Kick The Ball to Make Ice Cream! | Marissa and Brookie

(man laughs) – Well I put it in water again. It’s cold! – Guys, we’re in a really weird mood. Okay guys, after many hardships, hard-fought battles, hiking .5 miles. Here’s our destination. (upbeat music) – [Both] Hey guys! – I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie. – And today we’re gonna make some homemade ice cream in a ball, in a ball. – In a ball. – Now our favorite ice cream
is like cookies and cream so we thought we would make
some Oreo ice cream, yes. I’m so excited. And we’re going on a hike
today so we’re going to have ice cream when we come
back and enjoy our day. Okay guys, we have our… – Ice cream ball maker. – And so it has two
sides, one with the ice and the ice cream salt,
and the other side is for I think it’s for like the
flavoring and the Oreos and all the yummy stuff. So first we are going to
put a lot of ice in this and add some salt. We’re getting some ice over here. Yes. Okay. This is the part that
cools the ice cream down. Ooh yeah. (light upbeat music) – A little more rock salt. – We got it. Okay we’re good. Okay put the lid on. Okay now we get to do the fun part. First we’re gonna do all of this cream. Pour all of this in. Okay now we have
three-fourths cup of sugar. Now we have three-fourths
cup of sugar in this. That was hard to say guys. – Three-fourths cup of sugar. – Mix it in. Should we crush up the Oreos now? – Yeah. – Yeah! We’re doing a lot a lot of Oreos. Okay, let’s pour them in. It’s kind of like molded. Lots and lots of Oreos. Okay now we add a teaspoon
of vanilla flavoring. I think that was good. Half and half, here we go. And now we just put the
lid on it and shake it. Really tight. No leaks. So we have our ice cream in the ball. Now we’re gonna go play
with it on our hike and have some ice cream when
we’re done with our hike. Let’s go. – Okay guys, we’re at the
Red Cliff Mountain hiking and trying to find a waterfall. – I feel I’m gonna slip. Come on Lucy. You can do it, you can do it. Here. Yay! You know, it’s good to get out in nature. We should really do it sometimes. Wee (laughs), wee (laughs). – Ready jump! – Okay guys, after many hardships, hard-fought battles, hiking .5 miles. Here’s our destination. Lucy! Look at this. I kind of am tempted to
just jump in, you know? The waterfall. – That’s freezing. – [Marissa] Is it cold? She just splashed me. – Well I put it in the water again. It’s cold, it’s cold! – Guys, we’re in a really weird mood. I’m just gonna run. – I need help. – [Brookie] I did it. – [Marissa] Help me Brookie. (upbeat music) This is our destination! – Some climbing. – Okay and then the
waterfall is down here. So pretty. – [Brookie] Guys, look at this water. Hi Marissa. I’ll take a picture of you. I’m on the other side. – Hold onto the rope. The rope, see the knot. (light upbeat music) – I’ve got the ball. And the Glitter Mountain. It’s hard to throw. – [Marissa] We haven’t
had shorts in a while. Oh my goodness, no. It’s all dirty. Oh no. – I’m so bad at this. – It’s leaking. We’ve gotta eat it now. Ready? No. It’s so cold. Here Brook. (upbeat music) – Go out, go long. – No way, no way. – [Dad] Don’t drop it, don’t drop it. – [Marissa] No, don’t do that. – We made it to Glitter Mountain. I feel like it’s ready
because it was kind of a long drive here. – [Marissa] And we were shaking it some. – Yeah, we were shaking it. – [Marissa] Ooh, this is
really cool, look at this. – [Brookie] All that white stuff down there is actual crystal. Look at that. – When we were throwing
it, Brook you dropped it so I think we may have broken it. So but I think it’s still gonna work. Spoon for you. Spoon for me. Okay, the reveal. Three, two, one. – [All] Whoa! – [Marissa] Oh, don’t drop it. Let’s see if it is yummy. – [Brookie] Yum, that’s really good. – Oh my goodness. – [Dad] Guys, it actually really tastes like Oreo ice cream. – It actually tastes
like cookies and cream. Oh my goodness. – [Girl] Do you guys want a taste? (family chatters) – It tastes exactly like Oreos, the crushed up Oreos. – There’s some like chunks in there. Tastes so good. This big chunk of Oreo. That is so good. – All my rocks are really clear. – This is so cool, the rocks here. Lucy was like glitter valley, like real, like sparkly glitter. Just rocks. So there is really cool
like stuff over here. The first people have like
chiseled some of this off. – [Child] So like this all
comes off, is like these little pellets that people find. There’s like a whole wall of it. – Breathing hard, I think
I need some ice cream. Mmm. (upbeat music) What did you find? – [Girl] Clear, really clear crystals. – [Marissa] That’s cool,
but I think you should leave them here so other people
get to see the glitter.

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