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-Hey, Q!
-Q has lost tonight’s episode. Sal: That’s right, and today
we’re at New York Cake, and there is a cake-decorating
contest being held here today. You’ll be posing
as a judge and slightly ruining
the contestants’ cakes. -That’s right.
-A slight ruin. A slight ruin. Welcome to the New York
Cake Academy Challenge. Joe: This is a serious
cake-decorating contest here. They’ve been given one hour
to decorate these cakes. Murr: These contestants are
competing for 500 bucks and entry into the biggest cake
competition in New York City. And they’re being judged
by the man who knows cakes, Brian “Q” Quinn. Sal: Notice the official “Hello.
My Name is Judge” name tag. Start judgin’. Ooh, hello. What do you
have here? This is lovely. The theme of this contest
is “New York City,” and she’s crushed it. and she’s crushed it. Speaking of crushing it… [ Laughter ] I just got to do
one last — one last… The old, uh…
Let me just give a little… -Don’t.
-Oh, no, Q. -Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
-Ohh. -[ Laughs ]
-Mmm! Great work. Mmm! Sal: This is
so uncomfortable. -Look at her face.
-All right, Q, move on. Hmn. Okay. Oh, what do we have —
What do we have here? Oh, I love that show.
I’m so Samantha. [ Laughter ] I’m gonna need you to pull off
the “Sex” and the “City.” Just those words, please. Let me just, uh —
This is just the old… -Ohh!
-“City” is gone! Sal: Look at her face, look at
her face, look at her face! Murr: Oh, no! Q, I want the word “Sex”
off that cake. This is a family show. So, we’ll just go back in
and get that. -Excellent job.
-Thank you. -Very good work.
-Oh! You jerk! Joe: Oh, this is
[bleep] brutal. Oh, I cannot take that. Murr: All right, Q,
move on. Oh. Hi. I’m Brian.
I’m the judge. -Hi, Brian.
-Wow! Q, I need you to take
a bite out of the apple. [ Laughter ] The only thing is, you know,
how does it taste? If it was… Murr: Oh, my God! Joe: No. Don’t.
Don’t do it. Don’t. [ Laughter ] Yes! -You like it?
-Amazing. I love it. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] Joe:
Keep it moving, judge. Sal: Dude, can you put your
finger in, and you spin the cake and just wipe out
the entire thing, 360? Q:
This is fantastic work. I’m just gonna do
a little test that I do. [ Woman gasps ] [ Laughter ] Murr:
Oh, no! Q! Ohh… Q: Delicious. Top marks, top marks.
Move on. Top marks. Mmm! Murr: Ohh. God. I’m so glad it’s not me.
00:02:46,233 –>00:02:46,000
Q: This is insane. Joe: Word is spreading
like wildfire that you’ve ruined cakes,
by the way, and that plays perfectly
for what we have in store. All right, Q, the thing is
you’re not a judge. You’re a contestant. -Table 5 is your cake.
-Yes! [ Laughter ] Q: Mother [bleep]. Peel off that “Hello.
My Name is Judge” sticker that we gave you. We’re gonna bring out
the real judges now. We’re putting you at a station
right there, buddy, -He’s our credibility anchor.
-What happened here? No. We’re the judges. But he had a thing
that said “judge.” Joe: She just
ratted you right out. Man: The apple’s
been redone? Oh, my God.
I just heard her say “apple.” Joe: Panic’s setting in.
Look at you. -“Someone just ruined my cake.”
-Oh, boy. Sal: Q looks like he’s
going through a trauma. Besides the touch-ups,
almost perfect. -Murr: Oh, no.
-She’s stunned. Woman: Say no more.
It’s literally perfect. Seriously. [ Loud applause ] Q: Okay, yeah.
Don’t do that, guys. [ Laughter ] Joe:
She just put it together! -Wow.
-Look. She stepped out to watch. Stop clapping. Okay.
Please stop clapping.
00:03:54,234 –>00:03:54,002
-Oh, my God.
-It just keeps getting worse. All the contestants. -Okay. Great.
-Group picture. Tell everybody “good luck.” Best of luck. -I ate your sex?
-“You ate my sex”! [ Laughter ] What a bizarre
statement! Sal: She said that
so serious! Good luck, good luck.
Best of luck. [ Laughter ]

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  1. For details of when I.J will return with season 8 Episode 10 – Play podcast episode titled ‘anti social network’ aired 31stMay2019
    Play audio between approx 1:05 to 2:00 and 44:20 to 47:20 for details when I.J will return.

  2. I love how the one cake was censored. After filming, a producer asked the cake if he would like to show it's icing on camera and it said no. 0:27

  3. So basically you guys are babies who wish you could sit and snuggle with each other but you're afraid to do that … afraid to even face that . So to cope with that you all instead humiliate other people and yourselves. That's what's going on. It's a tragic irony…… hey guys, you could just admot and show each other healthy affection and stop treating others and yourselves like garbage…all these so-called pranks are you guys desperately trying to do that without actually facing your fear of being humiliated by admitting that

  4. They should be a extra cut edition about the reaction of the people when they tell them about the show, that it's a prank, I will love to see there faces ???? cuz I'm pretty sure at the end they know

  5. What episode is this i wanna watch it. Also if the have the people's reactions on like an extended episode that'd be so dope

  6. Q and Murr were the ones who usually gets the cringiest punishments, before it was always Murr and now Q is closing in ?

  7. They're act like they're ok with it as they think he's a judge. If he did it as a fellow contestant it'd be even funnier. Ah wait they already thought of that lol, it's like they read my mind :D.

  8. I'm more cringy about the cake situation and most people mentioning about that girl just because of her looks,,, really

  9. It is sooo funny whenever Sal is laughing and he leans on whoever the joker he is with ahahahah like this one he holds and leans on Murr and Joe ahahahaha

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