Jungle Theme Baby Shower Ideas: Monkey Cupcakes | Pampers

Hey. I’m Alison. I’ll
show you how to prepare an adorable treat that pairs
perfectly with a jungle-themed baby shower — monkey cupcakes! Here’s what you’ll need. First, slather your cupcakes
in decadent chocolate frosting. Roll the cupcakes in chocolate
sprinkles to create the monkey’s fur. Next, press the mini vanilla wafers
into the frosting on a slight angle to create the monkey ears. Add a dollop of frosting to a
regular-sized vanilla wafer, and place it in the bottom
center of the cupcake. This will become the mouth and nose. Press two white chocolate chips upside
down on the cupcake for monkey eyes. Take the black frosting, and transfer
it to a resealable plastic bag. Then twist the bag until the
frosting is pressed into the corner. With a pair of scissors, snip a
small hole in the corner of the bag. Voila. Homemade pastry bag. Now draw the nose and mouth on
the wafer with the black icing. Don’t forget the eyes. Monkey cupcakes — adorable, right? Click to watch the other videos
for this jungle baby shower theme. To earn points on every
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