“IF” by BREAD 🔷Easy Guitar Lesson

Hi, how about the crispy this video is for my cute Allison series so today, I’ll show how to play if by bread Okay, I’ve broken it down into three parts First of all I’ll show the picking pattern I use my I don’t use a pick. I just use my fingers That use a thumb for the base and my fingers for the rest of the strings Okay the picking pattern is pretty much the same way through for every chord Demonstrate with the first chord So it’s the fourth string second Sir first second third First and second strings Okay, and you pick in that pattern for pretty much all the chords Okay, so I’ll play the intro and verse first Okay So it’s the fourth string the seventh fret 33.6 threat bottles two strings open Taking pattern, I just showed Into the fourth stream the six threat second third string fourth fret bottom three strands open The fourth string fifth fret third string fourth fret bottom T strings open Fourth string fourth fret third string second fret The fourth string third fret third string the second fret second string third fret bottom string The next is like an acorn 4th 3rd 2nd string 2nd fret and first string open Okay fourth string open third string second fret second string open first string first fret And an e7 chord Which is festering 2nd fret 3rd string 1st fret 2nd string 3rd fret 1st string open Okay, so that’s the intro and the verse I’ll show the psalm structure at the end of the video Okay now the course is this Okay So that’s the same picking pattern. That’s a shirt in the beginning of the video Okay fourth strain the fourth fret bottom three strings second fret You Same thing but fourth third fret on the fourth string Same thing but fourth string second fret Okay fourth Street open third string second fret second string open Second fret on the first string Fifth string fourth fret bottom three screws over XD pirate top string second fret Third string third fret bottom two strings second fret Okay fifth string second fret third string second fret second string third fret first string second fret They’re the same he’s up report from the intro and verse Okay the ending is this Okay the ending leads off from the chorus from the last chord For the e7 then it goes into Which is top string open and a D chord Boy Enter the fourth string seventh fret third string 6 fret babji’s from zone They’re the fourth string fourth fret Third string second fret Second string third fret first string second fret Under the fourth string third fret They’re showing the second fret second string the third fret first string first fret you play it you slow it down as you play The end zone equal Okay, so the song structure the intro verse three times chorus intro verse twice chorus and ending Okay, I hope you found this video helpful, and thanks for watching

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  1. Hi Bobby!  Thanks so much for posting this guitar lesson on YouTube!  I've always wanted to learn how to play this song!  — Tom

  2. Excellent explanation of how to play this beautiful song. It's not going to be easy as I am a G C D basher but will use this post to learn IF and other songs of this nature, Many thanks Bobby.

  3. Great lesson, thanks.  I had learned most of it before, but didn't have the ending right so I appreciate the knowledge.  I'll just add that sometimes, when he's playing that E7, he picks back up the 2nd and 3rd strings – so it's 6,5,3,2,1,2,3

  4. Hey Bobby,…as a six month "newbie" player , I found myself picken' this beautiful song in no time flat…
    Many thanks and I look forward to your other lessons…


  6. What U playing sound great…it does….besides its one of my favorites groups……in the 70s……… but I feel while putting chords in my head…. I don't know where am I….within the song………… hope u understand me………………………..& thnks 4 teaching

  7. Bobby, thanks again for another great instructional video!  I have learned so many great songs from your videos/ website.  The videos are both comprehensive and easy to follow.  I really appreciate you taking the time to put these together for us all 🙂

  8. just to say I really appreciate you taking the huge amount of time and effort to help people like  us who will never be seen  playing this song …but we know we can now play alldown to you,….highest regards

  9. You have heard it before many many thanks for taking the time to educate us lesser mortals …regards stormin

  10. Awsome ! It is easy to learn. The lesson is clear enough. Thank you, now i can play it everytime i am gonna to play. *sorry if i have a bad in english speech

  11. I have looked at several old song books with this song, and I just knew they were wrong because no way David Gates had octopus fingers like that. Thank you for showing the right way to play it, I'm going to subscribe, too.

  12. The second to the last chord you're playing before going into the bridge at 1:38 is wrong. You should have your 3rd finger on the 3rd fret, 4th string. The 5th chord in what you refer to as the "chorus" is also wrong. And it's NOT the chorus, it's the bridge. The chords at 5:59 and 6:14 and the 2nd to the LAST chord in the song at 8:04 are also wrong.
    Watch David Gates do it LIVE in the video called DAVID GATES (of BREAD) performs "If" (Live in 1975).

  13. Wonderful guitar lesson, but just as information, why not put the picture of the chord on the video? However,you are a great musician and the lesson is perfect. Congratulations,Thanks.

  14. David Gates/ bread is awesome. I wish I could shake his hand and tell him how much their music meant to me. I hear he's on a ranch in Oklahoma. Thanks Bobby, and David.

  15. bro, can you play the song Find Me by David Gates? hope yiu have a guitar lesson about that song. its hard to play guitar bcoz usually play on piano.

  16. I was waiting for you to do what most tutorials do and run through the song uninterrupted to hear the final piece.

  17. There's a lot of different versions of this on-line. I got to tell you that this tops them all. Thanks again.

  18. I don't know.That second move the picking pattern might be the same but the strings you put your fingers on are not the same

  19. Hate to miss out on this one. Anyone know any magic to lower this 1 or 2 keys for singing using his same structure. Appreciate, thanks.

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  21. Now good friend I will play this greatest song in Brazil and outsiders, And always will remember your patient to published and help people's like me , Jordão Santos!! Regards , from Sao Paulo – Brasil +55(11)95291-0883

  22. This is a great lesson and is easy to follow .one thing i did different as i felt it makes it easier is on the transition from the chord at 5:55 (where you barre across the second fret with your index and use your middle finger on the 3rd fret of the G string) on the chord after that (which is like an open D chord shape with the bass note being the 2nd fret of the A string) i found it easier just to leave my index finger barred/anchored across that 2nd fret – then start the next chord shape arpeggio by playing the A string (which is the note B as its on the 2nd fret) and then move my other finger (middle or ring whichever is easier for you) from the 3rd fret on the G string to the 3rd fret on the B string so i wanted to offer that advice to anyone else who may be struggling with that part as i was. thank you again for this easy to follow and fun lesson,David Gates is a phenomenal songwriter and musician.

  23. Great lesson! I'd agree that a full play through at the beginning would help. I'd also embed chord charts in the open space to the top right of the screen for faster cognition of the notes played.

  24. This was so easy to follow, thanks a lot :') This is the first song I ever learned to play fingerstyle.

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