ICE CREAM CHALLENGE! w/ Kurt Hugo Schneider

Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! I’m here with my
friend Kurt today. Kurt: What’s up guys!? Ro: I got so many requests from you guys to
play another challenge game, and Ro: to do the Ice Cream Challenge! Kurt: Aw
yeah! Ro: And I’m pretty excited! Ro: As some of you guys know my sister Molly
is super sensitive to dairy, Ro: so I asked you guys on Twitter, who you
would like me to play this game with, Ro: and I got so many requests for this guy! Ro: Kurt! Kurt! Kurt! Kurt! Ro: It is gonna be amazing, probably the best
challenge ever because I love Ice Cream! Kurt: Yeah, Ice Cream is pretty good! Ro:
I kind of feel sorry for Mo! Ro: A little bit. Mo: Dang it… Kurt: Thanks Mo! Ro: Sorry Molly! Ro: For those of you who are not familiar
with the ice cream challenge, we had our Ro: friends go out and get a bunch of different
flavors, so Kurt and I do not Ro: know what flavors… Kurt: It’s a mystery!
Ro: They’re gonna be. Kurt: All mystery flavors. Ro: We will both
be blindfolded, and we will Ro: taste each ice cream and guess which flavor
it is. If we guess it right, Ro: we get a point. Kurt: Nice, I remember this from last time,
but I, I didn’t get points last time… Kurt: I just, I don’t know, I need to work
on the getting points aspect. Ro: You’re gonna do good with the ice cream,
I think it will be easier. Ro: Because we eat ice cream way more than
we eat baby food. Kurt: That, that’s definitely true! Ro:
I’m not familiar with baby food, but I’m Ro: VERY familiar with ice cream! Ro: Here’s a good question, today if you
could get your dream ice cream flavor, Ro: what would it be? What’s your favorite
ice cream flavor? Kurt: For me? Ro; Yeah. Kurt: Chunky Monkey! Ro: Chunky Monkey? Kurt: Chunky Monkey! Ro:
Tell us about Chunky Monkey. Kurt: It’s, it’s awesome! It’s bananas
and walnuts but it’s got dark chocolate Kurt: pieces in there. Ro: I’m hoping there
will be mint chocolate chip! Kurt: Mmmm! Ro: That’s my favorite. Kurt:
Solid choice. Ro: Bring on the ice cream! Kurt: Do you have
your blindfold on? Ro: No! Kurt: I, I need all the help I can get! Kurt: You… Do not bring out the ice cream
without being blindfolded! Ro: Oh yeah! Oh yeah, let me put this on! Ro: OK, you ready for the first flavor? Kurt:
I’m ready! Ro: OK, you gotta get your little cup. Oh!
Little spoon! Ro: I don’t… This is so hard! Kurt: Mmmm!
Ro: I don’t know how much is on there! Kurt: Oh! Ro: Oh! This is a familiar flavor!
Kurt: I, I think I know this! Ro: One, two, three… Kurt: Coffee! Ro: Coffee Ice Cream! Kurt:
Yup! Ro: Huh! Both: Yes! Kurt: Mmmm. Ro: Point for both of us, ding,
ding! Ro: Kurt, are you pacing yourself? Kurt: I, you know, I’m just trying to stall
this section out… Kurt: So I have enough time to eat all the
ice cream! Ro: Oh, that’s like a good idea! Ro: I mean, let me get on there too! Ro: Mmmmm! Oh-hoo-hoo-hoo! Kurt: Brain freeze?
Ro: Yes! Kurt: Oh no, put the tongue on the roof of
your mouth! Ro: Oh no, this is headed off to a good start!
Kurt: Tongue on the roof of your mouth! Ro: On the roof? Kurt: Yeah. Hold it on the
roof of your mouth! Ro: Brain freeze! Off to a good start! Bring
on the next flavor! Kurt: Mmmm! Ro: Oh geez! Ro: That’s part of this challenge you guys,
is you have to blindfolded get a scoop Ro: of ice cream on your spoon! Kurt: Mmm! Kurt: There is… Ro: I can’t tell if I
have anything on there! Kurt: There’s things in it! Ro: Uh-oh! Oh… This is delicious, but what
is this? This is so good! Ro: I’m tasting a cinnamon in there. Ro: Oh my gosh, what is this? Ok, we gotta
guess, um… Ro: Let me take one more little bite. Ro: One, two, three… Ro: Gingerbread! Kurt: Gingersnap! Kurt: Oooh, wow! We got the same thing, gingersnap!
Ro: Yeah that’s what I thought! Kurt: It’s like, it tastes like there’s
gingersnaps inside! Kurt: It’s like cookie dough, with gingersnaps. Ro: Kurt… Kurt: What? Ro: Look what it is… Kurt: Snickerdoodle?!?! Ro: Snickerdoodle!
Kurt: Oh! Ro: Well you know what, we were so close,
we even got that it was a cookie. Kurt: Mmmhmm. Ro: And that it had cinnamon
in it. Ro: So this was
a close but no cigar! Ro: Onto the next flavor! Kurt: One to one! Kurt: Alright, flavor number three, let’s
do it! Still tied one to one! Ro: OK, ohp! There we go! Kurt: Yeah, half
the challenge, just eating the ice cream! Kurt: Man, this is like those things you eat
on the way out of restaurants. Ro: That’s what it tastes like! Ro: I wish I could see what color it is. because
if I could see what color it was Ro: it would probably help me… But I can’t! Ro: Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Both: One, two, three… Both: Chocolate Mint! Kurt: Yeah, I mean chocolate mint, chocolate
mints! Ro: How’d we do?!?! Kurt: Thin Mints? Ro: Oh my gosh! Kurt: Thin
Mint Girl Scouts. Oh! Ro: You guys! Girl Scouts, Thin Mint cookies. Kurt: So basically they’re just, they’re
all cookies. Kurt: Now, now we know… Cookies. Ro: That’s
where it tasted familiar. Ro: Girl Scout Season! Girl Scout Cookie Season! Kurt: OK. Ro: I put the Thin Mints, did you
ever take the cookies and you put them Ro: in the freezer, and then you eat them
cold? Kurt: No, I’ve never done that. Ro: Huh!
Kurt! Kurt: That sounds really good though! Ro: Kurt, let me teach you the ways of the
cookie! Ro: We’re both the judges, do we give ourselves
a half a point? Kurt: I don’t think it really matters, because,
we’re either both getting a point or neither Kurt: of us getting a point, so… Ro: I’m
a fan of the points! Ro: I’m gonna give us each a half a point! Kurt: Fourth flavor, now… Now Ro, you, you
peeked on this one, before this came out. Ro: It was an accident, I did peek, but it
was an accident! Ro: I was re-putting on my blindfold because
it was falling… Kurt: Mmmhmmm, yeah… Ro: And I saw a color. Kurt: A likely story!
Ro: I know that the color is an orange! Ro: And, I feel like it’s fair though, because
I told Kurt, that it’s orange! Kurt: It smells orange! Ro: Oooh! Kurt: Mmmmm! Ro: That’s not orange!
Kurt: It’s not orange! Ro: That’s not orange! That’s a… Kurt:
I mean that’s… That’s sherbert! Ro: Oh! Kurt: Or like… Sorbet! Ro: Ooooh! Ro: OK I think… I think I know. OK are you
ready? Kurt: Yeah I, I’m ready, I’m actually
pretty confident on this one! Both: One, two, three! Ro: Peach! Kurt: Mango! Both: Ohhhhhh! Kurt: Ohh-ho-ho! Mango! Ro: That’s a point for Kurt! Kurt: Mango, so, wait, back-story, I just got back
from the Philippines. Ro: Mmhmm. Kurt: And Mangos are huge in the Philippines.
Ro: Really? Kurt: I had tons of Mangos over there! Kurt: And, they’re also really orange…
So I kind of took that into account. Ro: Kurt knows his stuff. Not only is it mango,
but it is a Sorbet! Kurt: Oh man, bam! Ro: You know what’s up! Ro: Flavor number five! Kurt: Let’s do it! Kurt: I feel like I’m getting better at
picking up the spoon. Ro: Yeah me too! Do you think that we’re slowly
becoming like DareDevil? Ro: Is this what I think it is? Ro: Is this what I think it is?!?! Kurt: What,
what do you think it is? Kurt: Because I, I have no clue, honestly.
Ro: Oh wow! I’ve got some friends! Ro: Oh wow! Did you guys get a flavor that I… The, the one flavor that I hate? Ro: Oooooh! Kurt: What in the world is this
flavor!?! Ro: I’m shaking my finger at somebody, I
don’t know who I’m shaking it at… Ro: But, uh, somebody um. Oh! Cookie! See!
Even Cookie won’t eat it! That says something! Ro: One, two.. Both: Three. Kurt: Maple Syrup. Ro: Hazelnut! Kurt: Aw, dang it, is that what it is? Kurt: Hazelnut, wow, that’s… I would have
never pulled that out. Kurt: I would have never thought of that Ro: Cookie’s really upset! Kurt: She’s
comforting me. Ro: This, Cookie, help Kurt out, give him
the kisses! Kurt: Aw! Ah, what’s up! Kurt: You apparently have really strong feelings
about Hazelnuts! Kurt: Welp, next round! Kurt: We’re all tied up, we are back to
tied! 2-1/2, 2-1/2, this is… Ro: Maybe I should thank Hazelnut, it’s
because of hazelnut that we are tied. Kurt: Number six, let’s do it! Ro: This is really tripping me up because
I taste the vanilla, but then I taste more! Ro: Oh my! Oh! Both: One, two, three… Both: Strawberry Cheesecake! Kurt: Oh! Snap!
Is that it?!?! Kurt: Raspberry Cheesecake! Ro: I think we both get 1/2 a point! Kurt: Alright. Ro: Because it was cheesecake! Kurt: Seventh flavor, and I feel like I should
have paced myself. Kurt: I think I’ve been… I’ve been like
finishing the ice cream, I don’t think Kurt: that was the point, to finish the ice
cream. Ro: That’s always the point! Ro: That’s a good, that’s good! Kurt:
Well, I didn’t want to waste the ice cream! Kurt: Mmmmm, that like reminds me of something.
Ro: Whoa! This is very odd. Ro: And the chunks are not very sweet! Ro: Was your chunks sweet? Kurt: No… Ro:
No? Kurt: No… Ro: Um, Kurt: My chunk was, was nutty. Ro: Woo that is strong! Kurt: I got a…
I got a guess. Ro: Yeah. Ro: Yeah, I think I know what this is too. Both: One, two, three… Both: Pistachio! Kurt: Yeah. Ro: Yeah that. Kurt: Yeah. Ro:
Yeah! Kurt: Mhmm! Kurt: I should stop eating all the ice cream! Ro: We’re on the eighth flavor, it is neck
and neck, we are tied and there are Ro: three more to go! So, this is becoming
real! Kurt: Yeah. Ro: Oh and find your mouth, come on Ro! You
can do it! Kurt: Hmmmmmm! Ro: Oh, OK up a little. Kurt: Hmmm… Ro: Ooooh, yeah! I only taste one flavor, I don’t taste two… Ro: Yeah, we did get a hint that there’s
two flavors, but I only taste one flavor! Ro: And I love this flavor! I just… Oh!
Oh! Oh! Kurt: Hmm? Ro: I can’t tell you! Ro: Do you think that they were just trying to
trip us up? Ro: Do you think it is only one flavor? And
they’re trying… Kurt: No, no I got a chunk. Ro: You got a chunk? Kurt: Mmhmmm. Ro: Oh,
I want a chunk! Ro: Oooh, where’s my chunk? Ro: No chunk…. Ro: No chunk…. Kurt: I’m, I, I, I think I know. Ro: No
chunk…. Kurt: Alright, what, what are you doing over
there? Are you just like? Ro: I’m trying, I’m trying to get a chunk
too! Ro: Oooh, ooooh, ooooh! Ooooooooh! Ooooooh!
Kurt: Oh my lord! Ro: Oh brain freeze! Oh brain freeze, brain
freeze! Brain Freeze! Ooooh, oooh, oooh! Kurt: Tongue on the roof of your mouth! Ro: Ooooh, oooh, oooh! Ooooh! Kurt: Wow your brain freeze sounds a lot different
than my brain freeze when Kurt: I get brain freeze. Ro: Bbbbbbbbb! Kurt: Are you opening the ice cream? Ro: Maybe… Ro: I haven’t eaten ice cream that fast
since a bad breakup! It’s been awhile! Ro: OK, are you ready to guess? Kurt: Yeah
I, I’ve got my guess. Ro: One, two, three. Ro: Coconut! Kurt: Coconut Pineapple! Ro: Ohhhhhh! Kurt: I’m pretty sure those
chunks were pineapple! Ro: You were right! Kurt: Oh snap! Pineapple
Coconut! Ro: Wow! Alright, that is a point for Kurt! Ro: And, I’m gonna do a half a point, because
I got half of this right. Ro: There’s two more flavors left, and,
the game is very close! Ro: Kurt has 5 points and I have 4-1/2. Kurt: I’m getting nervous! Getting a little
nervous here! Ro: This is one of the closest games I think
I’ve ever had with someone! Ro: Like this is really close! Ro: Ohp! Whoa! Kurt: Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Ro: It was really salty right when it hit, hit! And now it’s weird. Kurt: Wait, what is that taste? Ro: Oh! I just choked on something! Both: One, two, three. Kurt: Gingerbread. Ro: Caramel Sea Salt and Cookies! Kurt: S’mores? Ro: What? That does not taste like s’mores! Ro: Bring on the last flavor! Kurt: Whew, oh man! Ro: All comes down to this one! Kurt: Yeah we are only a half point difference. Ro: Oh, uh! Kurt: Hmmmm. Ro: This is very familiar! Ro: I really gotta think about what this one is. It’s super important! Ro: Everything comes down to this! Ro: I know what this is, I’ve had it before,
this is a flavor I recognize! I’m ready! Both: One, two, three. Ro: Funfetti! Kurt: Happy Birthday Cake! Kurt: Oh! Oh! Ro: No! Kurt: Oh! Oh snap!
Oh my god! Oh snap! Kurt: I mean Birthday Bash… Happy Birthday
cake! That’s like… Ro: I thought it was Funfetti cake! You know
the rainbow cake? Funfetti cake? Background: Yeah Ro I think you get a point for it because there’s specks in it. Mo: Read the description. Ro: Kurt, what’s the description? Kurt:
Cake flavored dairy dessert with confetti Kurt: and blue icing swirl. Ro: That’s Funfetti! Ro: It’s confetti, so can I get a half a
point? Kurt: You can get however many points you want,
because it don’t matter! Kurt: It don’t matter! Mmmmm! Revenge! Ro: Bbb-bbb-bbb! Bbbbb-bbbb-bbb-bbb-bbbbbb! Ro: Congratulations to our victor Kurt, of
the Ice Cream Challenge! Kurt: Final score was, psch! To bam! Ro: Mmmhmmm, close game! Kurt: Yeah and I
think that brings us to one and one on our challenges. Ro: Yep, overall, I have won one challenge,
the baby food challenge. Kurt: Mmmhmm, it was not a good one for me!
Ro: No… Ro: And now Kurt’s won one, Ice Cream, thanks
you guys for suggesting this. Ro: This was one of the funnest games to play
because I think it was one of the yummiest! Kurt: Yeah, everything was good. Ro: And a big thanks to Kurt for coming to
play today, this was so much fun! Ro: And thanks you guys for suggesting that we
do this together, I had a blast! Kurt: Thank you guys it’s always awesome,
coming out here, thank you! Ro: Yeah! I have a good time. And I’ll be
putting all of Kurt’s links down Ro: below, so if you want to go say hi to
Kurt, go say hi to him on Twitter or Ro: Instagram or whatever! Kurt: You guys want to see any more challenge
videos you can find them right, psch! Kurt: There! Ro: Or here! Ro: And if you guys have any other ideas for
any other games or challenges that Ro: we should play, please let us know, leave
us a comment down below. Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye!
Kurt: Bye!

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