How to make Lembas Bread from Lord of the Rings {Recipe}

On your journey through Middle Earth
One food can fill your stomach with just one bite
Elvish Waybread…Lembas Chia seeds sustain you with protein and omega-3’s
(No, this is not my real life voice. Yes, the accent is weird but I gave it a good college
try) Banana adds potassium, should you become weary
from a long march Coconut oil and maple syrup to stave off hunger
pangs lest you miss elevenses or afternoon tea
(I eat my meals on the same schedule as a Hobbit. If everyone ate elevenses, the world
would be a happier place) Gluten-free flour binds it all together
(I used Bob’s Red Mill GF baking mix, link in the info box) Do not over mix the dough or the Lembas will
be as tough as Smaug’s skin. Form into a ball, refrigerate the dough for
one hour before rolling out. Flour your rolling pin and work surface.
Roll dough ¼ thick and cut into squares with a cookie cutter.
Use the blunt edge of a knife or spatula to mark an “X” on the top of each square.Do not
cut all the way through. This “X’ will prevent the dough from rising an dbecoming misshapen.
Bake at 350F for 25 minutes More delicious than cram or honey cakes…LEMBAS! What food from the movies do you wish existed
in real life? Leave me a comment Thank you so much for watching my silliness
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100 thoughts on “How to make Lembas Bread from Lord of the Rings {Recipe}

  1. Elves have a 'lightness' to them. Favorite scenes: 1) When they go over the mountains. The dwarfs are up to their hips, slogging it out through the snow while Legolas is walking on top of the snow barely leaving footprints. 2) When Legolas 'walks' up the falling stones by leaping from stone to stone. 3) All 'leaping' scenes which are possible because of how light elves are. Stabs Borg in the brain and leaps to safety.
    This is why a full-grown elf can survive all day on a single bite of lembas bread. Also why after Legolas leaves, Merry and Pippin say things to one another like 'I had four,' etc.
    Definitely will try this recipe – THANKS.

  2. I really appreciate how you tried to actually make it nutritious as the legendarium describes it being! Others who've replicated lembas just make desert bread. (not to say those recipes aren't delicious)

  3. Only the elven queens and the maiar knew how to properly make them and as custom, only they could. Originally only could be made from Yavannas fields. ;3 Also a similar sanctum to grow such wheat and the like was in Lothlorien. Which was protected by a barrier similar to the Girdle of Melian. ;3

  4. if it's true to the book it must be VERY high in calories, enough that one bite contains somewhere between 1000-2000 calories.

  5. Ive made Lembas before. But I did it differently. Instead all I had was these ingredients:

    -Brown Sugar/Honey
    -Unbleached Flour

    It was REALLY good. It tasted like a sugar cookie, but WAAAAAAAY better.

  6. Being a big time LOTR fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this video. A+ on the creativity. I might try this recipe for one of my tea parties. Please let me know what kind of leaf you used to wrap the bread in. Thank you in advance.

  7. Reading Tolkien’s masterpieces and rewatching Jackson’s visual interpretations. Currently on The Two Towers, I couldn’t help but laugh at that scene for the 50th time. I did a search on Lembas bread and your upload came up. I enjoyed this, it was really cute. Liked & Subscribed.

  8. I’ll definitely try making these with a friend for a lotr marathon! I will update with how it turned out and tasted!

    Edit: they came out pretty well, and I managed to get around 14 out of 1 Bach, and I did cook them for 5-7 minutes less. They were pretty good in maple syrup and they tasted a lot like banana bread

  9. GLUTEN-FREE – LMAO "I'll get to attacking Sauron later, i have other things to sort like sourcing some Gluten-Free Flour. The Shire is full of nothing but normal flour." #1stWorldmiddleearthproblems

  10. Excellent video and recipe. Quick question though. In the recipe it states 2T of chia seeds and 6T of water. Is the 'T' tablespoons?

  11. Ok but this was actually really good. It’s really easy to make and the bread actually kept me full for an 8 hour shift

  12. Hi! Im just about ti try this recipe and dont understand what the ”T” stands for. Im from Sweden so would really be happy if i got an answer! Have googled but didnt find any information. Is ”T” the same as a cup?

  13. I know nothing of cooking but wouldn’t the banana go bad quickly? Isn’t part of the idea that the lambas bread lasts for a really long time?

  14. Just made a batch of this Lembas bread and it is indeed very nice. I will be taking this on my walks along the Jurassic Coast in the Uk where I live

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