How to Make Empanadas : Preparing Pastry Discs For Empanadas

Hi on behalf of Expert Village my name is
Andrea Spano and I’m going to be showing you how to make empandas from my new book Not
Just Desserts. Now we are going to talk about the pastry discs that we spoke of earlier
and this is going to be our pastry for today our little pastry pockets. They are very easily,
they are not that delicate so if you don’t, don’t worry about making a hole in it or anything
like that, they are very durable. So that it doesn’t stick to my board I’m going to
sprinkle just a little bit of powder there and just brush it very gently so that my rolling
pin doesn’t stick to the pastry. I’m just going to roll this out just a little bit,
just to flatten it out, just a little bit thin it out so that it is not to thick and
yet not to thin because I really don’t want to make a hole in it cause I want the filling
to be perfectly secure inside. If you have a hole in the dough or if it is to thin here
it is going to burst, so you should roll it out. Basically this size.

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