Is White Chocolate Actually Chocolate?

We don’t know about you, but here at Reactions
we love sweets of every shape and kind, and that includes white chocolate. It may lack the rich flavor of milk chocolate
and the glossy brown color of dark chocolate. Many people even argue that it’s not really
chocolate at all. But today we’re gonna show some love to
this redheaded stepchild of the chocolate world. To understand the chemistry of white chocolate
and why so many people refuse to call it chocolate, we have to understand a little bit about how
chocolate is made. It starts out as cacao beans, which are harvested,
fermented, and roasted. After roasting, the beans are ground and pressed
to remove an oily substance known as cocoa butter, and that’s where our white chocolate
is born. Because at this point, the process of making
chocolate splits into a few different paths, generally involving how much of that cocoa
butter and solids is going to be involved in the final product. To make cocoa powder, most of the cocoa butter
is removed and the remaining cocoa solids are dried. To make baking and eating chocolate, some
cocoa butter is left in the final product, then sugar and milk fat and solids are thrown
in. But to make white chocolate, it’s all about
the cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is mostly made up of the fatty
acids palmitic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid. Those fatty acids are tied up in groups of
three called triglycerides. They only contribute fat-soluble flavor compounds
of cocoa, but mix those fats with sugar, dried milk, and vanilla for a much-needed flavor
boost, and ta-dah: we’ve got white chocolate. But cocoa butter creates the velvety texture
of eating chocolate, so we have those fatty acids to thank for that. The cocoa butter has unique melting properties
which is suitable melt-in mouth during consuming. Also, this property makes white chocolate
easy to work with when decorating confectionery, and its color contrast makes for a lovely
accent. But what makes white chocolate stand out is
really more about what it’s missing. The cocoa liquor, which is what chocolate
makers call the paste made from the roasted beans, is widely considered to be the heart
and soul of “real” chocolate. That’s because it has a huge variety of
flavor compounds and other plant chemicals that give chocolate its uniquely divine flavor. But when the cocoa solids are pressed, most
of those chemicals stay with the ground beans, not the cocoa butter. Additionally, all those purported health benefits
of dark chocolate? The compounds thought to be beneficial — the
polyphenols — are once again missing from white chocolate. It’s pretty much just fat and sugar, we’re
sorry/not sorry to say. That doesn’t mean people haven’t tried
to make it healthier. One research group even tried to add the essential
dietary fatty acids EPA and DHA to white chocolate to help people boost their intake of brain-healthy
omega-3s. And since those fats blend well with fats
in white chocolate, it even kinda worked! We’d still advise you keep it as a sometimes
only food, though. So that’s white chocolate. Is it real chocolate? Many have asked, and we’re not the boss
of chocolate makers. We can tell you that compared to milk and
dark chocolate, white chocolate lacks a lot of key chemistry. But it tastes nice, and it looks awfully pretty
drizzled over truffles. Let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks for watching. Are you interested in seeing us take on chocolate
as a fermented food? Let us know. And if you want to see more tasty videos,
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94 thoughts on “Is White Chocolate Actually Chocolate?

  1. I mean, if it still comes from the cocoa bean….. still chocolate? I'm in the still chocolate category. Not the biggest fan of it, but it's still in the family.

  2. Just cacao solids with some sugar and milk wouldn't be called chocolate either, you need both the cacao solids and the cacao butter to have chocolate. The solids give the flavour (hence why adding cacao solids to something can make it chocolate flavoured) whilst the butter gives the the smooth melty texture.

  3. I didn't know how white chocolate was made, and didn't realize it was even made from the cocoa bean. But now having learned that it is indeed made from cocoa beans, I'd say it's unquestionably still a chocolate, even if it's no where near as good as normal chocolate.

  4. I would say white chocolate isn't chocolate because my step-uncle is allergic to chocolate but he can have white chocolate so I guess that makes it not chocolate

  5. If there's no taste, it is not worthy of the name. Just give it some chemical name that grabs half the label 😉 (I don't care)

  6. of you get the cheap thing that is made from vegetable fat, of course it's not going to taste good. same with "milk chocolate" made from vegetable fat and a bit of cocoa powder and artificial flavorings. get a high quality white chocolate.

  7. I never even considered this question before this vid. I knew the basics of the production process, but because basically every packaging always calls it white chocolate, I'd take for granted that everyone calls it chocolate. Apparently, I'm mistaken (and maybe thinking a bit too simple about this matter?)

  8. • Chocolate, by definition is made of cocoa; without the cocoa, it's not chocolate. By analogy, chocolate milk without the chocolate is not chocolate milk, it's milk.
    • Legally, there's no such thing as "white chocolate"; it's "white chocolate-style confection", just like "American cheese" (the sliced stuff) is actually "cheddar-style cheese *product*".

  9. As a previous commenter stated, white chocolate should be considered a byproduct of the chocolate making process. This isn't, necessarily, a bad thing. Rum is made from molasses which is a byproduct of the sugar making industry. Rum is not sugar though in the same way that "white chocolate" is not chocolate.

  10. Any video that does this "We don't know about you"-shit (well of course you don't) followed up by totally unnessescary and obvious descriptions of mundane items earn my instant dislike.

  11. Cocoa beans also have some water present (3 – 6%, depending on what part of the bean). Is that chocolate water? No, it's just water. I think cocoa is the biggest part of what defines chocolate, and if white chocolate doesn't have it, then it's not chocolate.

  12. Yes please, talk about fermentation. Studying chemistry here and would love to hear what you guys have to say about that topic.

  13. White chocolate that is made with real cocoa butter pretty much is chocolate. The problem is chocolate makers put hydrogenated fat from another plant and still write cocoa butter. You can even taste hydrogenation which isn't written in ingredients. Also cocoa butter isn't only triglycerides it smells amazing of cocoa which isn't included in chemistry cause your chemistry is fake. Cocoa butter smells a lot like cocoa beans and chemistry say only triglycerides. Are you dumb? Obviously.

  14. I love butter. This is really good chocolate. Much better wrapped around your espresso beans if you like those too.

  15. So it's just freaking delicious but not good for you at all alright im eatin white kit kat bar right now

  16. I like white chocolate more than brown chocolate.

    It has nothing to do with the color.. Its the taste :I

  17. Fucking hate liberals. Why do liberals always have to try and pronounce everything to the point where they get it wrong? It's not a cock-OW bean, it's pronounced kuh-KAY-oh.

  18. If you mix cocoa powder with coconut oil instead of cocoa butter is it still chocolate? Essentially the same argument as people saying white chocolate isn't real chocolate.

  19. My dad is obsessed with it he buy us a lot of it and he and mom are the only to eat it , my siblings and i hate it, it taste like cold sweet butter

  20. White Chocolate has a flavour all of its own. I really enjoy it in desserts but not as a stand-alone chocolate bar.

    I had the recent misfortune of tasting 99% pure cacao chocolate by Lindt and it is foul. I had the taste of bitterness in my mouth for 3 hours.

  21. Video Summary for lazy people:
    So basically white chocolate is basically chocolate + vanilla with significantly more cocoa butter (and no coca liquor) than dark and milk chocolate.

  22. In a technical sense, I think we have to call it chocolate. It takes a part of cacao and incorporates it into a final product. As long as a portion of the cacao is incorporated, it is chocolate. We, however, can recognize that white chocolate just doesn't have as much chocolate as well, milk or dark chocolate. Therefore, it is technically a "lesser chocolate", even though it can be preferred.

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