– Hi, guys! If you don’t know me, my name is Morgan. I post new videos every week
of new things I’m trying, whether that’s food or DIY or just sharing with you
a little bit of my life. So if you like the sounds of
that, be sure to subscribe. We’d love to have you as a
part of our little family, so today I’m going to be showing you how to make edible cookie dough. I was inspired by the new shop in New York city called Dough. I don’t know if you’ve seen this online, but basically it’s like
an ice cream parlor but with cookie dough. So, of course, I needed to try it; and because I’m not flying to
New York city any time soon, I thought I would try
and make a dupe at home. Funny enough, I’m on the Whole30, so I can’t actually have any sugar; and that includes like maple
syrup and stuff like that too, so I have my sister over
to be my taste tester. – Hey. – So I’m gonna figure out how
to make this cookie dough, and then she is going to, like, assemble what she feels like putting
into it and test it out and let you guys know
what she thinks of it and whether you should make it at home, which, I mean, you probably should. All right, let’s get started. All right, so the first thing that’s going into our bowl
is half a cup of coconut oil. I’m making this one into
a vegan cookie dough because I’m already not
gonna be using eggs; so I figured if I’m not using eggs anyway, this may as well be good
for my vegan friends and I also try to cut down
on the amount of dairy that I’m eating on a regular basis, so this will be good for that
once I can eat these again. There we go, and I think this calls
for almond milk anyway, so I just won’t add any almond milk to it. Okay, so it’s in this
sort of clumpy state, but I’m gonna add in a little bit of flour so that hopefully it gets
a little bit less clumpy. All right, the recipe that I’m using calls for a full cup of flour; so I’m pouring in the whole cup. This is actually, this is looking better. It’s looking like cookie dough. All right, so this looking pretty good. Blair said that it tastes
actually quite nice, just a lot like coconut
and a lot like maple syrup; but I think once we ad
in some almond extract and some vanilla extract,
it should taste better. Pouring in a touch of vanilla,
a little bit of almond. So now we have what is
essentially a three ingredient cookie dough with coconut
oil, maple syrup, and flour; and of course if you’re a gluten free, you can totally use like a
gluten free flour for this. But I’m not, so I don’t
have any lying around; and I’m going to take this
and put it into the fridge to chill for probably about 30 minutes so that I can take it out and
mix in all of the ingredients. Okay, guys, so we are almost ready to go. I am just finishing up
melting some caramel down. How good does that look? It smells really good, and I’m really sad that I
don’t get to have any; but– – [Blair] I’m happy that I do. – Blair’s gonna come over now and show you how to make all these combos. Okay, so here is our cookie dough, so there’s the cookie dough; I’m gonna let you take it away, Blair. I’m gonna get out of here. – All right, so, I guess
I’ll just add the salt because I wanted it salty. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait for it. – [Morgan] Salty. – Yeah, just like me. I don’t know if other people should do this with their hands. You should probably wash your hands first. Okay, I’m adding in caramel because, like, it’s good that way. Just putting that in, and I think I’m gonna
add some chocolate chips. Oh, I need more. More. Chips over here. That went well. Oh, I got the– (mumbles) – [Morgan] The caramel
ribbon, is it really hot? – No. – [Morgan] That’s good. I was worried I was gonna burn you. Mom wouldn’t be happy
with me if I did that. – No. – (mumbles) like caramel and– – [Morgan] Nice. – Yeah, actually (mumbles). So, I’m gonna be making the s’mores one. This is like, yeah, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and graham crackers. All right, so, actually I’ll
put these off to the side because we need to crush
this, is what I’m thinking. So, do you have a rolling pin or something? Or should I just, like, punch it. – [Morgan] Yeah, just punch it. – Okay. One, two, three. Wow, I’m pretty good at that. Release my stress. What am I, like, who am I kidding? I don’t really have any stress. Okay, let’s get some chocolate chips. That was satisfying. – That was the least
satisfying thing ever. I’m just gonna like– I remember doing this with like Play doh. We’re gonna add mini marshmallows. I’ve actually just been like eating these the whole time, like offscreen. It’s been really bad. I think I like, I’m gonna
try to eat the cookie dough; and I’m just gonna be too full because I ate like 30 marshmallows. I don’t wanna add too many
marshmallows, maybe a few more. Because marshmallows don’t
really taste like anything. They’re just like sweet. And then take our graham cracker crumbs. You know what? Marble Slab should hire me. – [Morgan] This is basically what this is. It’s like Marble Slab. – Yeah, yeah; except with cookie dough. – [Morgan] Yeah. – I think they should just
like stop making ice cream at Marble Slab and just do cookie dough. – [Morgan] I would be
really happy with that. If Marble Slab is having
a hard time right now, they should definitely do that. – Okay, that’s enough. I need to stop. – [Morgan] For anyone who’s wondering, these are just from like Home Sense. They’re just little cupcake–
– They’re really pretty. – [Morgan] Containers. Blair and I both really like them. Okay, last one. – All right, now we’re just gonna make– oh, yeah, we have our sprinkles and our birthday cake cookies. So it’s like cookie inception. So I guess this is like
technically like funfetti. I love that word, funfetti, so much fun. Nobody’s sad while eating funfetti. Oh, yes, this works better. That’s really fun to do,
just like sink it in there. Drown your cookie in cookie. Okay. Oh, yeah. That looks good. – [Morgan] Oh, I didn’t
realize you were doing that. I was, like, I’m done recording; and then you upped the
ante with more cookies. – I told you. I told you. I literally told you. I was like, okay, so
when we’re doing this, I’m gonna put cookies on top. – [Morgan] I didn’t take you seriously. – You should because I’m
a very serious person with my cookie dough. – Okay, so, Blair has finished making all of our different creations. Here’s the funfetti one, and sweet and salty and, anyway, I’m just totally stealing your thunder. You should just– – That’s okay. – I think you should just try them. – I kind of just want to
eat them at this point. I got my big spoon ready. Yeah, okay. Well, I guess people will
just watch me eat now. How is that not weird? Oh boy, this is so satisfying. Okay, well, oh yeah, I’m trying sweet and salty right now, by the way. Yeah, pretty good. So many marshmallows. I’m actually gonna like
be so sick after this, like I’ve eaten so much. Mm. It’s good. – [Morgan] You’re still in it. – What are you filming? Oh. – [Morgan] You. – Back on me, okay. Oh my lord, I’ve eaten so much, okay. So, now I’m gonna try the funfetti with the cookies inception,
cookiesumption, cookieception. Okay, whatever, I need to stop. Yeah, here we go. – Yeah, it was basically
Blair’s cooking show, so I hope you guys had fun with that. I mean, I know we did So if you want to see Blair back or if you wanna see more ideas for cookie dough combinations, be sure to comment down
below and we’ll see you in– I will see you in the next video. – Yeah, I probably won’t. Bye. – Bye. Okay.


  1. I absolutely loved this – such great tips!
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe – it looks SO yummy! And for creating videos that will inspire and motivate others to live a productive and positive lifestyle 🙂
    I make videos about full time travel, vegan diet and online work (feel free to check them out if you get chance).
    I just subbed and I can't wait to see more!

  2. You are so pretty and I love your hair! Great video! SUBBED! Check out my channel if you get a chance and sub if you like! 😀

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