ICE Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Tafuri, Pastry Chef, Rotisserie Georgette

Jennifer Tafuri: Pastry was always on the
back burner. It was never came to the fore until I was very unhappy at my job. I grew
up baking with my grandparents. It’s always something I like doing. It’s something I was
good at naturally but it was never something I thought I would do professionally. I went
to Boston University. I got a degree in Anthropology and I ended getting a job where I stayed for
seven years. I decided to go for a tour at ICE and the next day I signed up. I loved
school and I loved my externship. It was lot of sacrifice but I’m glad I’m here. I wanted
to challenge myself. I thought Rotisserie Georgette was a good step. Georgette Farkas: When we’re looking at new
hires, we have a lot of confidence knowing that a student from ICE has developed what
I would call foundation skills and a foundation of knowledge. Jennifer Tafuri: If you are a career changer
I would say think all your options through fully. Getting formally trained was important
to me: having the basic foundation, you need that. I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing.
I’m really happy that I choose to go to school. Life is short and if you’re not happy where
you are and you have a passion elsewhere, go for it.

1 thought on “ICE Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Tafuri, Pastry Chef, Rotisserie Georgette

  1. Great video and an inspiration. As another "Career Changer" it is great to see these stories. Affirms my own decision to choose a Culinary Education and specifically at ICE. #iceculinary

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