Ivan’s Ice Cream Truck goes through the car wash | Cartoon for kids

[giggling] Here’s your 17 scoop surprise, Sally Whoa! Steady, Sally [crying] Surprise! You get another ice cream cone [giggling] See ya Bye, Sally Oh ho ho, ohhh…gotta get to
Carl’s Car Wash, lickety split Oh, it’s so hot, I’m melting Ohhh That sounds like Ivan’s ice cream truck I’d love a chilly treat right now Hey, Ivan, what’s the scoop? Hey, Carl Had a little ice cream cone-tastrophy. Ohhh You’re not kidding Look at that mess Stay cool, Ivan, while I find your vehicle Is it a garbage truck an ice cream truck or a helicopter? Umm…ice cream truck Let’s see how messy this truck is Is it a little messy medium messy or super duper messy? I’d say it’s medium messy The 17 scoop surprise! Yum! Is it smelly fish delicious ice cream or rotten apples? Ugh Yummy ice cream it is And you’re here just in time for our ‘Sundae’ special! That’ll be five tokens, Ivan 1…2…3…4…5… Here I go Thanks for your help, Carl Here’s your favorite, the 17 scoop surprise! Sweet! Thanks, Ivan Gotta split. See you later, Carl Whoa! Surprises me every time Hahaha

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