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Hi Bold Bakers! We have made a lot of ice
cream on Bigger Bolder Baking, but today is a very special episode. I am joined by my
co-host, Waffles, my favorite little guy, and we are going to make Ice Cream for Dogs,
using all-natural ingredients. So let’s get started. All of the ingredients we’re using today
are safe for dogs and actually have health benefits. You know your dog best, so feed
your pet accordingly. The best thing I can recommend is everything in moderation, just
small little bits of ice cream, small ingredients, and they will be one happy puppy. We are going to start out by making a Strawberry
& Banana Ice Cream. Strawberries are good to keep dogs’ teeth nice and white.
Waffles! Don’t eat all of our ingredients! So one thing you want to make sure is to mash
up your strawberry—or any other ingredient—really well. You want smooth little bits that are
easy for the dog to digest. So you might be able to tell by looking at
Waffles, but he is a Wheaten terrier – Lhasa Apso(?) mix. He is three years old, and he
is a rescue from a shelter here in LA, called NKLA.
So dogs love strawberries, as you can see, because Waffles just ate all of ours. Another
thing that dogs love, are bananas. So we’re also going to mash up our banana into our
strawberries. In case any of you are wondering, Waffles is totally safe up here. He’s just
fine. So there’s one thing about Waffles—I don’t know about your pet—but he loves
yogurt. So the yogurt that you want to feed your pet is with no sweetener, no vanilla,
no flavor or anything like that. Something that has active cultures is really good for
your dog, good for their digestive system as well.
Waffles! Usually my co-hosts don’t start to eat the food while they’re making it.
Nice small chunks of strawberry and banana mixed up with your yogurt, and that is your
first doggie ice cream. Into our tub with our yogurt. Just like my homemade ice cream,
I also made stickers for these. I’m trying to do this without Waffles eating
it. And I’m going to call this Bowwow Banana
& Strawberry. So as you saw, Waffles pretty much ate all of his ice cream before it was
frozen. It only takes around 4 hours to freeze—or you can make it overnight. And it will last
in your freezer for up to 8 weeks. You will have lots of treats for your dogs. The next ice cream we are making is a fan-favorite
in our house, and that is Oatmeal & Cinnamon. Into our bowl put in your fresh banana, and
just mash it up like we did your other one. And then we’re going to add in some oatmeal.
Now this is cooked oatmeal. Now this is really good if you have cooked oatmeal leftover from
breakfast. I think that dogs really like this, at least my dog does anyway.
Waffles. No, not yet, not yet! Okay, I’m going to have to mix this in my
arms because Waffles can’t be trusted. So mix in your oatmeal. Okay there’s our oatmeal.
Waffles, wait a second. Okay, you can’t be trusted.
So our next ingredient is ground cinnamon. Now dogs love cinnamon. The thing about it
is, is that it’s good for dogs in cold countries, because it actually helps to warm them up,
and it’s good for dogs with arthritis. So there you go, another little helpful tip.
Our last ingredient is yogurt. It’s a good probiotic, and just in general good for your
dog’s overall well-being. Mix it up really well, no lumpy-bumpy bits.
So I didn’t forget about—earmuffs, Waffles—cats. The strawberry and banana ice cream is safe
for cats. I don’t recommend the other two because they have cinnamon and peanut butter.
Once it’s all mixed up, divide your ice cream into your little tubs. We’re going
to call this ice cream Oatmeal Cinnamon Chow. Chow is right. He has already eaten it all.
Not only does Waffles love this ice cream, but when we’re done, we’re actually going
to bring it to some of his friends in the neighborhood—Bella and Coco next-door, and
his girlfriend Cleo down the block. Will we go see Cleo? No, you’re not going now, you
gotta stay there. Okay, into freezer with this, and we’re
going to start on our next flavor. As you can see, Waffles is very excited for
this ice cream, because we are making Peanut Butter & Jelly Ice Cream. He absolutely loves
this. Don’t you love this ice cream? He loves it. So into our bowl, we’re going
to add in our bananas, and just like before, mash them up really nice and fine. Growing
up in Ireland, we had terriers as pets, and if any of you have them, you will know that
they are full of beans, they are feisty, they are sweet… Waffles is definitely a handful,
but he is such a sweet, little guy. After the banana, we are going to add in the peanut
butter—unsalted peanut butter. And make sure that it is smooth. You don’t want any
lumps in there because you want to make sure that the dog can eat them safely. So in with
our peanut butter. What I love about these ice creams is that I guarantee that if you
went to your cupboard right now, you’ll be able to make at least one of the flavors.
It’s all just regular food that is safe for doggies, and good for them too. Peanut
butter is great for dogs, because it’s high in Vitamin H, and that is good for their teeth,
and for their coat. We’re going to follow the peanut butter with some more yogurt.
he recipes for the doggie ice cream, and all of my other recipes can be found on
So for the jam, I have mashed up some strawberries, or you can even purée them. I’m going to
add them to kind of create a ripple effect, because you know, I go to a lot of trouble
to make our human ice creams look good, so why not do that for our dogs? So I don’t
know if you can see this, but my co-host is asleep on the job, so he’s not going to
be getting any peanut butter & jelly ice cream. So now it’s ready to go straight into your
tub. That is our ice cream, and we are going to call this Puppy PB&J.
Did you see the ice cream I made while you were asleep? He doesn’t care.
This is just so simple. This little guy is ready for the freezer. Once your ice cream is ready, you can share
it with your friends, big and small. It is summertime, it is hot out, so when your ice
cream is frozen, bring it outside and share it with your friends of all breeds, shapes,
and sizes. This doggie ice cream is a great treat. It is good for them, and it will cool
them down on the hot days. Follow me on my Snapchat and Instagram, and
you will see lots more of this guy. And I will see you back here next week for
more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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