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Hey guys I’m Vanjo Merano of today we’ll cook *drum roll* Puto Cake yes guys, Puto Cake. It’s a bigger version of puto It’s like a regular puto but more fluffy and in a bigger mould and then we’ll top it with thinly sliced salted egg and the difference of puto cake from a regular puto is it’s lighter, fluffier, more raised because we’ll use an ingredient that you can see in making cake what I’m referring to is the cake flour, a type of flour when we make a cake we usually use all purpose flour in making puto are you ready? let’s start! here are the ingredients for our puto cake recipe cake flour evaporated milk or “evaporada”, 1 big can granulated white sugar this is the regular type of sugar that we use in coffee, chocolate, or milk baking powder, it will make the puto cake rise salted egg in Philippines, salted egg is painted in red here in America, it’s covered with red plastic but the shell looks like just a regular egg regular chicken eggs, raw. We’ll use this in mixing the ingredients salt these are all the ingredients we need the complete list of ingredients can be found at the end of this video so you’re ready to gather the ingredients let’s start making Puto Cake we need a big mixing bowl we’re going to mix all the ingredients in this bowl we’ll mix this manually, without the help of a stand or electric mixer we’ll use wire whisk so you can see closely how to do it It’s very simple. Ok let’s start get a sieve this is the sieve we’ll need to mix the dry ingredients first. What are these dry ingredients? cake flour, sugar, baking powder and salt it’s best to sieve these so place the cake flour in the sieve sieve the cake flour so coagulated flour won’t go in. Notice there are coagulated flour that didn’t pass through. We don’t want that. Let’s remove those alright and then the sugar. We’re using granulated white sugar that we use in coffee every morning but I stopped using sugar in my coffee. I changed to black coffee. They say it’s healthier and helps avoid diabetes discard the sugar that did not pass through I’ll discard it in the sink now we’re sure that these are fine powder here goes the baking powder for sieving usually baking baking powder are fine powder. See all went through next is the salt. This is fine iodized salt. If you use rock salt of course it cannot pass through so we’re done with the first set of ingredients, the dry ingredients. And now, we’ll carefully add the milk and egg I’ll get my wire whisk, wait here’s the wire whisk. Mix well before we add the milk and egg. Make sure all the dry ingredients are mixed well then we’ll add the milk and egg. Here goes the milk. Add the milk little by little while mixing add a bit more. Alright there you go I start mixing at the middle if I do it manually then I mix wider so I can get the ingredients on the sides add more ok let’s scrape the powder on the sides. I think we now have enough liquid to do that let’s pour all the milk making puto is very easy. What we’re doing right now is the batter or mixture mix well For the newbies, we’ll cook puto by steaming. We need to use steamer. I’ll tell you more about steamer later so mix mix mix, there you go it’s already mixed well so let’s add the egg. Break the egg we need 2 pieces of egg. Here’s 1, and 2. There you go once we add the egg, we really need to mix it well. Make sure the egg yolk broke and the egg is mixed very well with the other ingredients notice our mixture is getting thicker so here it is. That’s all for the puto mixture if you’re one of those who buys puto mix in groceries, actually, you don’t need buy that anymore unless the ingredients are not available in your location just know the ingredients. You can save money and you can make more puto because it’s just the same. You still have to add egg, milk or water depending on the packaging instruction by the way, I mentioned earlier to use evaporated milk here. If you prefer your puto to be not so creamy, you can use water instead of milk. That’s alright the outcome will not be very rich and creamy but if you prefer that way, it’s ok too our mixture is done let’s set this aside. We’ll talk about the steamer. Let me set this aside. the steamer is stored in front. Let me get it first. So 1, I have another one at the bottom, there you go about steamer, we have 2 kinds of steamer. these are the regular steamer that we can place on top of a stove electric steamer is a different story but when we talk about steamer on top of the stove, we have here a bamboo steamer I usually use this in making siomai, siopao, small puto, and other kinds of dumplings for steaming the second type of steamer is a regular steamer. I often use this for siopao because it’s deeper. The siopao can fit in here I took them out here so we can talk about the right steamers. To make sure we’ll make the best puto cake in bamboo steamer, as you can see, the leche flan mould is already here. So the size of a leche flan mould can fit in here. Very simple if we cover it with bamboo cover, we don’t need to put cheese cloth to absorb the moisture because the bamboo cover can do the moisture absorption. It means there will be no more droplets in metal steamer, if we put the mould with mixture here, once the water evaporated, the droplets may go to the mixture. We don’t want that to happen, so we need cheesecloth to do the moisture absorption so here’s the message: if you’re going to use metal steamer, use cheesecloth. if you’re going to use bamboo steamer, no need for cheesecloth and for the demonstration, let’s do the easier way. Let’s use the bamboo steamer so we don’t need to use cheesecloth now we’re done with the mixture, let’s steam the puto cake. But before that, let’s boil water first we’ll use this water for steaming let me mix the batter again just to make sure nothing coagulated there you go. Mix while waiting for water to boil once we’re done mixing, next is prepare the mould, ok? I will use this leche flan mould. Any mould will do. Any round baking pan or cake pan that can fit in you steamer will do grease the mould. So it’s easier to remove the puto cake later. If we grease the mould, the mixture will stick on the mould. let’s do it on both moulds for this demonstration, we’ll use 2 moulds definitely you can use as many moulds as you want for our puto mixture I grease both moulds next step is scoop the mixture put some puto mixture in the mould here’s one mould set aside here’s the second mould we’ll use the rest of the mixture later with the same procedure did you notice the mould is not full? I have a simple explanation because the mixture contains baking powder. Baking powder is the one responsible for rising the puto, cake etc. make extra room for the puto to rise if not, it will overflow now that it’s ready, place it on the bamboo steamer, there you go. very simple the water is boiling, it means it’s ready place the bamboo steamer here now let’s talk about the steaming time usually small puto is 20 minutes, but that’s a small puto this one is bigger, more mixture in a mould. That’s why we need more time to steam it. It’s about 25-30 minutes, but of course it’s best to check it one way to test it is the toothpick test, do you know that? get a clean regular toothpick (I bet you already know what a toothpick is), for example we already steamed this, poke the puto with the toothpick take out the toothpick and check if there are still mixture, if it is, steam longer but if it doesn’t have mixture anymore, it means it’s ready, ok? since the water is boiling, cover the steamer. I’m using a bamboo steamer so no need for cheese cloth anymore steam the puto while steaming, let’s prepare the salted egg we’ll peel the egg then slice the egg thinly better to slice it lengthwise so we can have the whole egg shape let’s open this is quite difficult to open. There you go have you tried peeling a salted egg? you’re so hard working if you’re able to do that. Let’s try it crack the egg then take out the shell one by one. You know what’s the problem here? Notice, it’s hard to peel the shell we have to do it little by little because it sticks, ok? I’m not saying it’s impossible to peel the shell. We can still do it but I want to share to you the easier way. I’m not sure if it will work out to everybody I’ll show you first the hard way this is also good as long as you break it it really depends on the egg quality but I think this egg is good because the egg white doesn’t stick on the shell, so this is the hard way were almost done there you go, the hard way we need patience for this method be careful, I hope we don’t break the egg white. There you go, good! See we didn’t break it we’re good. Let’s discard the shell egg #1 is the hard way then here’s egg #2 this will be the easy way. I’ll show you both methods, it’s up to you which one you prefer it’s not because I said it, it automatically means it’s the right way. It really depends on your preference. I’m just showing you my options and suggestions because these methods works for me so crack the egg then slice it in half using a knife there’s a tendency for the yolk to stick on the knife, but that’s ok. Let me have it. Mmm~ yummy! so the easy way is, scoop the egg all the way using a spoon. Since we’ll slice it later so we can easily get the egg that’s only the half here’s the other half so there you go. Repeat the procedure look it’s oily, it’ll definitely be delicious there you go the second one is quite difficult but it’s alright. Ok good! alright done! As you can see there are remaining egg white here but that should be fine I’ll just eat it. Delicious So, there you go those are the 2 methods choose which one is convenient for you if you’re in a hurry, I suggest you choose method #2. Cut in half then scoop using a spoon let’s discard the shell in cutting the egg, I prefer the knife to be a bit damp to avoid the eggs from adhering I’ll show you. Let’s start with egg #2. Cut it on you palm but if your a newbie, use a chopping board to cut it you might press too hard and accidentally cut your hand. So that’s it slide it here there you go, slide it here again continue with this method, later will try on the chopping board there you go. Ok let’s set this aside this one’s a bit thick let’s try on the chopping board method there’s an extra shell over here. Let’s remove it let’s try the chopping board method, looks better let’s make it thinner. It’s not dangerous because we’re using the chopping board in my suggestion, use the chopping board if you want thinner slice and you won’t be afraid to cut yourself ok? The egg jumped, it’s still alive let’s do that to this egg. Cut into half beautiful there you go then the same thing, slice it before the puto becomes fully steamed, will top it with egg. Cool! at this point, we can now top the puto with egg the puto has risen it’s not yet fully cooked and we can top it now with egg here’s the sliced salted egg let’s choose the good ones for presentation there you go place on top the puto mixture is still hot press down the salted egg a bit be careful, it’s still hot. Use gloves to protect your hands use gloves not mittens because you won’t be able to hold the egg properly. I can feel the hot vapor, it hurts so be careful by the way, I haven’t told you, the puto mixture taste was ok for me I think this is the basic puto cake ingredients it’s all basic except for the salted egg because this makes if more flavorful if you want to improve the taste, add vanilla extract or vanilla essence to the puto mixture in terms of salted egg, it’s up to you how many egg slices you want to add if it’s for your meal it’s better to be generous with your ingredients but if it’s for buisiness, balance out the cost so you won’t get bankrupt I mentioned vanilla extract and vanilla essence, so what’s the difference between the 2? vanilla extract is the real extract from vanilla bean. vanilla essence is flavored chemical, so that’s the difference vanilla essence is cheaper than vanilla extract if you don’t want vanilla extract, you may use lemon rind the lemon fruit, we’ll grate the lemon peel then mix with the mixture to remove egg’s gamey taste. That’s actually the purpose of the vanilla extract and lemon rind after topping it with salted egg, cover the steamer and continue steaming until puto cake totally cooked let’s check it out guys it has been 25 minutes, let’s see if it’s cooked I’m holding a toothpick. We’ll do the toothpick test poke it with a toothpick and check. There are still some more mixture, so let’s continue steaming for another 5 minutes. Then we’ll check again ok guys, let’s check again after 5 minutes, we’re on our 30 minute mark let’s poke on the same position. Ouch it’s hot oooh! becareful it’s hot no more mixture adhered in the toothpick. It means our puto cake is now ready so let’s turn off the heat. and let’s remove the puto cake. Wait I’ll get some mittens it’s very hot. Be careful. Don’t burn yourself with the hot steam then let’s cool down the temperature see guys? It looks nice. Once it has cooled down, remove it from the mould then transfer to a serving plate or wherever you want to put it at this point, our puto cake is ready it means it’s not hot anymore. We can now handle it let’s see if we can remove it from the mold without breaking it I cooled it down to avoid it from breaking apart. If ever it breaks, I think it would be minimal only I’m wearing gloves I planned how to do it. I’ll show you let’s start from this one, ok? I’m using a flat, thin tool to scrape the sides it usually adheres at the sides and bottom definitely, greasing the mould would really help lessen the adhering of the puto. No question about that but it’s better to remove it this way I’m wearing gloves because I’ll catch it from here. I’ll force the puto to come out of the mold. I hope it won’t break I hope it will go down nicely there you go, ok good I’m using gloves to make sure the top is still good. Let’s just fix the salted egg ok let’s do the same thing here let’s put back that salted egg yolk over there let’s do the same thing with the second puto ok just go around I think it’s better scrape it too so we lift the bottom part I think it’s better to do it this way than the previous method, no need to flip it upside down there you go guys, we have 2 options you can scrape it or flip it upside down either way is working but I’d say method #2 is better because the top part is not ruined and now, let’s have a taste I know you like mukbang, so let’s try how this tastes let’s take our portion of puto cake. The egg fell, nevermind, let’s put it back. There you go then let’s place it in a small plate let’s eat, let’s have a taste let’s try the puto without salted egg to see the real taste Mmm~ the texture is good it’s so fluffy and soft because we used cake flour the texture is really good while chewing it it’s nice to pair it with soda, juice or water, right? Mmm~ yummy! Wait I’m getting a soda guys it’s so delicious the soda, juice or water compliments with it. Because the puto is so soft, it’s really a soft puto then, Mmm~ even without vanilla extract or grated lemon. It’s still great! the salted egg gives flavor we want to remove egg’s gamey taste, right? But the combination of the puto and salted egg turns out a delicious flavor. There’s a bit of sweetness, saltiness and the texture is great. so even without vanilla extract it would still turn out great with a sip of juice or softdrink. I hope people who don’t drink softdrink won’t get offended, ok? it’s up to you what drink you want to pair it with. I’m not forcing you to do so I’m not demanding you to do it. This is not a requirement kidding aside, it really tastes good look Mmm~ Mmm~ even without butter, it’s still great mmm~ delicious see guys? it’s only my third time making puto cake there’s no instance for me not to like it. Of course I only use 1 recipe I developed it. So 1st try I think I got something to upgrade so I did it in the then 2nd try. I want to change something so here’s the 3rd try. I think it’s really good as a basic puto cake I’m inviting you to subscribe to our youtube channel if haven’t subcribe yet so you can receive notifications everytime there a new video upload. So you watch it immediately and as promised, I’m going to post here the complete list of ingredients so you can get ready what are the things to buy. It’s just simple ingredients and I bet you can easily find those in you place if you have questions, suggestions, or recommendation, like what I always say, don’t hesitate to post as long as it will for the good of our channel for me, it’s better to help each other not only from me, it’s better if we can share our ideas and spread with other people everyone can learn, I think that’s better I’m inviting you to follow me in instagram @PanalasangPinoy and if you’re interested to know my life everyday life story, that’s interesting Oh interesting! it would be very interesting. Oops sounds meticulous. Someone might get angry with me. Sorry guys I’m trying to straighten up my tongue I’m trying to put it back like how I say things last time but since I’ve stayed quite long time here in America I watched my previous videos, that thought came to my mind. That guys is so meticulous. That was me! I’m sorry if it’s still slang that’s why I said interesting. It’s going to be interesting Yes, I’m doing PanalasangPinoy vlogs. You’ll see what my family does every morning, before going to work etc. we also have special segments and special features there, so guys, don’t forget to watch and follow PanlasangPinoy vlogs, ok? ok guys, thank you very much! Here’s the recipe for our puto cake see you in our next video

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