1. Hi my name is Sariah (4 yrs old ) and I want to ask you if you could make some Elsa doll cookies and I have a new Elesa and Anaia doll today. I just love how you make good things to eat. My Nana is helping me talk to you.
    Bye bye

  2. I have all of your baking line your book you are amazing I’m kind of geek myself and I love to bake and you make it come to life thank you for what you do keep up the amazing work

  3. How do I upload a picture of what I've baked? Ro is always suggesting to upload pics but I'm not super tech-savvy and can't figure it out! Thanks!

  4. Rosana, my 9 year son loves your channel. It has inspired him to bake his own cookies and macrons. I wish there was a way to show you some pictures.

  5. Hi Rosanna, as you know, my 9-year old has been inspired by your Nerdy Nummies show. Thank you. However, it is not helping with my weight loss journey. Can you make some Keto-friendly cookies that you can teach my son to bake? ?

  6. Have you thought about using wax wrapper instead of plastic? I would love for baking to be more environmentally conscious 🙁

  7. i tried to do the flippy thing after its in the fridge for 1 hour and my dough fell on the floor lolll

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