Kantonese Hartige Maïs Cake | 粵式玉米餅 | Cantonese Savory Corn Cake [CC Subtitle]

Cut pork shoulder into small cubes After, finely chop the meat for 5 minutes Cut carrot into small cubes Cut the corn off the cob Add salt, oil and water to the flour Knead until the surface of the dough is smooth Rest the dough for 30 mins and cover with a towel or plasticwrap Mix salt, white pepper and corn starch Gradually add the seasoning until fully incorporated You can add a little bit water to ease mixing Roll out the dough until it’s thin Flatten the dough into a round shape and wrap the meat in it Glue the dough together with water Steam for 15 mins when water is boiling (high heat) After steaming, stir fry for 3 mins until golden brown

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