time for the kit kats and what i have done is cut them in half and i have also divided them into twos which will make it much easier to cut in between when you go to serve this cake up so just simple a fix them straight onto our icing Now that we have all our kit kats on all we have to do now is sprinkle on our M&M’s and this cake is done. Now i have just laid a couple of kit kats down which works as like a draw bridge which is where you enter the castle Now I’m the first to admit I’m not the best at design work especially when it comes to cakes but this is still fun, is still
colorful and is still very interesting and i’m sure the kids are going to love
it so they can have a slice of cake with a kit kat and also take an Oreo cookie of the top as well. But over all it really was pretty easy to make and I’m confident the kids are going to love this at the birthday party. And im sure when they have a piece of this kit kat M&M castle cake they are going to think it tastes simple delicious. So give it a go for your next party because i’m sure that it’ll be fantastic. And if you do make it please put a photo up on my Facebook page because i will love to see it Thank you for watching this episode of Todd’s kitchen with another all original kit kat and M&M cake Please check out my home handy hints channel where i upload three home handy hints every single week but until then please give
this video a thumbs up leave a comment and subscribe and i’ll see you next time for
another delicious recipe.

96 thoughts on “KIT KAT & M&M CASTLE CAKE – How to video

  1. I really love our cooking it just can you add how much you need to add. I am so inspired!! I want to do it myself when I'm a bit older!!

  2. Did you know i have a Facebook page where i interact with you all and love seeing your cooking photos?๏ปฟ


  4. Wow! This looks awesome! I love your videos, but I need to do a better job of remembering not to watch them at work. Drooling on my desk is apparently frowned upon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wes

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  6. Honestly, if you eat this, you're just asking for diabetes.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ต

  7. Thinking of making this for my dads 43rd birthday….he wants a castle cake….and he loves Oreos,kit Kate and m and ms.

  8. How come everytime there's these delicious candy or cake recipe videos, there's always a diabetes related comment ruining it?

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