How To Make Danish Christmas Bread Wreath Recipe 🎄 Jule brød 🎁

Hi, I’m Karen Grete from
Scandinavian Today. I am going to make a Danish Jul cake or Christmas cake. It’s with yeast. We’re getting close to the holiday so let’s get going
with it. There’s a lot to do. So, here you see all ingredients for my
Christmas cake. I have two and a half cups of flour. I have about four
ounces of raisins, half yellow raisins, half brown raisins. Then I have
about four ounces of fruitcake mix. And then I use the following:
approximately half a cup of chopped almonds, and I have one package of active
dry yeast, which I’m going to mix into about three quarter cups of warm milk. And
to that I’m also adding a tablespoon of sugar, and I’m also using half a teaspoon
of salt. I’m using one whole egg, and then I have five tablespoons of
butter. Then we are using one teaspoon of cardamom and one teaspoon of lemon
peel. That’s it. Let’s mix it all up. So, now I’m adding the cardamom,
the orange peel, to the flour. I’m adding the fruit mixture as
well as the almonds and the raisins. Okay, and I’ll mix it all up. Of course I also have to add the
rest of the sugar, as well as the salt. And here it comes. And as soon as the yeast mixture
is ready, I’ll mix it all in a bowl. And in the meantime,
I also melted the butter. So here we have the yeast mixture, it’s all been dissolved. I pour
it in the bowl now, and to that I’m going to add the melted butter. Mix it up a little bit, then I add the one
egg. There it is. Mix that in there. And in the meantime, I also mixed all the
flour with the rest of the ingredients. The cardamom, the lemon peel,
the raisins and the fruit mixture, as well as the rest of the sugar and the
salt. So, now I can start pouring this into the milk and yeast mixture. Little by little I’m adding it
and eventually I’ll be kneading it. Okay, add the rest of it
and mix it all up thoroughly. So, I’ve been mixing it by hand for a little while, now I’m
going to finish it up on the table. And then I’m going to let it rest for
about an hour, then I’ll punch it down and let it raise again. Okay, so just keep
kneading for a couple of minutes. Okay, I can now put it back in the bowl
and I’ll cover it up and I’ll be back in about an hour. So, I punch it down, and now
I’m going to cut it in half. Actually I’m cutting it into four pieces.
And then I’m going to roll a piece into a long string. Okay, I just roll it out. And then I’m going to braid it
after I have rolled all four pieces So, now I just twist it. There we go,
and then the other two, I’m twisting. Okay. And, of course, you can bake each
bread like that. Or, what I’m going to do, I’m going to make it a wreath. I think
that makes it kind of festive here for the holidays. I’ll just squeeze it together.
Okay, and then I’m going to put it on the baking sheet and let it raise, leave it
there for about an hour before I bake it. So, of course, I sprayed the baking
sheet and I’m covering it up and leaving it there until it’s double in size. Okay,
I’m ready to put the wreath in the oven, but first I’m going to brush it
with egg wash. So, here we have it, just brush it all over and then I’m going
to decorate it a little bit with some red cherries because I think it looks
festive. It’s very colorful and looks pretty on the wreath. So, here I
stick them on there a few places. And, of course, this is optional, but I
think it gives a nice touch to the Christmas wreath. And now I’m going to stick it
in the oven at a degree of 425. And, finally, I sprinkle a little bit of
cinnamon sugar on top of the wreath and it’s ready to go in. I’ll probably
bake it for about 25 minutes. So, let’s slice a piece and I’m going
to taste it. I look forward to that. And here you can see some of the
fruit filling. I like to eat it with butter. So, here we have the butter.
Take a a little bit on that and let’s have a bite.
And here we go. Mm. It is good. Mm, I love it. I like the nuts,
raisins, the spices. Everything is good. ❄️ Ingredients ❄️
•3/4 cup warm milk
•1 Tbsp of sugar •5 Tbsp of butter
•1 egg •egg wash
•Candied cherries
•2 1/2 cups flour •1 pkg yeast
•4 oz fruitcake mix •4 oz raisins
•1/2 cup chopped almonds
•1 tsp cardamom •1/2 tsp salt
•1 tsp freshly grated lemon
•1 Tbsp cinnamon & sugar mixture
•1 cup powedered sugar mixed w/ 2 tbsp water
•bake at 425F for approx. 25-30 min. And please enjoy. God Jul! Merry Christmas! And Skål! (Cheers!) Hope to see you soon. Serve with butter on the side. Enjoy a slice of the warm Christmas bread with coffee or tea.

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  1. Jule brød – Danish Christmas Bread Wreath Recipe: via @YouTube#Danish

  2. Jule brød – Danish Christmas Bread Wreath Recipe: via @YouTube #Christmas  

  3. Thank you sharing your recipes! You are awesome, I am going to make a danish Christmas dinner just how I remember it from over a decade ago!

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