Lol hacked hahaha Lol That was insane What those guys go ahead is the ghost guys and welcome back to my channel if you are brand new be sure to eat that subscribe button and if you are already subscribed be sure to turn it on those notifications by clicking a little bell right next to the Subscribe button looks something like this. Oh my God. I added it this time I didn’t forget unlike last video How do you have turned on notifications? comments moldy ice cream balls in the comment section down below simple in today’s video We are going to be kicking the ball to make ice cream. Let’s find out if this thing works or not I’m a little bit skeptical and a lot of the reviews said that it leaks everywhere now keyboard cleaning Alright unboxing this Was like what was that so here’s our ice cream ball? And I was actually very surprised by this I thought this was gonna be like hard plastic. It’s kind of like a rubbery texture Can you bounce it since don’t bounce it but like? I’m not gonna bounce it anymore. So it looks like to me. We have two sides here and that stinks so we have some instructions in this side and then Wow, alright. I guess I didn’t even need to open this flap up to unlock. It does this flap even open I? Have no nails left Okay It does open so I’m going to rinse out this side just so that like if I eat this ice cream. I don’t die. Oh Chemicals so I decided to follow instructions in this booklet instead of looking for recipe on my phone because Then if I did follow the directions right and then didn’t work And then I’ll be the super sad and then I really want this to work basically so we’re going to be doing classic vanilla But with a twist we are going to be adding Hershey’s kisses oh my God my original plan was to do cookie dough ice cream, but I forgot to get cookie dough like the most essential part of cookie dough ice cream It’s the cookie dough like the edible kind that you can buy And I forgot it ah-ha-ha-ha-ha But I do have this so I’m going to be comparing my ice cream flavor to this ice cream And we’re gonna see whose is better. I already think that mine’s gonna be better. This ice is extremely Frozen I Might have to go break it up somewhere. I’ll be right back And we’re back, so I’m going to fill this sign up with the ice looks something like this It hurts. It’s getting stuck to my fingers. I’m just gonna pour the rest in bad idea So now we’re going to add our ice cream stall that’s right. I was confused, too Apparently you need salt to make ice cream what this salt does is? Adds a chemical reaction to the ice and it makes the ice that’s super cold But have you ever put salt on your hand and then rub the ice all over it, and you got like a third-degree burn That’s basically we’re gonna burn this ball. That’s what we’re doing right now. Oh the salt salt Okay, mission complete Ready for takeoff I have no time to add the ingredients for our ice cream so the instructions call for one pint of green I got heavy mixing cream which means that it is going to be faster The Heavier the cream is the faster. It takes to make the ice cream 15 minutes in my case if you use Just milk that I have here which I’m not going to use for this It’s gonna take 30 minutes, so let’s see if it actually takes 15 minutes Alright fine back to the day I actually used to drink the half in half, but you know in like restaurants for your coffee You mix like those little containers full of half-and-half. I would drink those Pinkies up smash that like button if you would also drink those because I know I’m not the only one also We thought like what if you didn’t drink those you just think I’m weird can I open this All right, so we are going to pour our cream in there, and now I’m sugar time Now we’re going to pour some sugar in there a lot because I like my stuff really sweet All right, I think that looks good time for vanilla All right, and finally we are going to be adding our chocolate chips These are really good So that’s what it looks like and now it’s time to close the Lid securely Now it’s time for the first roll. Let’s see how it does No leaking so far. I might have a couple more of these So now I have j here and he is going to help me Make ice cream and also. I think this is gonna double as like a workout too because like the Confetti heavy is Idly Now we’re going to do something else. I’m going sweating. So I used to rob me Okay, the dogs want this ball so bad. I can’t blame them because it’s a ball Break it down now some cold music. Are you ready some cool music? Let’s go Okay, so now I’m going to go up those things and drop the ball and jay is going to hopefully catch it and not break His nose. What if it? Just like blows up everywhere I don’t know this seems pretty high It’s not gonna open three two one quarterback time yeah Now it’s the dogs Okay, so it’s been about 20 minutes now It’s time to open up the ball and see what we have inside one good thing. I can say is that it did not leak Whatsoever all right. What do we have in here? Crazy are you serious? Look at all of that ice cream. Oh My God it actually worked. Oh Okay, so I really want to try this out. Let’s get a nice little scoop. Oh my gosh It’s actually like hard like it’s it’s not even like saucy or anything. It’s like a hard ice cream I can’t it’s hard to do one hand cuz it’s so frozen oh My gosh, okay. Let’s try this out alright. Let’s taste it. Oh That’s it. That’s it. I am opening up my own ice cream shop. I’m amazing at making ice cream. That was crazy That was insane, so now I’m going to put my ice cream skills to the test. I am going to The one cup up with the ice cream I made and one cup up with this ice cream obviously I wanna take the cookie dough’s out so jay doesn’t know Okay, so let me try and get a good scoop out of this oh That is such nice ice cream. I wasn’t even expecting it to look so good I’m also going to put a couple of the chocolate chips and the other ice cream just to throw them off a little bit okay, so ice cream number one one so small Little Portion Why do you think that contains water more watery which one’s better I? Guess I’m not opening up that ice cream it up anymore. I said I think mine tastes better better with a are you serious Get out of yeah, I don’t want your opinions anymore. That was not the answer. I was looking for it I think mine tastes way better There’s guys good too, though Maybe just a little bit too much vanilla. Yeah, I like to vanilla the vanilla tastes good It’s like a very creamy vanilla. It’s like such a creamy ice cream. I got this so good like they have a a scream that You’re not getting anymore my ice cream ever again He didn’t like my ice cream guys give this video a big thumbs up cuz my ego was just hurt extremely bad oh my God Honestly, I like my ice cream better right though. Yeah, you’re right. I’m gonna eat some of our mine It was good. I really liked it. You guys spoon I Watched contaminated look it. Look at that nice. That’s like. That’s like beautiful. I Didn’t even measure either. It’s part of it. So I guess I should just go put this whole ball in my freezer Okay guys, so I hope you enjoyed this video If you did be sure to leave it a big fat like see you guys in my next video


  1. you're the only one I could trust with this lol the two others were people just flinging the knife around and the other one had frickin Neapolitan ice cream with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry and I didn't really believe it ;-;

  2. We used to do this as a science experiment when I was teaching 13yos. We didn't use a ball, just an outer bag with salt and ice and an inner bag with milk, cream, sugar and vanilla. Was much quicker than 15mins. Old coffee tins work best.

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