How to Make Red, White and Blue Swirl 4th of July Cupcakes

Looking for an easy and fun way to bring a
little pop of color into your Fourth of July Cupcakes Wilton’s Color Swirl, three color coupler makes it
easy to incorporate red, white and blue on one cupcake or any
other sweet treat begin by measuring one cup of icing into a mixing bowl color your icing red using the a quick count color formula chart found in your Color Right Performance Color System. Using those same Wilton tools, color your icing blue Wilton’s Tri-Color Coupler comes with three interlocking
couplers and a coupler ring. Take three 16 inch decorating bags and fit each with one of the interlocking couplers cut the bag for the coupler fit all three couplers together and
fasten with your tip this coupler works with a Tip 1M 1A, 2C or 3B but I’ll be using Tip 1M. Fill each bag with
a different coupler be sure not to fill your bags too much, otherwise you lose pressure control. Fill each bag
evenly with a different color complete with a 1M swirl and BAM
just like that you have a treat that’s more show-stopping then the fireworks

34 thoughts on “How to Make Red, White and Blue Swirl 4th of July Cupcakes

  1. I have a CHOCOLATE EIFFEL TOWER tutorial and a CHOCOLATE BIG BEN tutorial over on my channel, it would be awesome if you could check it out!

  2. Looks like Colgate a bit. But a fab idea nonetheless!

    Also Wilton, who in the UK details your candy melts melting pot? I know hobbycraft and Lakeland do the melts but I'm looking for the pot!:)

  3. Yes…nice video…presented to us showing items needed, good background, volume great and clear voice talking to adults…this is great!

  4. Ik that i might be 12 yrs old but i really like to bake i already know how to make a cake, cake pops, cupcakes…. And more so all u people that like to bake go ahead and do it try i bake for my family tomorrow i am making those 4th of july cupcakes to celebrate

  5. Great video !!! Hi I am a small British you tuber and it would be awesome if you checked out my channel !!! Thanks !!!

  6. I got all the same materials but when I did it the icing what so hard to pipe out and the white icing bag popped

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