How to Throw a Cookie Exchange Party

How to Throw a Cookie Exchange Party. If you have a weakness for all things gooey
and chewy, get together with other cookie enthusiasts in a fun, festive atmosphere. You will need Plastic containers Recipe copies
Festive table cloth Place cards and refreshments. Step 1. Invite friends and neighbors that have the
same affinity for baking as yourself. Stress that they should bring one type of
cookie to share with everyone. Keep track of who is baking what for the most
variety, and award those who respond first with their choice of cookie to bake. Step 2. Ask everyone to bring a half dozen cookies
per person if you have 10 or more people coming. For a smaller gathering, make sure that contributions
result in a full dozen cookies per person. Step 3. Remind your guests to bring plastic containers
to take their samples home to share. Ask people to bring copies of their recipe
to share as well. Step 4. Bake your treats a day or two ahead of time
and store in an air-tight container until the big day — just try not to indulge in
your samples ahead of time. Step 5. Set up a table where the cookies will be displayed
with a festive table cloth. Put out pens and place cards so everyone knows
what kind of cookies they are and who made them. Plan your exchange around a holiday such as
Halloween, Christmas, or even the Fourth of July for an added touch. Step 6. Set out refreshments like coffee, tea, water,
or milk. If the party is being held around a fall or
winter holiday, set out hot chocolate or spiced tea. Now, sit back and enjoy each person’s delicious
treats and company. Did you know In 1922, all 2,000 Girl Scouts
regularly sold cookies to raise money for their troop at 25 to 35 cents per dozen.

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