Jelly Roll Ice Cream Bombe Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 790

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale and on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen, I want to share with you, my recipe for what I call my jelly roll
ice cream bombe. Now, there are so many variations you can
make, and definitely let me know if you want to see a different variation than this one,
leave it in the comments down below. But, today I want to share with you, sort
of my – it’s a jelly roll, it has strawberry jam in there and then it’s going to be with
strawberry ice cream and mango sorbet. It’s phenomenal! It looks incredible, it couldn’t be easier. You could definitely take a shortcut and buy
a jelly roll already pre-made, but today I figured since I already have my ice cream
and sorbet done, we’d make the jelly roll together! The ingredients you will need to make the
actual jelly roll are very plain and simple once,s you will need all purpose flour, baking
powder, salt, granulated sugar, some eggs that I have separated into yolks and whites,
vanilla paste or you can use vanilla extract, and some milk. The oven is preheated to 375F, I also have
a 15 by 10 inch baking pan here that I’ve lined with parchment – and you want to make
sure that you spray it with non-stick spray as well because it can stick, even to parchment
paper. So, precaution. Now I’m going to make everything in my standing
mixer just because it’s really easy, and the first thing I’m going to do, is I’m actually
going to whip the egg whites. I’m going to take my egg whites and put them
in my standing mixer, make sure your standing mixer is clean. And I’m just going to whisk these until they’re
really light and frothy, and light stiff peaks, and when they’re there, I’ll show you what
they look like! They look good! I don’t need them to be too, too stiff. I’m actually going to switch attachments,
I”m going to now take my paddle attachment to finish the rest of the batter, but first,
I just want to get the whites out because I don’t need them until the end but I wanted
to do them first because egg whites do not whip if your bowl is dirty, so in a case like
this, get the egg whites done first, and then make the rest of your batter. That way you don’t have to dirty up another
bowl. Okay, I’m adding my egg yolks and my sugar,
and now I’m going to just put on my paddle attachment. I’m going to cream those together
until they’re really light and pale and fluffy. It’ll take a couple of minutes but you’re
not doing it by hand, so let it go until it’s nice, pale and nice and fluffy looking! That looks excellent! I”m just going to add
in a spoonful of my vanilla paste – by all means, you can use vanilla extract, but I’m
going to use vanilla paste because I really want that vanilla flavor. Blend that in, just for a quick second – doesn’t
have to be perfect. Lower this down. Mix together my flour with the baking powder
and the salt. Going to add that in. Whew! Along with my milk. And then we’re going to pull this back up
and then just mix it until it’s all combined. And you do want this to be fairly, sort of
smooth, but don’t over mix it otherwise it can get a little bit tough. That is looking gorgeous, but we do have to
fold in the egg whites, so I”m just going to do that with my spatula so that I don’t
deflate them too much. But try to get all the batter off your little
beater here, or your paddle attachment. As much of it as you can, anyway. I love to always give everything a good stir
from the sides and the bottom. And now I’m going to add in my egg whites. Going to do half at a time so that I don’t
deflate them and I can kind of work quickly. And you can see I’m folding it, I take my
spatula, stick it right in the middle, and then you fold over. Stick in the middle, fold over. That’s such a gorgeous batter! I love that you can see the bubbles from the
egg whites, that’s just going to give you really beautiful, light cake. Okay!I’m going to do my best to flatten this
as even as I can manage with my spatula. Don’t panic if it’s not perfect, because let’s face
it, no one will know the difference. And I just always like to move around the
pan because I think that just makes it easier. Get it as evenly as possible. Excellent! Okay, this is going to go into your preheated
oven at 375F for twelve to fourteen minutes, or until it’s a lovely light golden color
and cooked all the way through. Since this is pretty thin it shouldn’t take
that long. I’m going to put this in and as soon as it
comes out, I will show you the next step! My cake is completely cooked, it cooked for
exactly fourteen minutes, and I always take a toothpick – you can even take a dry piece
of spaghetti – stick it in the thickest part, if there’s no wet batter on it, it’s good! Now, let it cool for about two to three minutes,
no longer – maybe five. Now, what I have here is a lint free kitchen
towel, about the same size as the cake, and I’m going to cover this in some confectioner
sugar because we need to roll this up. So you want to make sure that you sprinkle
some sugar, don’t worry if it gets on your counter, it’s totally fine. And now I’m going to – now I did take a knife
– a butter knife and it just releases really easily because I did, I did grease it really,
really well. And I’m just going to invert this, just like so, if it sticks, do not panic. You see, making sure that it is really nice
– oops! – and greased, really helps, and then I just try to straighten it as best as I can. And now I’ll roll this around this way, so
you can see exactly what I’m doing, how about that? Now just – you fold, literally, the towel
in the cake. Shorting.. shorting? Ha, I started from one of the shorter ends and just roll
this tightly, but not too tight. Just like that, and that will take the shape
of the jelly roll. Now this has to cool completely, it could
take a couple of hours, so I’m going to place this on a cooling rack, allow it to cool completely,
and then we’ll move on to the next step. Now, I did – I do have my ice cream in the
freezer already, I’ve got strawberry ice cream and I’ve got my mango sorbet. But I do know a great website –
– who has both recipes for you if you want to make them from scratch, or if you want
to take a shortcut and buy them at the grocery store. The choice is entirely up to you. I’m going to let this cool completely and
then we’ll move onto the next step. Now, this was cooling for a couple of hours,
and now I’m going to unwrap it. And don’t worry if it looks wonky because that’s – you
know, you want it to do that. Because you want it to go back into its same shape. And now, what I have here is some strawberry
preserves, you could use whatever preserve you’d like. I mean, it’s totally up to you.
And what I’m doing is I’m just spreading a nice thin layer of this. I’m not going to
go all the way up, because as I roll this it will squeeze out. And as you can see there are some actual pieces
of strawberries here and there so I’m going to try and get this as even as possible. Kind of concentrating with leaving about an
inch or so from all sides open, because, again when this gets rolled it does kind of squeeze
out which is totally fine, but I don’t want to overdo it. This looks good enough, I don’t want it to
be too, too thick. I’d say that looks perfect to me, could use a spatula, but clearly a
spoon works really, really well. And now, I’m going to just roll this back
up, this time you are not going to roll the kitchen towel in it. Going to roll it just like that. Perfect. And now, I’m going to put this – see it squeezes
out a little tiny bit – we didn’t put too, too much, so that should be good. Okay, I’m going to place this here, I’m going
to just wrap this with some plastic wrap, just a little bit because I don’t want this
to get sort of hard, and I’m going to pop it into the fridge for around a half hour,
or until it kind of sets and holds its shape, and then we will get ready to start building
our bombe – ice cream bombe. My jelly roll was in the fridge for about
an hour, now let me show you what I have here. I have a large bowl, and don’t worry about
the dimensions and the measurements and everything because I will write everything in detail
on, you know, on the recipe and it will be on And I’ve taken a bowl and I’ve lined it well
with some parchment – with some plastic wrap – and you want to make sure that the plastic
wrap is overhanging. I have a smaller bowl, which I’ll show you
what I’m going to do with it later. I have got some strawberry ice cream. I have left
it out at room temperature for about fifteen minutes I would say, you want this to be a
little soft and easy for you to work with, and then I also have an orange – some orange
juice, I just took an orange and squeezed it. Okay, let’s get going, using a serrated knife,
I am going to cut slices of my jelly roll. Now, I’m not going to cut them too, too thick,
actually would it be better if I just used this? Nah it wouldn’t. I’m going to just cut my slices, not too thick,
not too thin, about, I would say about a half an inch thick or maybe a little bit less than
that. Now I’m just taking slices of my jelly roll,
and if you need to tighten them up a bit, you can, I really do not do this in any particular
order, I don’t worry about things looking perfect, because the end result is just so
delightful that it does not matter. And you just want to make sure that you cover the
sides and the bottom of your bowl. You can cut them to fit, too. Totally fine. Just like taking a little bit of my orange
juice and just drizzling it on the cake, it keeps it a little bit more moist and sometimes
– and I’m going to be very honest with you – depending on who I’m making this for, depending
on the time of year, sometimes I do a little grand marnier, sometimes I’m doing a cherry
base, I do a little cherry brandy. Doesn’t matter, but today, I’m using orange juice. Okay, the ice cream should be softened enough
at this point because you do need to be able to maneuver this around, and that is looking
good. And if it peeks through the little holes,
then that’s fine. I just do like that, and then you kind of
push it on the sides, just like so. Try to get it as even as you can, and I’ll
show you what we’re going to do with that bowl in just a minute because the center is
going to be where we put our mango sorbet. But not just yet, otherwise everything would
kind of blend all together. So, I’m just going to do this as even as possible,
as quickly as possible because I don’t want the ice cream to melt too quickly. Then I take my bowl, I make sure it’s a clean
bowl, and you want to make sure that it just fits perfect. And I’m going to do it just like that, sorry
if I’m moving a little fast, but we’re dealing with ice cream. Okay, now what I’m going to do is I’m just
going to wrap the sides like this, pop this into the freezer for about an hour or so,
or until the strawberry ice cream is fully frozen again and then we’ll get going with
the last final layer! Now I actually popped this into the freezer
overnight – I had a hair appointment – what can I say? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s
gotta do! Hah! And it’s also even better because that way
you can completely forget about it and it gets nice and frozen. Now, a quick tip: when you have your bowl
in there, it’s going to be quite frozen, so what I do is I take a kitchen towel, and I
sort of run it under hot water and then sit my kitchen towel in the bowl for a couple
minutes until it kind of starts to thaw the ice cream right around the bowl just a little
bit and then it comes out super easy and simple. Now, what I have here is some mango sorbet,
and it’s at room temperature – well not at room temperature, I left it out at room temperature
for a bit because I want this to be really nice and smooth and pliable. Now that I removed the bowl, I’m going to
fill this with my mango sorbet. That looks really lovely, I’m going to save
that for myself. I’m going to cover this back up with my plastic
wrap because you want to make sure it’s nice and covered. I’m actually going to take this little plate
and just sort of squeeze everything together. Now, I’m going to pop this back into the freezer
for several hours, it needs to – the mango sorbet needs to be completely frozen, it could
take up to a couple of hours, and then it will be time to unveil this beauty. So once everything is frozen, and solid, it’s
good to go – now what I’ve done, I’ve just taken a small paring knife and just gone around
the edges, and just kind of sliced them so it’s just almost one flat layer that way it
holds better – it doesn’t wobble as much when you try to cut it – but don’t throw them away.
Cooks treat, you always have to have one of those, it’s the best part of the job. Now
you’re ready to serve it! It’s very simple. Now what I have here is my platter, this is
just a cake stand, a round cake stand. I’m going to flip this around. Now, we have plastic wrap, so that really
helps make the job a lot easier. I’m just going to take my chef’s knife and
I’m kind of dunking it into warm water, now I’m drying it off on a clean kitchen towel. And it’ll go in really easy. And that makes for a really nice, clean – now
this is a really big slice, because mainly I want to show you what – how beautiful this
is on the outside. I mean the outside is just gorgeous, and the inside is going to be even
prettier, so I take that. Look at that! Is that not beautiful?! Now, what you can do, you can also make this
multiple layer. So instead of doing two layers of ice cream like I did, you could do cherry
ice cream, chocolate, and just do a bunch of different layers, that would be really
fun. But I like this combination because I think
the jelly roll with the strawberry jam and then the strawberry ice cream, which is so
creamy and delicious, with the mango sorbet, I think it’s absolute magic. I’m going to give this a try. That looks beautiful Let’s give this a go, I’m going to have to
hold on just a little bit because it’s a really big piece. Yeah, I want that right there. I want a little
bit of everything. I was going to do this, because I’m so used
to it! Mmm. Very cold though. That is awesome. It’s got like everything you could possibly
want. Really cold though! Ohh! That’s really cold! It has everything you could possibly want,
a beautiful sweet sponge cake, a little sweetness from the jam, the combination of the strawberry
and the mango is like a match made in food heaven. And it really couldn’t be easier. You can make this way ahead of time if you
do have a dinner party you want to make this for. Perfect for Summer. Hope you have enjoyed spending time with me,
go to to get the written recipe. Let me know if you have a specific
combination you like with your ice cream bombe, because I would love to try new combinations. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!

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