How to Make Heart Cupcakes – Valentines Day

Today I’m going to show you how to make beautiful heart shaped cupcakes. First you need to follow your favorite cake recipe and get the mixture ready. Next take a cupcake or muffin tin and line it with individual paper cases. You can use pink or red cases if you prefer. Then take the mixture and carefully put some in each case. Remember the mixture will rise, so don’t overfill them. Next we need to take a strip of tin
foil and roll it up into a ball. Then carefully hold back a paper case and tuck the
foil ball between the tin and the case. Do this with all of them and you
should have something which looks like this. Next go ahead and bake the cakes as per your recipe. When they’re done, sit them on a rack and let them cool. You can see the foil ball has shaped the
cake like the top part of a heart. The final stage is to decorate them in anyway you like. Ive used colored icing and different sized heart cutters. Be creative and see what you come up with. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video. If you’d like to see
more, click on the links on the right hand side or take a look at my YouTube channel page. Happy Valentine’s everyone and as always thanks for watching!

99 thoughts on “How to Make Heart Cupcakes – Valentines Day

  1. I need a hubby like you when I get married ! Would definitely make my life easier haha ! Love ur voice btw! Keep posting! ! Xo

  2. Came here via man v pin, your videos are so easily explained. This is brilliant and I've subbed.  Its nice to hear a British voice too. ?

  3. Dave – you really need to consider a KitchenAid mixer.  Save yourself the wear and tear on your joints!

  4. to all the ladies/girls out there YES this is proof boys/men CAN as well be creative! 🙂 (just putting that out there so ya know ;))

  5. you didn't do anything because this was a different guy he was a lot smaller in size and whiter

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