How to Make Empanadas : Making A Large Pastry Disc For Empanadas

Hi on behalf of Expert Village my name is
Andrea Spano and I’m going to be showing you how to make empandas from my new book Not
Just Desserts. Okay this is one way in rolling the empanda into a crescent pocket like that
and if you want to make it bigger I’m going to take 2 disc. Roll them out all thin, not
to thin, so that they break this is a good way to roll it like this just be careful that
it doesn’t get stuck. That is why we have to put a little flour on it. Alright we are
rolling it making it a little bit thin. Okay since this is we are going to use this bottom
here and we are going to put more filling in this because we are going to make a larger
pocket encase you are much hungrier then just a little crescent.

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