How to Make Molded Chocolates : Molded Chocolate Recipes || Dessertarian

In this episode we are making some molded
chocolates. Let’s check out the ingredients. All you need is semi sweet chocolate,
or whichever you prefer. For storing, you will need some chocolate
wrapping paper. And last but not least, molds of your choice. First chop off the chocolate bars.
To skip this step, you can try chocolate chips. As your chocolates are in little chunks, heat oven
in 120 degree celcius or 250 degree farenheit, Put chocolate bowl inside
and let it melt for 3 minuts. After getting it out of the oven,
Put the bowl on a damp cloth. It will help chocolate in tempering process.
and there will be no big lumps. After all of the chocolate is melted
and looks smooth as silk, Let’s start to put it in the mold.
I have some square molds here. Then just tap gently, so the chocolate is
spread evenly inside the mold. Put it in the refridgerator for 10 to 15 minutes. After it’s set, just take the molded chocolates
and tap it from the back side. The chocolate cubes will pop out. Align your chocolate in your special way or
wrap it in paper and gift your loved ones. If you liked this video, please hit the like button
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