Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummeis! Ro: Today, I have a very special guest, it’s
Jake! Jake: Hello! Ro: You guys know Jake, we’ve baked together
before! Jake: We have! Ro: He has a channel Vsauce 3, I’m gonna
be putting his links down below Ro: so you can go check it out and say hi,
and, you are a huge Ro: Nightmare Before Christmas fan. Jake: I am! I’m very excited! Ro: I had to have him on today because, I
love Jack Skellington Ro: and I got so many requests from you guys
to do something Ro: Nightmare Before Christmas or Jack Skellington
themed, and Halloween Ro: is so close. Jake: Mmmhmm! Ro: It’s
like in a few days. Jake: I know I’m so excited! Ro: It’s
4 days away? It’s this Saturday, Ro: so today we are gonna be making a Nightmare
Before Christmas, Ro: Jack Skellington Cheese Ball! Both: Let’s get started, let’s get started! Both: Let’s get started, let’s get started! Both: Let’s get started, let’s get started! Ro: To make our cheese ball, the things you’ll
need will be: Ro: 2 sticks of cream cheese, I’m using
a reduced fat cream cheese, and they Ro: are each 8 ounces. 16 ounces of sharp
white cheddar cheese, Ro: 1 sh-tick of butter, which is 1/2 a cup,
1 packet of ranch dressing mix, Ro: I love ranch, this will be our seasoning,
ooooh! And 1 clove of garlic. Ro: You will also need… That’s you… Jake: Some tools! Like, a cheese grater. Ro:
Mmmhmmm. Jake: A tiny little cutting board, a tiny
little knife, Jake: and then a mixing bowl and, a hand mixer.
Ro: That’s right! Ro: Now let’s put it all together! Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do
is mince the garlic and shred Ro: the cheese, I’m gonna have Jake shredding
over here because he’s a Ro: skateboarder, he knows how to shred, so
I figured shredding cheese… Jake: Yeah I got it. Ro: You can handle this.
Jake: I’ll shred it! Jake: Um… Ro: Jake, let me teach you, oh my gosh! OK,
Jake, come here, hold this… Jake: Yes Ma’am. Ro: Hold this here, now
give me your other hand. Jake: Yep. Ro: OK, so we go all the way down. Jake: But
I’m gonna break it in half! Ro: All the way down! Jake: I’m too strong!
Ro: All the way down! Ro: There you go, you, now you keep shredding.
Jake: OK…. Jake: OK, so I don’t know about you, but
when I was a young lad growing up, Jake: I was actually couldn’t see the movie
because my parents thought Jake: it would be too scary! Ro: A young lad
named Jake growing up. Jake: Growing up on Wilkenshire! Jake: But then Jake saw it at his friend’s
house and it was fantastic! Ro: Rebel! Rebel! Rebel! Jake: And my parents
were just finding out this Jake: now, I’m so sorry that I lied to you
all these years! Ro: You just want to chop up the garlic really
fine because these will Ro: be the chunks inside the cheese ball.
And you don’t want to bite in Ro: and be like, whoa! Jake: I have pretty much shredded all this
cheese. Ro: Mmmhmm. Ro: The big reveal. Both: Aaaaahhhhh! Jake: Oh, it was for a little bit, The Leaning Tower of Cheese-a! Ro: Perfect! Jake: Now that we have our cheese shredded
and our garlic minced, we Jake: are going to mix it all together! Ro:
Yeah, we’re gonna mix it all Ro: together, and Jake, don’t forget, you
have to set a little bit of your Ro: cheese aside into this bowl. Jake: Yes.
Ro: Because we are gonna put a Ro: little bit on the top to kind of decorate
our cheese ball. Ro: So just take a handful, put it over here,
set it aside, perfect! Ro: And then, I’m gonna add the butter,
and you’re gonna want to make sure Ro: your butter has set out at room temperature. Ro: Come on butter! Jake: Oh! You can do it
butter! We believe in you butter! Jake: Yes! Ro: Yes! We’ve done it! Jake:
Your mother and I are proud of you! Ro: Oh I love cream cheese! And the garlic,
oooooh! Jake: Here we go. Ro: Mix it up! Jake: Hiyah! Oh! Ro: That looks mixed, now let’s add our
flavoring! Ro: It’s got a little seasoning in there
and that’s OK! Ro: It’s gonna have a seasoned face. Jake:
A well seasoned face! Ro: Now we’re gonna wrap it up with some
cling wrap, so I’m gonna move this Ro: over here. Jake: OK. Jake: I cannot guarantee that this will turn
out well! Ro: Oh no! Jake: I’m too strong, no! Ro: OK, I’ll
hold it. I’ll hold it. Ro: Boom, boom, boom! Jake: In your face!
Ro: And now, you’re gonna scoop Ro: all of your dip over here. Ro: Is it not cutting? Oh maybe the blades
broken! Jake: You know what I have. Ro: We need scissors. Jake: Pocket scissors! Yes! Pocket scissors
come in handy once again! Jake: Everyone made fun of me, Jake why do
you need pocket scissors? Jake: Who’s laughing now?!?! Ro: Noboby! Ro: Jake carries around baking scissors with
him, all the time. Jake: You never know, and it impresses the
ladies, like oh you have Jake: baking scissors? Ro: You just got a
point in the handsome department. Jake: Wow, so I guess it goes up to 101, out
of 100, who knew!?!? Ro: Just wrapped up our cheese ball in the
cling wrap, and we’re gonna Ro: pop it in the fridge for a few hours,
and while it is chilling in the, Ro: fridge, we can watch Nightmare Before
Christmas, we can watch a movie. Ro: And, we are going to get started making
some homemade tortilla chips. Ro: While our cheese ball is chilling in the
fridge we are going to be making Ro: some homemade tortilla chips, and if you
guys are in a hurry and you don’t Ro: have time to make these, you can just
buy the dark blue tortilla chips Ro: from the store. But we are gonna be making
them from scratch because Ro: we are gonna be making them a little bit
darker. Jake: Oooh! Ro: We’re gonna be making them black vs
blue so that they will match the Ro: Jack Skellington! Ooooh! Ro: So, the things you will need, will be:
2 cups of corn flour, 1 cup of Ro: water, but it varies, because when you’re
mixing in the corn mixture, Ro: sometimes it will absorb a little bit
more water from the air, but it’s Ro: roughly about a cup of water. And, a little
bit of black food coloring Ro: dye. You will also need some tools over
here. Jake: My time? Ro: Yeah! Jake: My time to
shine? Ro: Yeah! Jake: OK! Jake: You’ll need a giant mixing bowl, hand
mixer again. Ro: Uh-huh! Jake: But wait there’s more! Circular cookie
cutter, and, ice cream scoop! Jake: And! Plastic Ziplock Bag! And! plate! Ro: That’s right! Now let’s put it all
together! Ro: Now we’re just gonna mix everything
together in this big mixing bowl, Ro: Will you mix? Jake: I will! Ro: Alright,
deal! OK, gonna pour this in. Ro: Dig-uh-dig-uh-dig-uh-doo! And, our water.
Jake: Can I mix? Ro: Yeah, you can start mixing. Jake: Yeah!
Ro: And while he’s mixing, Ro: I’m gonna be adding a few drops of black
food coloring dye. Ro: You can add as many as you’d like to
your desired color. Ro: And now we’re gonna make tortilla chips,
out of them, so do you have Ro: those baking scissors, handy? Jake: Ah-hem!
My pocket scissors? Ro: Yes, your pocket. Jake: Indeed I do, always prepared! Ro: Ah! Yes! OK, now let me show you how to
do this, are you ready? Jake: OK, yes, yes. Ro: This is cool, so we’re
gonna take a big ziplock Ro: bag, and we’re gonna cut off the top,
then you’re gonna cut off both Ro: the sides. So this is what we want! Ro: Take the ice cream scoop. Jake: Yes! Ro:
And then put a scoop right on top. Ro: And now we’re gonna fold over a piece
of plastic. And then you’re gonna Ro: take a plate and squish it flat. Ro: Just finished making all of our tortilla
patties, and over here we put Ro: a piece of wax paper in between each one
so that they won’t stick Ro: together, and now we’re gonna take ‘em
over to the stove! Ro: Turn the stove onto medium-high heat,
spray a little cooking spray Ro: into a small frying pan. Then place a
tortilla into the middle of the pan, Ro: cook for about 30 seconds, and then flip.
And then cook for another Ro: 30 seconds. Then you’re gonna remove
the tortilla from the pan and Ro: do this to the rest of your tortillas. Jake: Now that we’ve cooked our tortillas,
we are going to cut them, into chips. Ro: Yep! Into little triangle chips! Over
here I’ve got a triangle shaped Ro: cookie cutter, and you can just cut them
into fours, just using a sharp Ro: knife, but, I want to make them look like
a true tortilla chip, so… Ro: This is what we’re gonna do, we’re
just gonna take one of our cooked tortillas, Ro: and, using a cookie cutter, woop! Cut
out our little triangle shape. Ro: And then I’m gonna place it over here
onto our baking sheet. Ro: Once we have all of our cut out tortilla
chips on the baking sheet, Ro: we are going to lightly baste them with
a little bit of oil and Ro: sprinkle them with a pinch of salt. Ro: Now we’ve got a bunch of our chips on
our pan and we are going to do this Ro: to the rest of our tortillas, but, we
are gonna keep one aside and Ro: we’re gonna cut two circles with a cookie
cutter for Jack’s eyes. Ro: You’re gonna bake these in the oven
at 350 degrees for about 7-10 minutes Ro: until they are crispy. Jake: Now our chips are in the oven and we
are going to decorate our Jake: cheese ball! Ro: That’s right! Our
cheese ball has chilled and I just Ro: took it out of the fridge, and what I’m
doing right now is I’m just Ro: kind of shaping it. Because the cheese
ball is a little bit sticky. Jake: Mmmm. Ro: You’ll want to shape it
while it’s still wrapped in cling Ro: wrap, so I’m just making it into a round
ball. Ro: Giving it a little extra shape. Ro: You’re gonna take the shredded cheese
from earlier, and we’re just gonna Ro: lightly press it onto he top. Yeah he’s
got a bald spot. Jake: Aw, it’s OK Jack! Ro: It’s OK, you’re
a skeleton. Jake: Yeah, you shouldn’t even have hair
in the first place! Ro: Just finished putting all of the cheese
on top of our cheese ball, Ro: double cheese! And now we are gonna add
our final decoration steps. Ro: We are gonna cut out circles out of the tortilla
that we left off to the side. Ro: This one we cooked over the stove, but
we did not bake. Ro: And so Jake you’re gonna take that circle
cookie cutter and cut out Ro: two circles for Jack’s eyes. And then
we’re gonna cut out little Ro: Pieces for his nose and his mouth. Ro: Our Jack Skellington Cheese ball is all
decorated and ready to go! Jake: And our chips, fresh out of the oven,
fully baked. Ro: Om-nom-nom-nom! Jake: they’ve had time to cool off. Ro: And now we’re just gonna fill the plate
with a bunch of fresh chips. Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here is our Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skellington themed Ro: Cheese Ball that we made today! And our
homemade tortilla chips. Jake: Look at ‘em! Ro: We’ll be posting lots of pictures of
this little cheese ball on Ro: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter!
And if you guys make this, Ro: or any other Halloween themed cheese ball,
please take a picture Ro: and send it to me! I love to see them,
I love to see your baking creations. Ro: And you can tweet ‘em to the both of
us. Jake: Yeah let’s do it! Ro: We would love to check ‘em out. Jake:
We have a little party! Ro: Yeah! A baking halloween party! Jake:
Yeah, yeah! Cheese ball party! Ro: And if you have any other ideas for any
other Nerdy Nummies, Ro: please let me know, leave me a comment
down below and I will do my best Ro: to make it happen! Ro: Thanks again you guys and, Happy Halloween!
Jake: Happy Halloween! Ro: Bye-bye! Ro: Scariest ghost impression on three. 1,
2, 3… Ro: Bbbbbbbbbbb! Jake: Oh sorry. Ro: Hey you left me hanging! Ro: Oooooooooh! Jake: Jake it’s your mother! Jake: I don’t want her to bother me when
she’s dead!

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