Italian Butter Cookie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 758

Hi Guys, I’m Laura Vitale, and on this episode
of Laura in the kitchen I want to share with you a classic – it’s an Italian butter cookie.
But I feel like it’s a little different than your standard sort of sugar cookie. It’s just
divine. It has a couple of – I don’t want to say weird ingredients, just not ingredients
I guess you would normally find in a sugar cookie. But these are the Italian butter cookies
that I grew up eating and let me tell you something, it took an arm and a leg to get
the recipe from my Nona because as you all know she’s the best cook in the world, but
she doesn’t measure. So she goes oh lets use a little bit of this and a little bit of that
and this is what you got. So to make them you will need a handful of really basic ingredients,
but they’re special. Starting with some cake flour, cake flour
is essential in this recipe. I also have some salt, confectioners sugar,
unsalted butter and vegetable shortening that has been softened to room temperature, and
egg, Vanilina, or you could use some vanilla extract. I have some Italian confetti. You could use sprinkles, you could use nothing,
it’s completely up to you. I make them this way with sprinkles or I make them black and
white with ganache and white chocolate which I can share with you in a different recipe.
But I wanted to make them basic for you today just to kind of get them done. You want to get your oven preheated to 375.
Get a baking sheet and line it with parchment which I’ve done here. Now, a sweet, sweet subscriber of mine, a
while back, sent me parchment paper that was already cut out. So now it looks so perfect.
I can’t believe it. I’m just excited. Another thing you want to do is get a piping
bag or I’m using today just a large Ziploc bag, and fit it with a star tip, large star
tip. Because we are going to need that to form our cookies. And that’s basically about
it. What I’m going to do now is take my cake flour and salt. Now the mixture between the
cake flour, the confectioners sugar, and the vegetable shortening which traditionally – you
may not like to hear this, but traditionally when I was a kid my Nona always used lard
instead of vegetable shortening. I don’t use lard, I use vegetable shortening
instead, but you could certainly use that if you wanted to. I’m adding a little bit
of Vanilina to this. I am cutting the recipe in half today, simply because I don’t want
to make a huge batch of cookies because I will eat them all. So I want to make a smaller
batch so that I can keep some for myself and give some away for presents. Okay, I shouldn’t
say presents, I should say treat. In this large bowl I’m going to add in my butter,
and my shortening, both at room temperature. I’m just going to give them a smoosh. I’m
doing this in my bowl with my spatula. I’m not bringing out my mixer today. I’m just
going to do this by hand because it’s so easy. I’m going to add in my confectioners sugar
and I’m going to work that in really, really well. That gives you the most incredible texture
for your cookies. Totally essential for this type of cookie. That looks good. I’m adding in my egg, I’m just going to continue to mix this with
my spatula until it is well combined. You could use a whisk if you wanted, but I’m going
to put some elbow grease into this and getting it going with my spatula. Looks good! Adding in my dry ingredients, and I’m just
going to fold these in just until everything is combined. I don’t want to work this too
much because I don’t want to end up with a really tough cookie. I want to keep them really
lovely and light, and buttery, and delicious. I’m just going to take – woops – going to
mix that a little bit on the side. Alright I’m going to take my cookie dough and put
that into my little make-shift piping bag which works really well. I haven’t purchased
piping bags for a long time simply because. Um, well, I forgot! [laughing] But I always have resalable little Ziploc
bags, or whatever you want to call them. So, it works. Okay, kind of getting that dough all to one
corner. Lets see – yep – move this around, and then
you just – you make little mounds like so. You’ll do a much prettier job than I did but
lets face it I don’t have any patience. But these are going to look beautiful and taste
wonderful. And now you could use any sprinkles your heart desires. I’m using the Italian
confetti because it is an Italian butter cookie after all. And I did get these when I went
to Italy last year. So, you can use absolutely any sprinkles you want or none at all. You don’t have to add anything to these. But
these are very springy, perfect for Easter, for kids, they taste amazing, so you could
put these on you Easter table and I guarantee you adults and kids will love them. And they’re
pretty adorable aren’t they? These are looking good. Pop these into the oven that has been preheated
to 375F between 9 and 11 minutes or until they are a beautiful lightly golden brown,
let them cool a bit and then you are really to serve. That’s it. But I promise you it is the best butter cookie
you’ll ever put in your mouth. I’m going to put my last earned dollar on that. Because
they are a childhood favorite after all. So trust me when I tell you they’re delicious. My cookies were in the oven for exactly 10
minutes. And if you do take your time and pipe them really pretty they will hold their
shape a lot better but I have no patience and I – listen – you’re lucky they look this
cute! [laughing] Um, anyways, they are fully cooled so I can
go and just pick them right up. Look at that. They’re just beautiful. I’m going to go for
this one right here. Lets cut into them. Lovely and crumbly. Lets give it a go. Okay, this is how I can describe these. I don’t know the name. But work with me. Do you remember, I don’t know if at your house
maybe your house when you were young – those cookies that came in a blue tin, there were
tons of different flavors of cookies in there. Tell me you do. They were in a blue tin like this. Like an
aluminum tin. They come in a variety of different cookies and one of the cookies is like a butter
– an Italian butter cookie that looks kind of like this but prettier. That’s what these
taste like. This a like the identical version of those cookies. Those were my favorite out
of that pack – out of the combination of those cookies that came in the container. Please let me know if you know what I’m talking
about and what the name of those cookie tins are because I haven’t been able to find them
here in the states in years. And I would love to remember what they were called. But anyway
this is what these taste like. So if you love those, then you will absolutely love this
recipe. It is right on up there with the best butter cookies I’ve ever eaten. And these
are definitely those from my childhood that I absolutely love. I hope that you’ve enjoyed
spending time with me. will have the recipe for you and I will see
you next time. Bye Bye!

100 thoughts on “Italian Butter Cookie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 758

  1. Where I live, you get neither the lard nor the vegetable shortening, can i just use butter all through and we only get all purpose flour. I live in India by the way

  2. one day I was in a Italian restaurant or a bakery and I wanted some macarons but they had coconut macaroons and I didn't want those so they also had butter cookies Italian butter cookies and when I saw them I like those look really good and I got one and it wasn't what I expected but it was okay so I'm going to try your recipe so I can learn how to make a better cookie hopefully

  3. Hi Laura, yes I do remember . Danish Butter Cookies. And , yes my mom made them the same way. They are delecious. Love your cooking and baking recipes. Thank you for sharing this recipe from your Grandma.

  4. I believe they're called Danish Butter Cookies. They come in blue tins and yes, the round pretty ones are my fav also. I always eat them amongst all the variety in the box.

  5. Danish Btte cookies they called they come in those blue tins… Bt u just get theme in europe.. I Love them we in Germany have it =)

  6. I've been trying to look for a recipe similar to those cookies in the blue tins and clearly i've finally found it my childhood self is crying right about now i absolutely love those cookies

  7. OMG! I remember those tins with the butter cookies! I LOVED those cookies. My sisters and I fought over them! I have wanted the recipe for so long, thought I'd NEVER know it.  Oh, Thank you dear Laura! I know it's been a long time since you posted this, but I just found it, and now I'm a happy woman! We only got the cookies at Christmas, but every summer we'd go to grandma's house, and think she had some. We'd sneak in there and open the tin–and find sewing stuff!

  8. i loved those cookies my mom would buy those n i wud c a blue tin laying around id open it bt all u wud have found were sewing suplies lol ??????

  9. they are called spritz cookies laura if u get a spritz cookie press the rexipe is just the same as the tin cookies an hold there shape u would have fun with the cookiea an using food coloring in them!!!

  10. The cookies holding their shape while baking in the oven is mostly about the temperature of the fat in the dough. Cooling the dough after piping it into shape is the best option. If you do it before, you won't be able to pipe it out as it will be way too dense. It's comparable to e. g. sugar cookies. If the dough is too soft when you put it in the oven, the cookies won't hold their shape. Hope that helps 🙂

  11. I see that Kimberly answered your question.   They were a favorite of mine too.    They are so good, but I can't have them now so I can make yours like I can have and enjoy them.     They are kind of like the spritz cookies too.

  12. We have monde butter cookies here in Indonesia. We serve it every lebaran. I like that cookies so crazy, i will make this!

  13. I have eaten Sapphire cookies, they came in this blue container with lots of different flavours.

  14. I do remember that blue tin cookies. I don't know the name but my dad always has it for guests that come over

  15. Oh yes! I remember that tin. My grandmother still has one filled with her sewing supplies. I'm so making these! Thanks for the recipe love!

  16. My family just ate three of those blue tins of cookies. And that twisted one you're talking about is my favorite one too. Always the softest, flakiest one. Lightly sweetened to perfection.

    Your cookies look amazing!!

  17. I know exactly which ones you're talking about and I love those too. The only bad thing is, they are so light and tasty, you want to keep eating them. I also love the ones with the chewy jelly in the middle on top. I wonder how I could do that to these. I love your videos! You make me laugh and you have wonderful recipes! Thank you Laura?

  18. They were called Danish Butter Cookies, as kids me and my brothers use to eat that from the tin first , I would love to make this recipe but , where I stay , cake flour isn't available, please an alternative for cake flour

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