How To Make Sweet Shortcrust Pastry – Easy Recipe For Sweet Shortcust Pastry – Simple Tart Pastry

Welcome to the back to school. What
have you, enjoyed this snippet, everyone on courses and if you’d like
to learn how to cook like professional home, click on the link below. So
what would you say to be pastry? And this is the base that
we use for most of tops. What we’ve got here is a butter, sugar flour that it was so nice and
first you can do is just mixed together. Our sugar up end [inaudible]
let’s turn that on to those days. We can do this by hand
as well on the chair. It’s just going to bring that
together just so it’s incorporated. You don’t want to be
and B and beats it. Uh, cause otherwise you end up
with is a really, really um, high constriction of air insights which
will make your pastry rise regularly. See any time we cream,
butter and sugar did, we’ve got a lot of air into
it is when we’re making cakes. So now that the boxers sugar together
slowly at the X one at a time. [inaudible] [inaudible] I think machines struggling to incorporate
all the X just going to scrape the bowl down. Especially. And that should get everything’s in the
middle and make it a lot easier for the machines and go for X [inaudible] [inaudible] it’s not the exit oriented, it’s
just finish off with the flower just on a really low speed just to bring
it together. Don’t want to be too much. Just going to bring the mix. So nine stone [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] okay, so when it comes together in that
pace, just going to not go for the, I don’t know. Then she gonna scrape down the sides of
the bowl just to make sure that all the flour is off the bottom. Nice.
Cool. It incorporates it. Nothing left. Stuck to
the edge of the bowl. And then just give it another few
seconds just to pick up any of the excess flour that’s on there. [inaudible] see I don’t want like it too much, just so my strips and boots are in
the cloud too much and you take off and then should be a nice
paste. So you didn’t, something like that. Quite
soft. It won’t be like a dove. It’d be more like a base to quite sure. And then we’ll get into spit it out
into the table, just recommending them. So I’d always scraped everything else
they were first just to make sure if there’s any lumps of flour that it
stuck on the bottom. Like just here. You can swap that in. [inaudible] just make sure you got a nice make deck. Should it not CSV should have any flower
patches or any hatches from the egg to be not [inaudible] color and
texture. And you should take that. I hope it’s okay. Well, spray it outside and then wrap up. Then you’ll probably see the first
arrests and wants to cool down and chills. It’s gonna be quiet. Um, and I’d be just the right texture to be
had to roll out sweet sheets and they would be lying on a top shelf. Pop it in the fridge. [inaudible] don’t forget to click the link below
to find out even like a professional [inaudible].

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