Jamerrill’s Banana Bread | Easy Bread Machine Recipe

– Hi, friends. I have been asked several times about how I do banana bread in my bread machine. So I’m gonna get my little
assembly line going here, and I’m hoping to make six or eight loaves by the end of the day today. Now, you can certainly make
banana bread in your oven, I just like the bread machines the same reason why I enjoy my slow cookers, is that I can get things set and then I can be busy for several hours as far as the slow cooker goes, or for about an hour and
a half or so as far as the bread machines go,
and come back to it later. It doesn’t need my immediate attention any time soon after I get it going, and I appreciate that,
because I get very busy in the in-between time, and if I had my banana bread in the oven and I needed to come back 20 or 30 minutes later, I’d probably change a diaper or be doing something else and burn it or who knows, I have a history of that. Okay, honey, love you. So anyway, that’s why I appreciate with the bread machine recipe
that I’m gonna use, I can use it on a quick bread setting, and it does end up taking
about an hour fifteen, hour thirty minutes, I get
two loaves going at a time, and so by bedtime tonight
I should have six or eight nice loaves that are completely done, and then we’ll have one
for breakfast tomorrow. I’ll stick the rest in the freezer, and then we’ll have them
for quick breakfasts and quick lunches as we need them. So, showing you what I’ve got, I’ve got a bunch of bananas
that oh, they’re just mushy and they’re ready to go, I have some eggs, I have my baking powder, milk, oil, all purpose flour. Now, last time I did banana bread I did it with whole wheat flour, I’m just out and this is what I have, so I’m all about using what you have. I also have a little bit of brown sugar and then some regular
old pure white sugar, and it is in my old coffee container. But, I’m sure there’s a lot of alternative sweeteners that you can
use in your banana bread. Use whatever works for you, this is just what I’m doing for us today. So with my bread machines, this is my Breadman bread machine that
I got on sale on Amazon, and this is my other
bread machine that I got at the thrift store for,
I think it was 2.99, and I’ll pop up a card
here for you on that. That’s the brand that it
is, and it words great, too. So, first thing I’m gonna do is just get both of these bread
machines sprayed out. Let’s see here. So, just gonna, whoop, take my spray, give them a good spray on the inside. And if you’re new to using a bread machine like I was, the way that the compartments work is there’s this little pan. This little pan comes out, and there’s a little dough hook, and that’s what you take
out when your bread is done. So, now, for the quick bread setting, I’m just gonna layer
my ingredients in here. So I’m gonna start with putting in one cup of milk in each bread machine. And then it’s a fourth of a cup of oil in each bread machine. – Mushy. – Mushy, mushy, good mushing. – Mushing it. – Here, let mommy take
a turn real quick, okay. – Mushing. – Mushing, we have a mix of some overripe bananas in here, and then
some bananas that were not overriped yet, but
what I do is I stick them in the microwave for
about a minute or two. – Mommy, I was going to mush. – I’m so sorry, you take over mushing. Mush, mush, mush, you’re a good mixer. So, just to help those
bananas get nice and ripe, I’ll just stick them in
the microwave on a plate. – [Amelia] Done, momma. – Good job. – Mashing. – That’s good, mashy mashy. Mashy, mashy. – Done. – Yup, let me help you
just one more minute here. Mashy, mashy, mashy. Mashy, mashy, mashy, and
now you can mash those while I put this in the
microwave for a minute, okay? – Mash it. – So what Amelia and I have
done is we actually got the mixer out and we’ve
been using the mixer on the bananas, just since it was so many, to really get them all broken up well. Right Amelia? – Uh huh. – So, for a large loaf of banana bread, again, in a perfect world, we would use two cups of bananas per loaf. However, I’m a little
short on bananas to do the eight loaves that
I’d like to have done by the end of the day, so I’m gonna use one cup of bananas per loaf. It’ll still be wonderful,
it’ll still be banana bread, but it’s totally okay to scooch how many cups you use based on
what you have on hand. So, I’m going to take
a cup of bananas now, put it in each machine, another cup of bananas, put it in this machine. Next I’m gonna put in four eggs into each bread machine, so it’s nice when Aldi has those 59 cent a dozen
eggs, because they’re great for making these breads. (upbeat music) I’m gonna do a cup of sugar
in each bread machine, so there’s one, and then here is two. Now I don’t always add brown sugar, but I have brown sugar on hand, so I’m gonna put a fourth of a cup of brown sugar for each
of these loaves, too. So, there’s brown sugar, plop one. I have approximately three cups of white all purpose flour that I’m pouring in. When I use whole wheat
flour, I use the same amount. So I put each of those
in each bread machine, and then here’s our other three cups into this bread machine. Next we need two tablespoons of baking powder in each bread machine. There’s one. Two. And already I forget what I said, I don’t know if I said
teaspoons or tablespoons. It’s teaspoons, very important. Two teaspoons of baking powder in each bread machine, don’t do tablespoons. One. Two. And then after that, there
is nothing else to add, I’m just gonna shut these
lids and get them going. Now another thing that I do is, the flour can stick to
the sides a little bit, so after it mixes for a minute or two I just take a rubber spatula
and go around the edges, and then I can leave it alone for the rest of its baking time. And I lied, I forgot each bread machine also needs a teaspoon of salt. Okay, now we are ready to hit go. So, it probably takes me about 10 minutes to get two loaves going, but again, then I don’t have to mess
with them for a while. I’m gonna get these started now. So, for my Breadman, I just shut the lid. I hear you, Amelia, and
then I put it on number six. – Mommy, look, look at this. – I see, you got the doggy box, I see. So I put it on six for the quick bread, and then I just hit start and it’s gonna start whirling around in there. And then here’s my thrift store find. For my thrift store
find, it makes a little louder beep, and I don’t
have a book for this, but I just use it in the same way. I put it on the express bake 80 minutes. (beeps) Loud beeping. Okay, and then I hit start,
and it’ll start whirling too. And Miss Amelia has a box on the floor behind me so that’s the extra racket. So, real quick, it’s
mixing around but you can see the dough around the side, so I’m just going to scrape it off and then it’ll all mix well. So both bread machines are going now, what I’m gonna do is
lightly clean up my mess, but still leave my dry goods out. These both have about an hour and a half. At that hour and a half
time, we’ll stick a fork in them, I’ll see if they
need a few more minutes. If they do, we’ll put them
in for about 10 more minutes. I’ll show you what setting I use for that. And I’m just gonna leave everything else ready to go again with
two more loaves later. Here’s a quick check-in on
how the mixing is going, so you can see all that
dough now is nicely mixed in. So, I’m all hot and sweaty
’cause I’ve been outside actually running up a hill with the kids. This banana bread has beeped. We’re gonna be gone for a little bit now, going on a nice walk, I’m gonna set this banana bread back
on for about 10 more minutes ’cause it’s not quite done. So on this bread machine,
there’s a bake only setting, and I can put it on that. Whoops, go back around the horn here, and then hit start, and it’ll just bake it for 10 more minutes. Sometimes it has to go 10 more minutes, sometimes it has to go 20, so we’ll just see how it goes today. So guys, you can tell,
we got caught in the rain on our walk, so we are
running in real quick, and we’re gonna have
some banana bread now, ’cause we have two loaves hot and fresh. So here’s what it looks like
out of the bread machine. I’m gonna slice this up and we’re gonna have it with some hot butter on it. It’s gonna be a great
snack, and I’m gonna get more in the bread machine,
hopefully I can have six or eight loaves done
by the end of the day.

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  6. You are the most amazing mom. Love how you "go with the flow" with your children. Love your videos. Still love your frozen PB&Js. Taking notes for future granndchildren!

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