How To Make No Carb Cloud Bread With Just Three Ingredients

[NADIA]It’s nearly the summer and we know how to make carb-free bread [KAYE] Do we? [NADIA] Yep! [KAYE] Carb free bread? [NADIA] Carb free bread. Not only carb free, but high in protein and they’re called Cloud Buns [KAYE] You’re obsessed with clouds [NADIA] I know! You’ll be able to have for toast in the morning They’re low low carb and high protein. So in here we have three tablespoons of cream cheese two egg yolks [KAYE] Is that good for you? [NADIA] Well it’s protein… Look at this that Kaye bought me. How fabulous is that [KAYE] Is that true? [NADIA] Mix that together. I want to show everyone how easy this is. [KAYE] Okay. What mix this together? [NADIA] Mix that together. [KAYE] Oh, okay. So this is three yolks? [NADIA] Three egg yolks, three tablespoons of cream cheese. Have you got a whisk because that’s really lumpy isn’t it. So we’re just getting that nice and smooth [KAYE] Okay don’t stand over me… A watched kettle doesnt not… [NADIA] That’s done. [KAYE] … boils. A watched whisk does not.. [NADIA] So in here we have three egg whites. Listen to me is so important because if you don’t do this your egg whites won’t
increase in volume and that’s what we need So you must have a clean,
prewerably metal but it doesn’t have to.. [MARK] Say preferably again [NADIA] Prewerably metal [KAYE] That’s with a W. “Prewerably” [NADIA] Metal or glass. Never plastic. Don’t try and beat eggs in plastic because you just won’t get the volume. We’re
gonna add water of a teaspoon of cream of tartar [NADIA & KAYE] Tar-Tar… Tar–Tar… Tar-Tar… Tar–Tar [KAYE] Hang on, hang on. I love this bit. Watch.. Look [NADIA] These are so groovy these spoons [KAYE] Watch. Where’s this bit? Oh actually that’s a bit rubbish because how are you supposed to.. Oh, that’s no good. That’s rubbish [NADIA] We’ll show you that afterwards So1/4 of a teaspoon of cream
of tartar into our egg whites Easy! [NADIA & KAYE LAUGH] [KAYE] No, you’ve left half of it on the worktop [NADIA] Oh shit. Was that in the spoon? God, I was trying to make this look easy You really do need an electric whisk you
don’t need to use you don’t have to have one of these stand up thingys but even
if you’ve got a handheld electric otherwise your arm is going to be in
agony [KAYE] These really are rubbish spoons [NADIA] Da-da! And we whisk! [KAYE] What’s happened? [MACHINE MAKES LOUD NOISES] [NADIA] Where did you get this machine? [KAYE] A bad workman always blames the … Out the way. Out the way! Out the way! A bad workman always blames their tools [NADIA] What is that attachment? [KAYE] It’s a bloody balloon whisk. What do you think it is? [NADIA] It doesn’t sound right So we’re just going to put that on a high speed until we get fluffy egg whites so you might want to go and have a coffee See you in a bit. [NADIA] No there’s something weird going on… Oh, what’s that? [NADIA] They’ve got to be stiff or they won’t work [MARK] They’ve got to be WHAT? [NADIA] Stiff! Other wise it won’t work … said the actress to the bishop [MARK] Hey?! [NADIA] It’s got to be stiff or it won’t work Let’s have a look. Let’s have a try and see. [KAYE] That doesn’t look stiff enough for me [NADIA] Honestly it’s got to be like that or they won’t work so don’t come crying to us if they don’t work and you haven’t got it like that. So don’t come crying to us if they don’t work and you haven’t got it like that. [KAYE] What do we use them for? I mean that’s a stupid question. Eating obviously [NADIA] Yeah, well have you got a veggie burger here? [KAYE] Have I got a veggie burger here! [NADIA] Now the important bit. You want to just fold it in otherwise you’re gonna knock out all that air that you’ve just put in with
whisking so just gently with a metal spoon… Fold it in, fold it in. [MARK] She’s gone. [KAYE] You missed a wee bit. [NADIA] Don’t do it from a great height! You’re going to knock out my air Fold it in [KAYE] You become less fun when you cook. [NADIA] It’s true. I do. It’s because you’re very annoying [KAYE] I know, but at least I’m trying to get the atmosphere up. You’re just like so anal [NADIA] I am a bit anal There we go. One. [MARK] Oh, they look like boobs! [NADIA] Boobies!! [KAYE] So these are a savoury
bread alternative yeah and do anything [NADIA] Yep. So anything you do with bread, you can do with cloud buns There’s something really soothing stop
making these Mark likes them… don’t you? The girls like them. The girls like making them [MARK] I’ve never had them [NADIA] Oh for god’s sake.. And they’re so easy to do [KAYE] Do you like them Mark? [MARK] Yeah, I think so. [NADIA] It took us seven minutes [KAYE] Well I’m just thinking of Sainsbury’s [NADIA] Yeah, but you won’t get these in Sainsburys You won’t get them in Sainsbury’s. You won’t get carb free bread that taste nice in Sainsburys In they go… [KAYE] Done! [NADIA] And about 15 minutes we’ll have a look and I’m so sorry for
her. She bloody follows me everywhere. Oh wow [KAYE] They look good [NADIA] They look good! [KAYE] Can I touch your buns? [NADIA] No, not yet Because when you first take them out they are crisp so it’s only when
they cool down that they then go more bready [MARK] Do you notice how Ian has only arrived to see your buns. [NADIA] have you come to see my buns Ian? [IAN] I’ve always fancied a shot [KAYE] They look quite good! [NADIA] Well they have to cool There we go. Cloud buns [MARK] Is that it? What do you mean…. “Is that it?” Are you not impressed at all? [NADIA] Yeah! What do you mean…. “Is that it?” Are you not impressed at all? [MARK] What do you do with them? [NADIA] We’re going to have them with burgers

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  1. Hi love your videos when's nanny Thelma coming into your kitchen she needs to be in her own show at "home with the family "xx

  2. They look nice and gluten free. You two need your own cooking program as it would be so funny .😊

  3. they look AMAZING! I will definitely be making these 😁. I love watching you all…. you have so much fun, it's great to see. I hope you enjoyed the burgers!

  4. Kaye you are like the class clown, you know the naughty one at the back of the class always misbehaving lol. Well done Nadia even with the distractions the buns look great.

  5. Nadia, ask nanny Thelma to review this video. I'd love to see what she thinks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. I put a very little very finely chopped jalapeno pepper and shredded cheese in mine and right before I take him out of the oven I crumble really crisp bacon on the top.

  7. You guys are hilarious love the video first time I ever saw you guys and following you thanks so much what temperature do these cook at please

  8. I used to make something very similar years ago. Only difference was it had gluten flour. instead of cream cheese. BTW, has anyone ever said that you resemble Celine Dion?

  9. What temperature are you using, and is it in C. Or F.?
    I went trough the whole comment section and there is not even one answer from you, WHY? There are at least two of you to support your people!

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