Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: How To Eat Dessert Guilt Free & Get Away With It To Lose Weight Fast

what’s going on this is alek with change your life i’m here to share my weight loss tips with you so you can lose weight fast now today I want to talk about my intermittent fasting meal plan and more specifically how to eat dessert guilt-free and get away with it so last night we had a party to go to and this is something i do align the party you know we had dinner and then afterwards and you know several of those desserts out for display it was probably a nine o’clock at night and you know you know me I’m not gonna be eating dessert that late because that’s exactly what you know get you fat so what I do you know on the jerk i have to admit i like yeah i’m sorry i’m not going to eat cake I’m just not going to do it i’ll but i will take you to go so that’s what I do is I hey you know give me a little give me little container give me a little you know give me a slice of everything to go and I will eating the next morning so this is what it is its next morning I just had my breakfast you know with with a coffee and let me just take my dessert I already kinda picked up this little bit of cheesecake a little bit of pecan pie little bit of blueberry pie slice of each already already kind of picked at it and of course afterwards I I realize let me make a video about this so whatever the point is yeah you know it’s really really good cheesecake my god really really good but you don’t try to eat some of this yeah I love cheese take on whatever you eat for breakfast times absolute guilt-free have your dessert in the morning don’t have that night and you will lose a ton of weight i guarantee it if there’s one thing you can do to lose a lot of way that is to stop eating late at night and don’t like after dinner and you still can eat dessert you sold any cheesecake you can eat blueberry pie you can eat out the camp I you could eat all your favorite sweets and pastries you just gotta make sure you eat it on in the morning the earlier heated the more time your body has to digested and burn it off no absolutely guilt free the rest of the day so take advantage of it on and it’s more for psychological reasons so you never denying yourself any foods you you love so it’s a great way for long-term sustainability of the diet so you keep your weight off for the rest of your life so I’m gonna keep it short i hope you liked the video please subscribe if you haven’t done so already make sure you liked my video and leave your comments and questions below if you’re interested check out my website change your life and put together this really amazing weight loss system which is absolutely guaranteed to help people a lot of weight or your money back so check it out i just might change your life thanks alright when one other thing I wanted to mention phone the cheesecake was really good at the kind that but the comp is really good the blueberry pie you know just not that great song I’m just not gonna have a blueberry I like arm but there’s something you’re craving go ahead and eat if it’s a really good go ahead and eat it but if it’s something that’s not really that great like just just skip it on this stuff is I got a lot of calories lot of sugar it so we don’t have an extra slice of cheese graters tractors lets us set up something you enjoy just don’t have something that it’s not really that great just because you want to just pick something you really crave and it’s not good just kind of skip it so I just wanted to add that thanks yes i’m going to have to trash this because I’m not really crazy about it so I just hope my cousins are watching who made this so sorry about that

2 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: How To Eat Dessert Guilt Free & Get Away With It To Lose Weight Fast

  1. Hi Alek,
    It's been a long time, I rereading your manuals to get my head back in the game. I ate a crappy lunch and I'm going to eat veggies for dinner at 4::30.
    If I stick to this timing can I lose 3 pounds per week do you think?
    When I did it the first time I lost three in one day! I'm just being conservative.
    Thanks, Brian Peace

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