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– What is this? Wait, what? You tricked me once again! (upbeat music) – Hi.
– Hi. – I’m Roma, Nikolina’s older sister. – I’m Nikolina, Roma’s littler sister. – [Woman] Zehara, today you are trying, ice cream. (gasps) – I love ice cream! (bowl sliding) – This is not ice cream, it’s sandwich. – It is ice cream, Nikolina, look inside the sandwich. – Is that how they do it
in different countries? (melodic music) – It’s a grape ice cream? – [Woman] It’s not grape. – (gasps) Ube, I know this. – [Woman] Wait, what’s ube? – Like the ice cream, ube ice cream. – Ube? – What’s ube? – [Woman] Ube is a purple yam. – Did I just try vegetable ice cream? – [Woman] Tell me more about ube. – I ate it at a Filipino restaurant, and it tastes so good. – [Woman] Well, that’s
because, guess what? – It’s a Filipino ice cream, yes, I know. It’s very good. (bowl sliding) – Mochi! – It’s the Japanese one. – [Woman] This is the Japanese one. – (gasps) I love this ice cream! – Whoa! – [Woman] What’s inside? – Uh, some white stuff. Mmmm. – I guess it’s dough, and in
the inside it’s ice cream-like. – [Woman] The outside is
made out of sticky rice. – Ssss. – Yeah, they like rice in Japan. (bowl sliding) – What the heck? – Oh, my god, this is
not ice cream one bit! – [Woman] What does it look like to you? – Uh, noodles? – [Woman] Yes, that is correct. These are cooked vermicelli style noodles in a frozen syrup made with sugar. (melodic music) (fork clanking on bowl) – Ew. – [Woman] So, this is called faloodeh, and it’s a frozen treat from Iran. – Good. – [Woman] You like it? – Mmm hmm. – [Woman] You know, none of
the other kids liked this. – It’s good. They must be particular. (bowl sliding) (fork thudding) – Why would this be a ice cream? – [Woman] What are you looking at? Isn’t that ice cream? [Zehara] It looks like
spaghetti with meatballs. – That looks like spaghetti and meatballs with noodles. – Actually, Nikolina, you are wrong. This looks like brownie-type stuff, and jammed with vanilla and cream ice cream. – [Woman] You guys are both right! This is called spaghettieis. It’s supposed to look like
spaghetti and meatballs. (gasping) My brother take a big bite of this ’cause it has everything on it. (melodic music) – [Woman] So, in Germany, spaghettieis is a kind of ice cream sundae made to look like a bowl of spaghetti. – Do they take one of those pasta things, and you put real ice cream through it and make noodles and (mumbles)? – [Woman] Exactly. They put ice cream through a pasta maker so it looks like noodles. – That’s great! Great thinking, Germany! You beat Italy on this. – My favorite ice cream
is mint chocolate chip. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments. – Ciao! – Ciao!

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