How to Make Orange Cake in 3 simple steps

I started baking orange cakes as a hobby a
decade ago, which eventually becomes a favorite item on the menu of our restaurant. I am happy to share with you how to make my
delightful orange cakes, which sells. It is a no-frills recipe, emphasize on the
technique, and the formulation. This simple recipe is packed with an irresistible
flavor and guarantee a full indulgence of the taste buds. Let me show how to make this cake. I will mention how to prepare various ingredients,
then the mixing process and baking. I am making 4 cakes in this video. If you want to make just one cake, just reduce
the amount of the ingredients accordingly . Fist, the ingredients Butter Cut the block of butter into eight or nine
pieces. Place the butter slaps in the mixing bowl. Orange zest
There is so much flavor in the orange zest that it is a waste if you do not include it
in the cake. I will zest all the oranges before juicing
them. The orange zest should be finely minced. Run the chef knife over the zest to mince
it until there are no large pieces is present. Orange juice I used 80g of orange juice for one cake a
few years ago but now increase to 95g to make it moist and soft. Sometime there will be some pulp in the juice,
which is calculated as part of the amount I want. Almond nibs I add about 20g of almond nibs to the batter
and sprinkle another 5g on the surface. Flour I use the plain cake flour which contains
about eight percent of protein. Salt Baking powder and the eggs Once the butter is soft, add the castor sugar
and starts the mixing process. I notice that only soft butter can produce
the fluffiest buttercream, which can trap more air in the sugar/butter mixture to create
the lightest possible cake. Mix the butter and sugar until there are no
visible changes to the degree of fluffiness. The endpoint should be light, creamy and looks
like a slightly soften ice cream. Add the egg only after the butter/sugar has
turned into a fluffy cream. If you have a powerful mixer, pour all the
eggs into the cream, and continue mixing at high speed. If you think your mixer a less powerful, divide
the egg liquid into two or three portions. Add the orange juice and continue mixing it
until homogenous. The batter is a bit runny at this moment. It is expected as the flour will thicken it. Now add the salt, baking powder and flour. Make sure the mixing is now switch to low,
as rapid mixing will create gluten in the batter which will make the cake becomes tough. The endpoint of mixing is when all the flour
has incorporated into the batter, not longer than that. Scrape down the flour at the side of the mixing
bowl. Mixing in the almond nibs and orange zest Continue mixing. Remove the mixing bowl from the machine. Mix it manually for the final round. The final part- Baking Use a cake tin with a detachable bottom or
springboard cake tins. Place an oiled baking paper in the cake tin
before pouring the batter into the tin. Sprinkle the almond nibs on the surface. Tap the cake on the working surface to remove
any bubbles, if any. Bake at 175°C/350°F top and bottom temperature
for 60 minutes. Remove the cake from the oven. Let it rest at room temperature for at least
five to ten minutes. It will shrink just a little and detach from
the sides. Invert the cake on a cake board, give the
cake a gentle push, and it will fall out from the cake tin together with the base. Remove the base and invert that cake again
onto another cake board. I have just shown you how to prepare my delicious
Orange Cake. You can download the recipe and read more
details on my blog: Please subscribe to my YouTube channel by
clicking the button below. You will find there are many more of the similar
Asian dishes over there. Thanks for joining me today. I’ll see you in the next video. My name is KP Kwan. By for now.

27 thoughts on “How to Make Orange Cake in 3 simple steps

  1. Sounds yummy!! 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😋😋😋😋😘

    All I need now are amounts for 1 cake (in English measurements, not metric.)

  2. 我好喜欢您做的蛋糕,都很漂亮。我做的牛油蛋糕很奇怪,每次会有一层像油那样的沉淀在蛋糕底部。

  3. Really love your channel. I tried your recipe. The cake is a bit crumby. Why is it so? My sugar amount was reduced from 240g to 220g.
    Thank you

  4. This look amazing ! I love orange cake . I tried to make this the other day and I found my cake shrunk after I took it out of the oven and there was a dense layer in the cake. Do you think I either overmixed it or underbaked? I tested it with a skewer and it came out clean. But it still tasted delicious

    Also if I I wanted to make a plain butter cake for my husband, can I replace the orange juice with milk? thank you

  5. Orange cake,


    300 g butter unsalted

    240 g castor sugar

    300 g eggs weight exclude shell

    300 g plain flour

    3 g salt

    6 g baking powder

    25 g almond nibs

    95 ml orange juice

    orange zest from 1 oranges

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