Jordan’s Cake – 2018 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge Entry

I’m done. What do you want
me to do differently? Bills? Tell me! Make it plain, Jane. How are we gonna
pay our bills? J-O-B. JORDAN: Chocolate cake. [SMASHES CUP] [SCREAMS] We don’t have
any cake, Jordan. Chocolate cake. Jennifer, can you take
your brother outside? Jordan, hey. Everything would be so much
better if I just had a job. Chocolate cake. But let’s go to Avalon. One day, we’ll have
everything we need. We won’t have to worry. We can conquer the world,
and we’ll sell seeds. We’ll meet mermaids, and
we’ll capture sea monsters. And for your bravery, you may
have anything you desire– gold, dragons, a castle. What is your heart desires? Chocolate cake. With flying machines that turn
everything to gold and things that make you have superpowers? Superpowers with
chocolate cake. Yes, yes, and all
the cake we can eat. I offer the world to you on
a silver platter, the moon, the sun, the stars. Do you not want the moon
on a silver platter? Just chocolate cake. Uncle Mack. Uncle Mack! Hey! Somebody need a ride? Where you guys headed? Chocolate cake! I even tried taking him to
Avalon, but it didn’t work. He’s really set on
this chocolate cake. Maybe if I just had a job. You’re too young to hold
the world on your shoulders. Maybe you just need
the reminder that life can be sweet sometimes. You know. Just let the universe
handle the rest of it. Ain’t that right, buddy? [CHUCKLES] Hey, guys. Hey, Jordan. You want the usual. Chocolate cake. You hear about that job? Jennifer, chocolate cake. You got me a job! Chocolate cake!

12 thoughts on “Jordan’s Cake – 2018 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge Entry

  1. It took me a while to understand, but I got it eventually. I think I'm on a different part of the spectrum, but I still get the message delivered and it's great. 🙂

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