ICE CREAM SUNDAE BOX FORT! Sour Candy + Chocolate + Cookie Toppings + Fun for Children

(energetic music) – Hey guys, thanks for coming over. Come on in. I have something awesome planned. But before we get started, make sure to thumbs-up
this video and subscribe. Come on, let’s go. (energetic music) Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys and Games. Let’s have some fun. (bell ringing) I found these really
big boxes in the garage, and I have a really awesome box fort idea. I’ve got my box fort ready to go. I just need some duct tape and a box cutter to build this box fort. ‘Kay guys, I have both
of these boxes here. Comment down below. I have two ideas. Either we should do ice cream, where I actually sell
ice cream to my brothers, or a racecar box fort. But I think we should do the ice cream. I feel like that’s gonna be cooler. It’s freezing in here now. So, first thing that we should do, we don’t want the box to
just be like this, right? We want it to be cut in half. So we’re gonna cut it
right here on this part, so that it’s wider. And then we can make something awesome. So my plan was, we’re gonna duct tape these
parts that I cut, of course. Oh hi Blue, what’chu doing here? Are you gonna help me
build this giant box fort? I don’t think it’s going to be giant. I think it’s going to be small, but we need to duct tape this. Then we should fold these two
parts and put them together. So then it would be like
a big, giant square. And then we could
probably put a roof on it, and make a little window and something that folds down
for all the ice cream stuff. Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. (energetic music) So this is how far I am on the box fort. So, I think we’re done. But I have this all taped up, and I have this little tray table here where you serve the ice cream, and then there’s a door
over here that opens up. But next we’ve gotta work on the roof, and get some ice cream. Okay guys, I had to have
a little bit of help putting on the roof, but this box fort looks amazing. Look, we’ve got the tray table done. Well, but I have to do a
little bit of modifications, or else the candy will fall off. And the roof looks amazing. We can go inside. Aw yeah. All I have to have now is
the ice cream and the candy. But before we do that, tell me down in the comments, your favorite kind of ice cream. My favorite is vanilla bean. (upbeat music) My ice cream sundae box
fort is open for business. Gage and Luke. (laughing) We’re open for business. – What’s up, Kyle? – What the? – Welcome to the Kyle’s Toys and Games
ice cream sundae shop. – Wow. – Yeah, we’re open for business. – Wow, oh. – Good thing, cause I’m in
the mood for some ice cream. – Same. – But there’s a catch. You gotta pay the dollars. – I have this, it has
a little dollar sign. Here. – No, that’s paper. – I mean, dollars are kinda paper. – Get me some dollars. Get me some real dollars. – I’m gonna hafta come back and find some. – Oh, I want ice cream. – I hope they show up with real cash. (money raining onto floor) – Well, I found some money, but all I’ve got is a $20 bill. – Well I don’t do any change so yeah. (giggling) – You better make me a
really good ice cream, Kyle. – Okay. (Gage grunting) – What do you want? – I want a vanilla ice cream. – Vanilla. – I want Sour Patch Kids,
Whoppers, Starburst, Reese’s, and Oreos on it. – Are you sure that’s
how much sugar you want? – Yeah, of course. ‘Cause I paid you $20 for it. (Kyle giggling) – Okay. – And give me two extra
scoops of ice cream, please. – Okay, perfect. Okay Gage, what syrup do you want? Chocolate syrup, or caramel syrup? (Gage laughing) – I want caramel syrup,
and chocolate syrup. And, if you had the choice
which would you pick? Caramel syrup or chocolate syrup? Comment down in the comments below. – Or maybe strawberry syrup? – Oh I wish that was an option. That’d be way good. – Any kind of ice cream
syrup, what’s your favorite? Tell me down in the comments. Okay Gage wanted Whoppers. He wanted some Sour Patch Kids, some Starburst Minis, some Reese’s, they’re basically Reese’s Pieces, and some Oreos. Some crushed Oreos. I feel like that is it. Okay, wait no it’s not it. It’s not done yet. We gotta put some syrup on it. Okay first one is the caramel. Or the car-r-r-r-r-mel. – [Gage] Caramel. – And then, time for the chocolate. There we go. Okay Gage, here is your ice cream. – Ooh that looks so good. There’s a little bit of everything. – Oh yeah, try it. Let’s see how good it is. Three-two-one. (upbeat music) – It is so good. That was so worth the $20. – Well, it is my shop. So, of course it’s gonna be good. (Gage laughing) – Of course it’s gonna be good. – Where did Luke go? – I’m not sure, I’ll find him
while I finish my ice cream. – [Luke] I’m here. – Oh, okay. – I have to bust out the money jar, so. Um let’s see. Here’s a dollar. – Okay. – Some– – Change? – Some money. I don’t know how much
money is in that jar. I just want ice cream. Okay, so what do we have here? We have vanilla,
strawberry, and chocolate. Guys, comment down below which
ice cream should I choose? I think I wanna do, I think I’m in a chocolate mood but I dno’t wanna do too much chocolate. So I’m gonna go half
vanilla and half chocolate. Then my toppings are, I want Whoppers, – [Kyle] ‘Kay. – M&Ms, Reese’s, and Oreo. – Okay, that’s perfect. – And I also want chocolate
sauce and caramel sauce though. Or ca-r-r-r-r-r-r-amel sauce. – Yeah. Thank you for all this money. I also got another $20. – Well Kyle, that was really good. Thank you for the awesome ice cream. So, I guess I’ll see
you later, dude, thanks. – Okay, bye. – Bye. – Well I guess it’s my
turn to choose my toppings and my ice cream. So this is what I want. I’m feeling a little vanilla-y, and a little bit strawberry. So I’m gonna go half
vanilla and half strawberry. So, I wanna go with some Starburst. Of course a little bit of Oreo. Just one piece of Oreo. And some Reese’s pieces, some of Sour Patch Kids,
and my favorite Whoppers. I’ll do a ton of Whoppers for this one. Man, that’s good. That looks really good. Oh my goodness, look at that. Wait, I forgot one of the syrups. I’m going both, just like they did. So let’s go fancy on this one. I’m doing that little swirly
thing that people always do. They do that. And I’ll put the other one this way. (energetic music) There, look at that. This is gonna be so good. Oh man, smells so good. ‘Kay let’s try it. Three-two-one. Mmm. That is so good, oh my goodness. Well that was it for today. Make sure to click any of
these videos to watch more. I hand-picked these just for you. Isn’t that crazy? It’s just for you. If you liked this one, then you’re definitely going
to like these other ones. So I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. (upbeat music)

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