How to make SLIME Glue with baking Soda | Slime safe for kids !

hi guys welcome back to my channel I hope you like it keep on watching hi guys today I’m gonna make a video when i am gonna make a slime slime is something like sticky something can play with end if you dont know how watch till the end of the video we’re putting a plastic
cover over my table so it wont be sticky coz slime is actually sticky now I’m gonna show
you the ingredient ingredients is baking soda, this is hot water but you have to be carefull if ur a little elmers GLUE , food colouring bowl and you need
a measuring spoon for the hot water to know let’s start making we’re gonna use my next ingredient I’m gonna mix it up with a fork i am gonna put the baking soda to the hot water guys i was keep on mixing and mixing and
nothing was working when we were watching the video and then when we were doing it, still not working we were
doing that FOREVER i think this is FAIL look at this slime nothing is working guys tell us in the comment if u ever make a Fail slime and tell us if u still like it i will probably make another slime , another day, and see if its works i hope you guys still press the SUBCRIBE button so BYE , I HOPE u guys still like this FAIL SLIME

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