Kesar Pista Kulfi Recipe — Indian Dessert Recipe Video in Hindi with English Subtitles

Namaste, I’m Lata Jain,
Welcome to Lata’s Kitchen Kulfi is a very tasty frozen
Indian dessert liked by all Kulfi can be made in many flavours, Today I’m
going to make the most popular Kesar Pista Kulfi Lets see the ingredients
required for making this For this we’ll need Full cream milk – 1 litre Milk Powder – 1/2 cup Sugar – 2 tbsp Cardamom Powder – 1/2 tsp Almonds – 10, soaked in water for overnight,
then peeled and chopped Pistachio – 35 to 40, chopped Saffron – 30 threads,
soaked in 1 tbsp warm milk for 2 hours Lets start making kesar pista kulfi for making this we’ll need a heavy
bottom, large kadhai or pan Add milk Turn on the gas and let it boil It has started to boil, turn
gas to medium-low and stir Don’t turn heat to very high otherwise
it may burn in bottom of pan Keep the heat to medium and let it
evaporate water till it becomes half Keep stirring it occasionally
to prevent it from burning Kulfi made in this way has a very
nice texture as well as taste Milk is getting thicker It has become half in volume, now
add milk powder and mix well Cook it for another 15 minutes Since milk powder is already
sweet, we’ll need less sugar. You can adjust amount of sugar according to your taste It is very thicker now, turn of the gas Add cardamom powder and saffron
Mix well Add sugar Add almonds Add pistachio, keep few
pistachios for adding in molds Let it cool now It hs cooled, now turn it into a
glass for pouring into the molds Its texture and color
is looking very nice Take a kulfi mold, add some
pistachio, pour milk and put stick You can also freeze it
without putting stick Similarly fill all the kulfi molds These molds are easily available in the market, you
can use any mold of your favorite shape and size Now we’ll put this in a
freezer for about 4 to 6 hours Now put this in a freezer Its been 4 hours, lets check our kulfi Our kulfi is ready Similarly take put all the
kulfi from the moulds Creamy Kesar Pista Kulfi is ready You can have it as a dessert
after lunch or dinner You can make this for
parties or special occasion Thanks for watching Kesar Pista Kulfi

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  1. aunty g u r soooo cute……. like my mumma …… nyc video … aaj hee kulfi banaunga n mumma ko khush kar dunga.. thank you love you .. bye take care 🙂

  2. medam ji namste
    medam ji milk paudar ki jagah conflor jisse shoop banta hai usko mila sakte hai
    please bataye

  3. mam plz mujhe ye bataye ki 9-10 logo ki kulfi banane ke liye Jo saman apne liya h WO kitna kitna le Jo ki kulfi ban jaye….plz tell me now

  4. maam.. i tried the recipe… and have put the milk in the freezer since past two but the kulfi is still all milky and frozen. can you please help me out as to what i did wrong.??? also, the fridge is absolutely okay as it is setting ice very much.

  5. I love ur recipe mam plz tell me the size of kulfi moud…20ml kulfi mould online dekha h kya kitna thk h pta nhi

  6. mam it came such amazing kulfi that my mother was unable to believe that I made it , awesome recipe 👏👏👏👍

  7. Your recipes are superb and easy.. I tried your paan kulfi, enjoyed so much. I'll try this too.
    Thanks for your recipes

  8. Mere kulfi mey ice crystals they jo muh mey arahey they , kya gulti ki maney , full fat milk use kiya tha , pl bataye

  9. Ma'am, I made this on Eid and my family loved it! Thank you soo much for your amazing recipe.. 😍😍😍😍 I'm making it for the second time today..

  10. Yummy delicious & mouthwatering recipe.👌 subbed your channel hope u do back. ..👍👍👍👍TFS

  11. Your recipe can be followed very easily all over world.Your recipe is very authentic and just a right size to try. Kulfi tu kulfi hi hai.

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