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Hi, thank you for visiting my video to learn
how to make make Mandel Bread. Mandel Bread for me was a huge tradition. Whenever I visited my Mother’s relatives, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, they would always have Mandel Bread available. It was delicious! My Mother only made it on special occasions which as a kid growing up I mean it was just like there was a sugar cookie to me but it was actually the jewish cookie and it does Mandel Bread does come from the Jewish ancestors from the Ukraine. Mandelbrodt which is the
Yiddish word actually means almond bread which is made into 2 loaves and twice baked leaving the bread with a crusty exterior similar to that of Italian biscott. The
ingredients we are going to use is 5 cups of Almonds, we are going to grind them into a flour. We are going to use 3 eggs, a quarter cup of honey, a teaspoon vanilla, we’re going to use a quarter cup of raisins, we’re going to use about one cup of
Medjool dates, California dates . We are going to use 2 tablespoons of butter and we don’t really wanna shortening in this because the shortening and oils are actually going
to be coming from the almond flour so we don’t want to add more shortening to what we already have going on. So the first thing we are going to do is we are going to grind up some of the nuts and the idea with the nuts in your grinder just say that
you’re fully aware is that you do about one cup at a time. Because you don’t wanna over grind them and it turns into it a butter. So it’s quickly just a pulse. (Cuisinart making grinding noises) You are never going to get it super fine. But what you are going to do is , you are going it into cut before it turns into a oil. (adding 1 cup of almonds at a time) (grinding noises) (removing ground almonds to mixing bowl) What you are also going to do is get your oven, heated to 350 degrees, preheated. You are going to get ready for that, it’s going to be twice baked and that’s what also makes it unique to Mandel bread. So we are on 4 cups. The pulsating of it actually brings the nuts up and down to be able to make sure they don’t settle to the bottom. Ok, we are on 5 cups now. Perfect! We are going to put them all into a mixing bowl separate from this because this will actually mix it up too much. Ok! Ok! Sorry about that technical difficulty there. This all really new to me. So! Creating my first youtube video is a very big achievement and apologize for that so anyway, we have the 5 cups of ground almond flour and to that we are going to start to adding our ingredients And the first thing we are going to add is the 3 eggs. And we won’t just add them right in. We will actually mix them up separatly first I also want to thank all those people that are looking forward to this recipe because it tastes delicious. So we just mix that up before we add it in. And then, the other wet ingredients, which will be 1 tablespoon of vanilla, we are going to add in the butter, 2 tablespoons I melted it down a little bit in the microwave. We will add in the honey. We are going to use some honey again. we’re going to actually coat the bread. And we are going to not mix it up in a hand mixer or anything like that, which are just going to do a soft mix because the dough itself in Mandel bread is usually very very soft to begin with.
and so to mix it up there in the food processor or in a mixer. We just, It would make it too watery. Now, there are variations of this. One of the variations is the fruit that you decide to add and the nuts you decide to add. The issue with the nuts that you are going to be very conscientious of is the oils from those nuts are actually creating more
shortening so I lessen the amount of shortening that I used 2 tablespoons
just to get enough of the butter flavor really. And the consistency itself is still a little bit loose but we are gonna add in our Medjool Dates. They are pitted and cut into small pieces And we are going to add in our quarter cup of raisins. I balanced it out. If I didn’t have the dates, I would definitely put in more raisins, probably
about a good half a cup. but I decided to treat myself when I was out today and I saw the dates. They are just so sweet. Mandel bread is so very sweet sweet pastry…Bread. It’s what it’s meant to be. Now, also with that you also, cinnamon. Cinnamon is used not necessarily to actually add it to the Mandel bread but to have it on top and sprinkle it on the bottom as well. So on the cookie
sheet I have shortening which I use butter and on top of that I have a
sprinkle of cinnamon and that will be the bottom. This is still a little bit loose but it’s still a good consistency. It’s not going to be solid piece until it actually bakes. 2 Times! So what I am going to do is bring over the cookie sheet. (dish noises). And we have our oven set up for 350. So what we are going to do is scoop right on. But what we are going to do is ..shape it into a loaf. A very low loaf. Again, don’t worry about the consistency itself. It appears a little bit moist. Even the recipe that calls for processed foods is actually a very loose dough as well. So don’t worry about that. So that is one loaf. (started 2nd loaf) Lay that right next to it. what I will do is go back and smooth it down You can make a very large recipe so the more nuts you are adding with the eggs, definitely the more Mandel bread you can make. it’s also people use walnuts in here as
well with cut up walnuts…You can make it into any shape. I have always know it to be in a loaf. You don’t want it too fat, because you want to bake it all the way through, so you want to keep the same consistency throughout. and I would probably say it’s about this much..(holding fingers up, showing 1/4-1/2 inch in height) About a quarter of an inch, couple of MM. I said CM by accident. And then basically you are all done, except for we are going to add in some cinnamon, sprinkle it right on. generously is good! We are going to throw this in the oven 350 degrees for 20 minutes. We are going to take it back out! We will see you then. We will slice it it into individual bread slices all the way through. We are going to put it back in the oven. Cook it for another 10-15 minutes until it’s lightly browned until it’s fully baked! See you then! Ok! So well it’s about that time. The Mandel bread should be ready. It’s been in there 20 minutes. Just waiting for the buzzer to go off, so we can take it out and slice it up. It doesn’t matter what kind of knife you are going to use. It’s just going to be very hot. That’s all! (Buzzer goes off) Mandel Bread looks really GOOD! Looks kind of Tight! Exactly what we want. Just going to slice it up! (Cutting quarter of an inch slices). You don’t want them to thin or too thick. Again, the unique thing about that it is twice baked. So it cooks through again. And it will come out a little hard. That’s it we are going to put it right back into the oven. Not going to change the temperature. It is going to go back for another 10 minutes. And we will see you back then! Ok! SO we are right about that time. (Buzzer goes off) Where the Mandel Bread has been in there for now about another 10 minutes. After we have cut it. Well, lets see our nice creation! Beautiful! (the cinnamon smell is wonderful. Fills up the house) Beautiful! what is going to be variant with each person that does this It is going to depend on the moisture of the nuts. Definitely! It is going to depend upon the moisture of your raisins and how many you use or you can put in some pineapple or people put in like, cherries. I used the dates. They were very sweet. You might have to adjust the honey a little bit. You do not want it too moist. But I will show you how hard it is. And the longer it drys a little bit and settles Cools down. It will actually become a little bit more brittle. So, you do need to give it some care. As it begins to cool down a little bit. The other thing is you just want to make sure time in the oven is long enough, but yet too long. And so these actually you can see..(technical difficulty arises) turn this light on. They came out really really like a light brown. really really good! And how I can also tell is as I take this away from the tin foil very hot. It is basically coming out with each slice. perfectly done. again some technical difficulties here. But as it comes out It comes out in strips and so it is very nice to decorate your plate. These can also be frozen. Remember they do not have any preservatives in it. So you want to be careful how long you leave them out So as you can see they turned out to be Mandel Bread Slices. Bon Apetit! Thank you so much for coming!Thank you for the technical difficulties I had. in my first youtbe video. I want to be able to reach out to everybody that I could so that they can enjoy same delight. The same happiness of enjoying our childhood while eating Mandel bread the unprocessed way. Thank you so much! Thank you!

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