How to temper chocolate in microwave?

HOW TO TEMPER IN THE MICROWAVE We are now going to pre-crystallise chocolate by using a microwave, which is the fastest and ideal method of crystallising a small quantity of chocolate. I’m now going to put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. When tempering or pre-crystallising chocolate in the microwave, always heat up the chocolate at full power, yet, for a short while. Then, take it out and mix it well, before putting it back into the microwave. It’s the best way to keep chocolate from burning, because that would really be a shame and spoil its great taste. So, in total, we have had it for about 1 minute and 20 seconds in the microwave. And as we can see, the chocolate has started to melt nicely. The most important thing now is to stir thoroughly through the chocolate, so you melt away most of the chocolate while stirring it. Movement is still a very important part of crystallisation. But as we can see now, there’s still way too much lumps and it’s still way too thick. So let’s put it back in the microwave for another couple of seconds. As we can see now, the chocolate has a bigger fluidity, but there’re still a few lumps inside. We’re not going to re-melt it in a microwave though, we’re just going to keep stirring until the lumps disappear. Again, movement is the most important part of crystallising chocolate. So as we can see now, after stirring for only about two minutes, we have a nice and fluid chocolate without any lumps. And the temperature should be okay. Let’s double-check with the thermometer. As we can see, we’re at about 31°C, which is ideal for dark chocolate. We’re going to do another test with a palette knife, just to be safe. We’re going to leave the palette knife on the marble top for about a minute. And then it should be hard and crystallised. So we’re one minute later now, and as you can see, the chocolate is completely crystallised. So it’s nice and hard. But it needs another 12 hours to crystallise completely. The method is exactly the same, if we’re going to use milk or white chocolate. Though the temperature for milk chocolate should be at about 31°C, and for white chocolate at about 29°C. And that’s how easy it is to crystallise with Callets™.

9 thoughts on “How to temper chocolate in microwave?

  1. Why does it say the perfect temperature for dark chocolate is 31C when the crystallization curve on the packet says 34C?

  2. What is the best method to use if I want to coat with fruits or doing chocolate sail? Using microwave or chocolate machine?

  3. I have a question. I see that in the video you basically decrystallized it using the microwave, but taking it directly to 31C. I was under the impression that you needed to take it to 49C first (Proper decrystallization), then take it down to 28C either by seeding or table, and finally take it back to the 31C to use it. Are you saying that with the Microwave method this is not needed? (I want to be sure)

  4. I have a question. Altough tempering the chocolate at the true temperature and put them to the refragirator( my home ref's degree is 4 centigrate) when I take them from refregirator, they easily melt. What must I do in order not be melt? Please answer me….

  5. Hi! Which one of callebaut chocolates is perfect for moulding n making clusters n barks? Will 823 n 811 serve the purpose?

  6. My teacher didn't believe me that we had to temper chocolate

    So when we made chocolate decorations they melted

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